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Large / Re: G Scale Train stopped Running
April 18, 2024, 11:33:27 AM
Hi CM099,
Just got back home and saw your post.

My club managed a large around the wall layout in a children's hospital.  We had the following problems.

We used brass track and it required monthly cleaning. We used a track cleaning car and also plain old elbow grease.  When we first started we found that the track needed to be absolutely tightly connected in order to make proper electrical continuity which caused problems like you described. We ended up using track clamps. We found that our curved sections wore heavily and had to be replaced every three to six months. The Bachmann steel track you have was designed for small circle of track like that which came with the set, and not for the way you are using it. It can be hard to keep the connections tight, which will cause many problems. 

We used a 10AMP power supply and set it up so that the train could be started up by a button at floor level which when pressed allowed the train to run for 10 minutes and then stop.  We ran track connectors every 20 feet which helped immensely keeping things running well. The Bachmann Power supply which came with your set is only 1 AMP and was not designed for 60 feet,so a larger power supply is in order. Shop around for a power supply that is 5 to 10 Amps, You do not need a high end power supply.


We started out using LGB and Bachmann Steam locomotives, but they required lots of maintenance. Wear on running gear(siderods) and wheels on them led us to switch to using diesel locomotives.  The diesels we used were LGB F Units and USA Trains F units and GP-7's.  Maintenance on the diesels was very simple.  We did find that that the rubber traction tires wore out very quickly and so replaced those axles with the solid metal wheels. We found USA Trains was great with parts and quickly filled orders. The diesel (both LGB and USAT)wheels did wear out and about every four months  or so and had to be replaced.  We kept USA trains geared axles in stock ready for any emergency. LGB parts were difficult to obtain back the so we shifted locomotives primarily to the USA Trains locomotives. Replacement of wheels on locomotives was simple remove the truck covers pop out the old ones and pop  in the new.  We used the lithium hobby grease and applied it liberally to the gears. With the Bachmann 4-6-0 I always recommended using replacement chassis when required by extensive use, but Bachmann is now running out of them.  Since a Christmas theme is important to you, USAT made a Christmas theme diesel as did other makers.

We used Bachmann, LGB, AristoCraft, and USA Trains rolling stock and all preformed well. We used metal wheels on rolling stock and the horn hook couplers. The couplers worked flawlessly.  Wheels did wear out and all rolling stock wheels were inspected monthly, and replaced as needed. We did keep metal wheelsets in stock for this purpose.  We used Bachmann and USA Trains wheel sets because both companies were quick to fill orders. During inspection each wheel set was cleaned using Qtips dipped in mineral spirits. Each car was also dusted off using a commercial product sprayed on the cloth. Q tips were used to get at the tight spots on the cars.

Well I have droned on for far to long, and will close now wishing you the best of luck with your layout!

Loco Bill
Large / Bachmann Parts Sale
April 04, 2024, 08:12:59 AM
Hi All,

If you did not see it Bachmann is offering 25% of on parts right now.  Looks like free shipping on orders over $25 as well.  Great time to order parts.  I am going to get my order in ASAP. 

Cheer & Beers!

Loco Bill
Large / Re: Removing the wheels off the Axle
April 03, 2024, 08:34:15 AM
Hi James,

No guarantee but a simple way I have used is to use the smallest open end wrench you have and place it on the wheel-set with the insulation and place the axle end on a metal block and then tap the wrench lightly with a small hobby hammer til it comes loose.  I have successfully added new axle gears using the same method. In the case of the trolley you will need to remove the little axle cover.

This way is a bit crude but I do not have a gear puller or other purpose made tools. You do need to be very careful when re installing to get a perfect fit. 

Hope this helps!

Loco Bill
Large / Re: ISO 3 Truck Shay Tender
March 14, 2024, 08:12:52 AM

Terrible news.  I would suggest you advertise on My Large Scale, they have a wanted section and there are some 3D printer discussions there as well.

Good Luck,

Bachmann Inc,

I will try to check some more posts and see what I can find. Having said that I now understand what happens when a part goes inactive. 

