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Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Topic
July 10, 2021, 03:15:50 PM
Do you guys see a possibility in Henrietta being updated to have her CGI face?
Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Topic
July 08, 2021, 04:51:26 PM
Skiff? I can see him maybe being made into large scale in 5 or 10 years (Bachmann likes to do gimmicky things like that in this scale), but not HO or N.
Not gonna lie, those were pretty disappointing for me. As someone who doesn't care for Christmas trains and or do large scale, these are very boring. I had a dream recently that Bachmann announced Stepney, BoCo, Sir Handel and Duncan, but I knew that not all of them would actually happen be announced at once, so I was expecting 1 or 2. I guess I put my hopes too high this time
Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Topic
June 28, 2021, 06:44:16 PM
That's the only problem I have with Emily, but I don't find it that big of a deal.
Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Topic
June 26, 2021, 12:09:02 PM
If I got this, I would give my old one to my sister, eho is starting to collect bachmann thomas stuff. How long do you think it will be until Amazon starts getting them in?
Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Topic
June 22, 2021, 06:04:42 PM
How would you guys feel if Emily's model got updated to have her #12?
The runaway train in a close shave had one on it, but even that was only for a few shots
Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Topic
June 02, 2021, 01:19:20 PM
Ok, so here are all the visible flaws with every HO scale engine.
-Inaccurate face
-No front coupler
-No safety valves
-Tender is too short (only by a few millimeters)
-Gray coupling hooks, brake pipes, lamp irons, and axleboxes, when they should be black
-Cab is too tall
-Gray coupling hooks, brake pipes, lamp irons, and axleboxes, when they should be black
-Inaccurate face
-No front coupler
-Rear brake pipe is on the wrong side of the coupling hook
-Inaccurate face
-No rear coupling hook
-Coupling hook and coal bunker are gray when they should be black
-Coal bunker is oversized
-Cab steps are on the running board instead of under it
-Cab is too tall (only by a few millimeters)
-Gray coupling hooks when they should be black
-Black buffer housings when they should be red
-One whistle valve instead of two
Donald and Douglas
-Missing cab handrails that support the roof
-No handrails on the front of his water tank
-Green water cap instead of black
Bill and Ben
-Footplate flattens out at the cab, when it should keep going at a slope
-No brake pipes
Red Rosie
-No brake pipes
-No rivets
-Window and cylinder lining are silver instead of gray
Arry and Bert
-The have brake pipes and faux wires around their headlights. This is due to the fact that they use the same molding as Diesel, who does have these in the TV show
-His face is very incorrectly proportioned

Hopefully they will fix the ones that do not require new molds within the next few years. I expect Percy to be the next locomotive that goes through a major update.
Quote from: Metal on May 31, 2021, 12:52:10 PM
What makes them cousins in theory, is that they have the same designer. All 3 of them were built by Sir Nigel Gresley.
Designed, not necasarely built.
Did you guys realize that the 3 most expensive engines (Spencer, Ryan and Gordon) are all cousins?
Thomas & Friends / Re: The Bachmann Daisy Thread
May 18, 2021, 06:18:24 PM
Daisy looks great! I honestly really like her molded windows because not only is it consistent with the other diesel engines of the range, but it also hides the motors and/or wires from view. I probably won't get her for a few years, because I only have 10 engines and need to catch up with everyone
Thomas & Friends / Re: Requests line
May 04, 2021, 08:22:34 PM
Quote from: Runnersign1999 on May 04, 2021, 07:44:41 PM
When are Engines 2,3, and 4 getting restocked?
Lol engines 2 3 and 4. On Gordon's page it says sometime by the end of the month, but I don't know about Edward and Henry. For now I'd just recommend getting other characters that you don't already have. Also this has nothing to do with the original post that you replied too, you probably should have asked this in the everything thomas topic.
Yeah, the deal with the Analog Sound Thomas is interesting. I would expect them to either discontinue him or make other engines with analog sound a couple years after release, but neither of those things have happened. I would bet on his discontinuation soon though with the release of the DCC Sound Thomas. I would expect one of the Rosie's to get kicked off the market in the next 3 years or so, depending on which one makes more profit, same with the two Diesels. As for rolling stock, any truck/wagon that was made before 2015 or so that doesn't have a face is likely to get discontinued soon. I'm just surprised that the cream tanker was discontinued before the raspberry syrup one, as, to my knowledge, the raspberry syrup one only appeared in one episode, while the cream one appeared in many New series and Miller era episodes.
