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General Discussion / Re: rc plane transmitter
July 09, 2024, 12:33:23 PM
Understand that the transmitter you wish to use on some scale rolling stock is not going to work.  Basically, Bachmann's only controller that I know of is "Dynamis E-Z Command Wireless DCC Model Railroad Control module, model 36505.  It has an Infrared (IR) frequency somewhere in the 300 GHz – 430 THz, while your dynam primo has a frequency of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. With that low a frequency it's to slow (data rate) for IR.

Hope this answers your question.
HO / Re: Designing HO scale Delta track with DCC
July 09, 2024, 12:11:57 PM
I stand corrected.   Thanks, having an electrical background instead of a railroad background I used what I normally would have used in working with 3 electrical loads (see image).

Therefore, I concluded that this "wye" track was a "delta" track (which looks very much like a delta network) instead of what railroaders have termed it.

Quote...leave the mainline tracks alone and insert your gaps in the rails of the curved sections. That way, the entire "tail" of the wye will be your reversing section.
When you say "tail" you mean the upper portion (at the top of the image) of the wye.  This means I do not have to cut into any track, since I normally use track insulators (Atlas #55) since Bachmann only makes straight gaped track and does not make gapped track for a curve. 

As you can see in the (simplified) electrical diagram, it's not easy to visualize the railroader's "wye" as an electrical circuit compared to the electrical "delta" circuit.  The crossover is easily understandable.  Gapping the converging upper end of the "wye", i.e. delta does isolate the mainline and the crossover.  I'll have to use Bachmann 's Automatic Reversing Loop Module (44912) instead of using a simple relay at the crossover the due to the dual gaps and/or convergence track.

Hopefully, I'm not confusing the real railroaders.  I apologize for the incorrect OP (Opening Post) stating delta instead of wye.
HO / Designing HO scale Delta track with DCC
July 07, 2024, 07:18:42 PM
I was viewing U-Tube videos and came across one of the train shows had a Delta type track that went toward a reversing loop.

I decided to build that delta track with my EZ track.  See image of the track below. I also want to modify that single track delta by replacing it with a double track crossover (trying to save space).   After creating the delta track, I came across an issue with A rail and B rail convergence.  That is, the A and B rail would cross one another.  I therefore inserted two isolated frogs (plastic) at the track split located at the crossover track section.   The top end convergence track is non-isolated (metal) frog.

This is where I ran into an issue.  Where to install the reversing loop at the crossover? 

If I install the reversing loop on the crossover, it will affect the other track.   Question, should there be a gap in the crossing section?  In order that the other track not be affected.

Well, I'm asking this before I go cut a gap in a good crossover.   All the Delta track I'm aware of and instructions from the web only used a single track with reversing loop circuit for bottom of the delta.  I want to use the crossover in that bottom portion of the delta.     If you see or know of anything that I may have missed, please let me know.   I'm all ears at this point, before I mess up (cut a gap) a good crossover.     

Wow!  I know I'm an amateur in train modeling knowing that even with a ball park amount, 50 or more locomotives is way beyond my thought patterns.   I'm lucky to have 18 DCC loco's with 6 not by Bachmann.  I have 15 DC locos where 11 are not Bachmann, that is, Life-like, Tyco, Mantua, although they still work, they are all discontinued.  They are on my museum DC powered track.
There are 7 DC Bachmann's I want to convert to DCC, where 3 are MOW's.  This is where I run into a conundrum of either purchasing the Dynamis or purchasing the DCC decoders for the locos. I want to do both, but which to purchase first is where I'm at today.
QuoteI bought the E-Z Command Plus and went back to my standard E-Z Command. I didn't like the "infinite" throttle. I didn't care for the additional function stuff because I just like the simplicity.
This is good info.  I didn't know that the EZ plus uses an "infinite" type throttle.
QuoteEZ Command vs Dynamis should not be an either/or decision.
I agree wholeheartedly.  I'm still on the fence as to whether to purchase the Dynamis.  Mainly cause there isn't much of a review on this system from US users.  The European hobbyist seem to like the Dynamis from my research, but I'm not going to go into their likes or dislikes. 

When I moved to the EZ command it was a no brainer.  I being, what I call an "intermediate modeler", that is, not obsessed with functionality, but a stickler when it comes to layout details and having the obsession to change the layout on the fly unlike the more experienced modelers who do not make massive changes in their layouts.  The EZ command thus far, has been easy to make layout adjustments without a hassle. 
As Dr McCoy stated in Star Trek, "I know engineers, they're always changing things".  That's me, in a nutshell.  Having a fancier DCC controller where I'd only use its basic operations would, in my case, be overkill.  It would be like owning a Corvette, Porsche, or Ferrari and only driving it in rush-hour traffic.

Lastly, I thank all for your comments, keep'em coming.  This forum is still the best of the forums I read.
General Discussion / Re: Reverse Loops
May 24, 2024, 06:50:05 PM
 I agree, some folks want a shorter loop track.  My loop isn't as circular as your diagram shows.  My track is more squarish or rectangular.  I have to admit that I use the coupler insulators instead of the gapped track that Bachmann provides.