So can I now assume that a listed part which is shown as "Out of Stock" will likely be made available again in the future?

Thanks, Bill
Yes Len, you are 100% correct.  All users who used links to parts in posts in the past have the same problem.  One of my objectives in posting the subject was to get the word out!

Large / New Parts Interface Impacts on forum responses
February 19, 2024, 10:07:10 AM
Hi Forum Members, 

I love the new parts interface, but there is a "but" you should know about.   

As many of you know when I make responses to those needing help I like to put in links to the parts mentioned in as part of the response. 

With the implementation of the new interface all of my previous part recommendations links in those posts are no longer valid.  There is no way I have the time to go back and update those responses.

If you are looking at my old posts and run into this issue and feel it is a critical or important that I update one or more just ask in the forum and I will do my best to update that particular post.   

Please be aware this is in no way critical of the new interface.  It really needed the upgrade and I already love using it.  I will continue to use links in my posts when appropriate and they will be to the new parts interface.

Thanks for your understanding.

Keep having fun with your trains.

Loco Bill
Large / Re: Your new parts interface
February 14, 2024, 07:52:12 AM
HI, Bachmann Industries,

Thanks for the fast reply!  Looking at it a little closer, I see that I missed that point you make about hovering. 

All I can say is it works perfectly and I love the large format.  Definitely like the way prices clearly display now, under the old system sometimes I found it confusing. Very easy to use this new one. Old guys like me sometimes hate change, but this one is a welcome improvement.

Thanks for the tip!!

Loco Bill
Large / Re: Your new parts interface
February 12, 2024, 08:11:50 AM
All and admisistrators,

I had no trouble at all with the speed and I liked how the individual parts displayed immediately in a large size with the price clearly shown.  Unfortunately you do have to take the next step to find out if it is available or not.

Recommend that if at all possible to reprogram to see if the availability could show up on the first screen showing the part and the price.


Loco Bill

Large / Re: 38 ton Shay Axle Hardware
February 10, 2024, 06:25:43 AM

I was at a Tractor Supply Store yesterday looking for some stainless steel washers and I noticed that the smallest they had might work for you.

Loco Bill
Large / Re: large scale Northern Lights
February 07, 2024, 08:36:28 AM
Hi all I am helping this fan via private message, but if some of you have ideas please post them?

So far I feel it is the power supply, another possibility possibility is poorly connected track.

Hi Steve,

In order to help we will need to know which version of chassis your locomotive has and which gear you need.  The Ringmaster set was made over many years and as a result it went thru many chassis changes.

It will be one of the following:
Version 2  1990-1994  Smooth Bottom Cover  You can turn drivers by hand and motor will turn.                           
Version 3  1994-1998  Smooth Bottom Cover You cannot turn the drivers by hand.                             
Version 4  1998-1999  Large wide hump dead center between the rear drivers on bottom cover.                             
Version 5  2000-Pres  3/8th inch wide hump offset between the rear drivers and a plastic lubrication plug the size of a dime to the rear of the hump and has the old style slotted front truck.

Once identified let us know what gear you need and we will try to help!

Loco Bill
Large / Re: What's (Really) Old is New Again
January 10, 2024, 10:31:56 AM
Nice work Kevin!  Great to have you back on the forum.

Large / Re: 3-Truck Shay Firebox & Ashpan Circuits?
January 05, 2024, 09:28:45 AM
Hi David,

While I can't help with the decoder, I was thinking it might be best to determine if the Firebox and Ashpan circuits are really cooked using an external power supply and a 1000ohm resistor as the first step. If they do then you could experiment with the onboard wiring. If you have a multimeter you could check the decoder output circuit to the firebox and ashpan circuits and see what voltage it is putting out then use the resistor if necessary. Are there any resistors on the ashpan and and firebox circuits??

Wish I could be of more help but that is my best shot.  The electronics whizzes will have better ideas.  Best of luck with your project.


Large / Re: Season End, But Just The Beginning
December 29, 2023, 07:38:08 AM
Congratulations on catching the large scale bug!  Keep having fun with your trains!! I could smell the manure from here ;D

Cheers & Beers,