Although I have Toby, I've been holding off on getting Henrietta because I know that they're going to release with a face soon enough. Whoever gave her a face was smart, because it gave her far more character, even if it did start in a terrible episode. I've never really cared for Hannah, but I wouldn't buy a model of her. The Christmas coaches using Henrietta's moulding instead of Emily's coaches' is smart, and I would be slightly more inclined to buy a Christmas set if that was the case. However, ever since I was little, I've hated the idea of Christmas trains, because it results in many more unrealistic-looking locomotive and rolling stocks designs and liveries than there are without Christmas trains. Moving on, the only N scale rolling stock I would expect in the near future are the Spiteful Brake Van and Milk Tanker, as well as Gordon's express coaches if they make him too. I would expect Emily and Diesel to be the next two n engines. Emily is probably the most iconic non-RWS Thomas character out there, and Diesel's model could be reused for Paxton pretty soon. If they made Gordon, they could reuse his chassis for Henry and Spencer (removing the trailing wheels for Henry, of course) and Edward would likely follow Henry. Duck, Oliver, Donald, Douglas, Bill and Ben would sell pretty well IMO as all are fan favorites, but I doubt they will make Salty, Mavis, Arry or Bert, because all four are discontinued in HO, likely because they weren't good sellers. Daisy and Ryan may come, but probably not for a decade or so, once they've tackled the two sets of twins, GWR engines, Spencer, and of course, the rest of the Steam Team. The only classic series engines we are missing in HO are BoCo, Stepney, Harvey, Murdoch, Arthur and Fergus. All of these characters are about as likely to come as any other except Fergus, because his moulding would be very hard and expensive to design and produce, and I wouldn't buy him because I've hated him my entire life. Harvey is also not very likely because of his crane arm, but popular demand may bring the others. The most likely candidates for HO are Gator, Sidney, Stanley, Timothy and Whiff. All have appeared in the last 5 years or so, but haven't had many appearances in total. Gator is an interesting design, which would intrigue many buyers, and they would also have more space to work with the motor and eyes and things than with most other engines. Sidney is just a quick recolor of the Class 08, but they would need to design a newly-moulded face. Stanley is personally my favorite new series character, mostly due to nostalgia with the Great Discovery. I'm kinda disappointed that he only got one focus episode, and especially that it was during the monstrosity of season 12, but he has made cameos in just about every season since then. Timothy would be interesting, because, like Gator, he has an interesting design, but it would be pretty complicated, unlike Gator who's practically a slightly-streamlined box on wheels. I also like Whiff due to nostalgia purposes, but he hasn't had many recent appearances, and his last focus episode was in season 16 (Actually, that was one of the only episodes in the Miller era that I like, automatically making it one of my favorites). His design is fairly simple compared to others, and it would be interesting to see how they tackled the glasses. (Speaking of his glasses, why the heck does he need them? It's not like engines have to go through eye tests to see if they need glasses or something. Furthermore, they never even addressed in the series! That's his most defining characteristic!) Rolling stock options are simple. They can just rip a hopper off a hopper car, stick it on a flatbed, repaint it, slap a face on it, and call it Hector. Simple as that. Hector is also one of my favorite new series characters, which also has a little bit to do with nostalgia, because I was afraid of him when I was little. Anyway, they can also make Oil Tanker Troublesome Truck #7, except this time have it be based on one from Toad Stands By, and T. Truck 8 could be a ventilated van. I'm kinda surprised that they have made Jeremy but not Jack, Alfie, Oliver, Max & Monty, Bulgy, or Trevor. All of these characters would sell great in my opinion, and Jeremy is such a stupid character with a stupid design and stupid everything. The 5 characters I mentioned have all returned very recently and Bachmann models of them would sell well with the kids pretty well as long as their wheels roll, and the Pack's buckets and beds are posable. Well, that's it from me for now.
Mining wagon - Pretty good except for that stupid CGI logo
New coal wagon - It's fine
Scrap wagon - Hornby made one years ago and I'm surprised it's taken Bachmann this long to make it. I like it
Plank wagons - The crates are stupid and just jack up the price but the wagons themselves are pretty good
Diesel tanker - just plain stupid, I don't even think there were any in the show
Water tanker - I'm surprised it took the Thomas people this long to think of a water tanker, especially after frickin' raspberry syrup of all things. I'll probably get a couple because they can be useful i guess
Log flatbed - The words on the bottom don't bother me and there were way more log flatbeds than paint pot ones, so I actually prefer this one to the old one
GWR Cattle wagon - Livery is more accurate to the classic series ones, and I don't really mind the GWR logo
Ice cream wagon - Expected, but still weird
Live lobster thing - Never appeared in the show, ugly color scheme, and stupid concept. By far the worst of the recolors. I would've rather had a utility van that we sometimes see in the Flying Kipper
GWR van - I like that it's GWR but I don't like the bright orange color scheme
Sodor fruit and vegetable company van - I don't like the weird company name but I do like the realistic color scheme
Sodor salt wagon - Good color scheme as well, but the random words on the side ruin it for me
Spiteful brake van - I find it interesting that it's a hybrid of the TVS version and the RWS version, and I really like the face too.