You've got me thinking!  How close does the gap (or gap track) need to be to the connection switch?    That is, couldn't you have the gap further into the curve and still have the loop function?
Is the Dynamis controller getting a bad rap?
I performed a more in-depth search on the four models of EZ command controllers, I also did this for other manufacturers (not included here).   What I've concluded is that the EZ command (like everyone has been informing me) is a basic system.  Okay, great, I understand that based on the table below.  The controllers I have are the "discontinued" ones, or the catalog just doesn't list their model numbers.  The EZ Command Plus seems to have basically the same functions as my controllers.   

When I compare the Dynamis to the EZ Command there is a significant difference.  As one forum member indicated the Dynamis is a "Standard DCC system".  I take issue with that since, if you buy a "standard car" it will have four wheels, doors, and engine/motor, headlights, and maybe a radio.  The EZ command to me is that "Standard DCC system".  The Dynamis is an, for all practical purposes, an "Advance system".  Just like an "Enhanced Car" that has the standard features and also have GPS, Bluetooth, premier sound system, front and rear cameras, fancy keys for ignition, you get the picture.

So, in my travels around the US visiting the few model railroad clubs and asking questions about the controllers they use (of course, most know that answer) I'm still at a lost as to why the Dynamis isn't one of the controllers being used.

Dynamis vs EZ Command
|    select       |  E-Z Command  |     EZ Command      | Dynamis    | Dynamis Pro   
|                     |  (discontinued) |       (Plus)                 |                   |
| Max number |         2                |          2                     |     1            |      128   
of Cabs         |                          |                                 |                   |
| Max number |         2                |          2                     |     1            |     128   
| of Addresses |                           |                                 |                   |
| 2 or 4 digit    |         2                |          2                     |     1            |    128   
Addresses    |                           |                                 |                   |
| Consist          |       Max 3*         |            ?                   |     40          |      40   
|Speed Control|       Knob           |         Knob               |  Joystick     |  Joystick
Current        |       1.0 Amp      |         1.0 Amp          |  2.5 Amp    | 4.0 Amp
| Support for    |        Yes              |        Yes                   |     Yes         |    Yes   
| Walkaround   |                           |                                 |                   |
| DC controller |        Yes              |        No                   |       ?         |     ?   
| Support for    |        Yes              |        Yes                   |     Yes         |    Yes   
|Power Booster|                            |                                |                   |
| Support for    |        3 or 4          |       3 or 4               |    >4            |  >4 
|Sound Decoder|      functions     |    functions             | functions    | functions
| Accessory      |      Limited by     |     Limited by         |      ?             |    ? 
| decoder         |       Current         |     Current              |                    |
| Capability      |        capacity       |      capacity            |                    |
| Number of     |        Max 10        |        10 or ?            | > 10            |  > 10 
| CV functions  |      functions       |       functions         | functions    | functions
| Wireless         |    No                   |        No                  |   Optional    |  Yes
| Capability      |                            |                               |                     | 
| Computer      |        No                |        No                  |   Optional    |  Yes
| Control          |                             |                               |                     |   
| Capability      |                             |                               |                     | 
| Warranty       |       1 year           |         1 year             |    1 year       |  1 Year   
Notes:  ? -indicates ambiguous information, unable to definitively determine
            > -indicates varying information sources, but definitely greater than the number given
            *  -indicates my experience with EZ command with 3 locomotives
          --- -Based on the Bachmann 2024 catalog, the Basic EZ command (model 44932 & 44901)
                 were deemed discontinued, replaced by EZ Command Plus

This forum search "Dynamis".
Programming Long addresses With EZ Command
Converting to DCC.
Model Train forums websites - several
U-Tube search on "Dynamis"
Google search via European Model trains by Bachmann

PS. If you are wondering why I'm traveling down this path.  I am worried that the Bachman company might give up on advancing their basic controllers.  The EZ plus maybe just a step away from becoming an advanced version of itself.  I don't want Bachmann to can (quit) that advancement like they did the Walk-around.   

All opinions/corrections/etc. welcome...
General Discussion / Re: Short Track
May 17, 2024, 03:13:34 PM
The model numbers (44829 and 44899) that you were referring to are "N" scale track.
General Discussion / Re: Reverse Loops
May 17, 2024, 02:45:31 PM
There is an easier way to gap tracks for a return loop.  It's slightly more pricey but you don't have to cut EZ track.  Bachmann's 9-inch Terminal with Insulated Gap Track is easy to use.  It's model 44597.  The plus behind it, is you can still use it as a regular 9-inch straight track even with the gap, and that's just by closing the connections on it's bottom base.

Hope that helps.
QuoteI believe the answer is yes to both questions.
I got that much, but what some of us ole Bachmann users would like to hear is, "Does the Dynamis user(s) consider this system worth its weight in gold, per say?"   U-tube on the Dynamis doesn't provide any incentives, from my point of view, with the exception that it does what those who have the "upgraded, or professional level, or the anti-knob systems have".

