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HO / EZ Track Double Stall Shed Suggestions
August 26, 2023, 09:01:10 PM
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a double stall engine shed that would accommodate engines using EZ Track? Preferably pre-built and run-through? (No wall at either end)

I'm currently in a small apartment and don't have much space other than a desk to do a set-up a small train yard for the time being and wanted to give it a little more life than a few roads of straight tracks. 
Thomas & Friends / Edward's Wheels
January 04, 2011, 05:55:05 PM
My Bachmann Edward's front wheel sometimes does not spin as it goes and I dont know why, any suggestions?
Thomas & Friends / Why Hornby?
April 22, 2010, 07:58:58 PM
 I keep on hearing how some of the hornby models are so great witch a lot of them are not even close to accurate. Like Hornby Thomas It doesn't even look like that in the book series only the face is accurate, same with Henry, although Henry partially looks like that in the book( the tender is all wrong). Bill and Ben are to big compared to Bachmann engines and the faces look exactly the same. Oliver has that wire in his forehead, and Duck's face is to dark and Is to tall if you ask me the wheels need to be shortend. Don't even get me started with Gordon, Edward, Emily, Spencer. James is to long and so is his tender, Percy is to dark a green and has a green stripe on his funnel only the face is accurate. Toby has no bell. Diesel, Arry, and Bert's body's need to be reshaped and Arry and Bert are Green! Bear and the Flying Scotsman are good but F. Scotsmann needs a bonus tender. Rolling stock for hornby is pretty good in my opinion like the coaches, scruffy, vans ext. But Annie and Clarabel never looked like that! In conclusion why don't we just wait for Bachmann to make Duck, Oliver Diesel ext. ;)
 Hi I'm new here the message boards but I have been reading recent posts and topics so here is one based off of Sparks reasoning for Donald and Douglas and Chaz's for Duck and Trevor.In previous years BoCo has not really been heard of and wasn't reintroduced like other classic characters in season 12. But, like D&D and D.T.G.W.E. he is a season two Character and was around at least between seasons 2-5 or 6. Although correct me if I'm wrong BoCo had no episodes to himself but made many appearances and cameos like in Edward's Exploit and Jame's goes buzz buzz, and appeared in the background in Escape and Rust saves the day. Then again I don't think there are Spencer based episodes and did Bachmann make him? Yes they did. Daisy had episodes to her self but only 2 or 3 and I highly doubt Bachmann will make her considering she was only in season 2 and a appearance in C.A.E. BoCo stuck around for a couple more seasons after that. BoCo could also be easy to make, just use Chassis from American diesal models, make a body and face and have BoCo in no time.