QuoteIf you want more than that, you have to get a more advanced DCC system.
Being the person that I am, I really like the basic system, it performs quite well, in that, all the extras do not seem to enhance by desires.  The little kids (and maybe one day my grandkids) really enjoy the simpleness of EZ command.  What I do have interest in, is the "Dynamis" and maybe its because it's directly compatible with the existing EZ command, or just that I may have an affection for Bachmann.   But what I do not understand is that my friends and even ones on this forum are pushing a change to the (what most call) "more advance" systems.
I comment on this same issue in Topic forum "Converting to DCC"
Performing a search on "Dynamis" on this forum provided some information.  According to topics in 2007, the Dynamis was introduced in Europe first, then sometime later introduced in the US.   The forum topics regarding Dynamis stopped in 2016. 

My curiosity may kill the cat, but why noone seems to support the Bachmann Dynamis system gives my that "why"?

There will be a continuation of this Dynamis discussion in a new forum topic.

General Discussion / Re: Converting to DCC.
May 10, 2024, 04:33:32 PM
QuoteEZ command is basically DCC training wheels
Ok, I have to defend Bachmann on this one.  The EZ command is a basic DCC system, I'll admit that.  It's not a training system.  Yes, if you set the CV's on another system, the EZ command can support its use, provided one uses single digit CV's.  I've had the EZ Command for quite some time without issues.  My one sound locomotive works with the EZ command, not that I use it that much. 

Bachmann introduced the "Dynamis" system (I haven't bought it yet) but was looking into that system which does have the features that everyone seems bent on having.  (In another post, I ask for anyone that has the Dynamis to kinda give their thoughts on its use.  No response as of this post)

Disclaimer: I'm not professing that Bachmann is the greatest, nor the worse, and I'm not being paid to support or refute any Bachmann products. 

For additional info: Programming Long addresses With EZ Command    
HO / Re: Speed Matching
May 10, 2024, 04:26:42 PM

Let me get this straight, consisting involves two or more locomotives on the same train with many train cars.  Consisting two or more locomotives on the same train with the locomotives placed in different locations of the train is also considered "consisting".   That is, one locomotive at the front, then another locomotive could be located in the middle, or at the back end of the train.  This is also considered consisting.  Is that correct, cause Wikipedia doesn't distinguish the locomotives.

Then when I run my dummy locomotives behind my powered locomotives, the dummy locomotives are called DIC (dead in consist)?
This brings up a question.  The Bachmann (Model 36508) EZ Command Dynamis Wireless DCC System can handle multiple addresses?  That is, be programmed with long addresses?  Also the Dynamis also can program/control the multiple CV's like other manufacturers.

Inquiring minds would like to know are there any Dynamis users out there?
I ran into this same problem where I wanted the EZ track to match up to a slight incline on my layout.  All of the EZ track short sections were either too short or too long.  This is where the Flex track comes in.  If it's a slight curve flex track can be cut to fit.  If it's a short piece of straight track then the Atlas straight track can be cut down to fit.  The best part is that the EZ track does not need to be modified.  That's right, you do not need to cut into the connector of the EZ track.  The atlas and flex track will attach directly to the EZ using a connector pin piece.  The other connector piece is supplied from the EZ track.
Financially, EZ track is expensive, the Atlas and Flex is much more economical and cutting them up to make EZ track fit in my view, provide the least expense.
Hope this helps.
General Discussion / Re: Converting to DCC.
May 03, 2024, 07:37:18 PM
As always, I'm late to the conversation....
Quote...I have a few DC engines from back in the Jurassic that I'd like to run sometimes....
Quote...I understand why people want to try to keep partial DC, to keep locomotives they've already invested in. But really, it's like graduating from elementary school to high school....
My experience: If you have a large enough layout, you could keep both the DC and the DCC systems.  And yes, you could just install a DPDT switch as suggested, or separate the two electrical systems, DC and DCC from one another.  Two entirely separate tracks electrically isolated.  I wanted to keep my old "steam locomotives" which I hardly run, and the few DC diesels that I have, and they are on a separate (although short length of track).  This is what I call my museum pieces.  I can operate them, it's just that they don't go far.   My DCC track is the mother of all layouts and for the most part, I never left elementary school with the DC, but jumped directly to graduate school with DCC.  I will need you guys to let me know if I ever move from either elementary, high, or higher in this modeling career.

If you decide on the DPDT, make sure it's a "break before make" switch.  This will ensure the two power sources to not make contact with each other.   There will be an instance where someone will forget to turn off the power supplies and switch that DPDT. which is an accident waiting to happen.  Also understand that there are some models of DPDT switches that are made to make continuous contact when switching from one to source to another.  (Like switching systems from say, a DC battery supply to a DC power source.  It's called an uninterruptible power switching, where switching that DPDT switch does not cause a loss of power).
...and if you are wondering did I do that, no, but my kids did.  That's why I now have two separate power systems on my layout.