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Thomas & Friends / Re: Beau Appreciation Thread
June 15, 2024, 08:43:39 PM
While the Arthur, Murdoch, Derek, and Class 40 toolings might be too detailed right now, it should be noted that with these toolings, Bachmann does at least have a starting point for making more show-accurate models of these characters. They won't have to make completely new models, and can make some improvements and modifications.

Such as if the Hornby 9F or any of the other models have functionality problems, hopefully Bachmann could address them at the same time as well.
I would like to see these and more added to the Bachmann Parts Store as well!

Quote from: TrainFan97 on February 06, 2024, 09:43:32 PMFor HO rolling stock that would use existing toolings that were actually in the show, the Italian Blue Coaches can be made using the Red Coach toolings. Stephen's blue coach would require a new tooling. An-An and Yin-Long would be recycled from Annie and Clarabel's tooling, and if they were to be made, it would mean Bachmann would have to make Hong-Mei, who can recycle Rosie's chassis, but with a different siderod configuration. One international engine that would completely recycle an existing tooling is Fernando, but if they were to use Diesel's tooling again, we'd rather have Sidney first.

As questionable as Nia is, it's only a matter of time before Bachmann eventually does make her for HO Scale, given that she is still a main character, even in the reboot. Most would rather have Whiff instead, since he's the last engine to appear in both model and CGI to not feature gimmicks, and that no ready-to-run model of Aerolite exists. Philip would be a great choice for a simple new tooling since he's just a small box, and would be a cheaper model. Norman is certainly an honorable mention for a new tooling since even though he was a nothing character in the show, many fan-made stories shed light on him, and that no ready-to-run model of BR 11001 exists. The new tooling everyone wants most of all is Hiro, especially after Rebecca's announcement brought tender engines back into the picture for HO Scale. Although Hiro would inevitably be the most expensive model, but high prices didn't stop the Narrow Gauge range from selling.

Considering Stanley has no unpainted sample ready yet, I don't see a new HO Scale tooling being announced in the catalog. Rebecca's first painted sample will be shown in the next Thomas Tuesday stream, as it has just been teased. It may not be until summer before we get to see Stanley's unpainted sample. Hope it won't be too long before Bachmann gets an unpainted sample of N Scale Diesel.

Any of these engines could be the next new tooling for HO Scale:
-Hong-Mei (chassis recycled with some modification to siderods; don't really see her happening unless they make An-An and Yin-Long)
-Sonny (has a rather complicated siderod configuration, but could be doable, and no model of his basis exists)
-Porter (has rather problematic scaling)

The best choices for HO Scale recolors are Sidney and Fernando because Mainland Diesels and Green Salty are rather too niche.

I would also like to see these characters, particularly Sonny. As stated above an argument can be made for Whiff, Norman and Sonny that no current regular non-Thomas models of their real-life prototypes:
NER 66 Aerolite for Whiff,
British Rail 11001 for Norman
Haydock Foundry well-tank locomotives like Bellorophon for Sonny.

Thus this could also appeal to non-Thomas Modelers who would wish to convert the Bachmann Thomas engines into their basis.

An additional argument can be made against Mattel's CGI mandate with that in that Norman could easily be recolored into Dennis if Norman ever happens and the CGI mandate is hopefully lifted. Indeed, all it would take would be a potentially recolored Norman mold with a new face. This could also apply to a potential Splatter and Dodge, as all they would need would be a repainted 'Arry and Bert Shell, with one face they could both use, as the two of them are always seen in together wearing identical expressions to the other. This could be an easy way to get new characters out cheaply and quickly, and can be used to potentially demonstrate to Mattel that the CGI Mandate is clogging up potential and easy to make products.

A similar argument can be made for a potential Arthur, Murdoch, Derek, and the Class 40 Diesel, considering that Bachmann already has models of these characters basis in their UK Range:
LMS Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T for Arthur
BR Standard Class 9F for Murdoch
British Rail Class 17 for Derek
British Rail Class 40 for Class 40

Given that Bachmann is making Beau, a rather minor character, out of their already existing tooling, another argument can be made that the CGI mandate is clogging up potential easy to make products that would indeed be popular fan choices.

It regards to Rolling stock, given the Toby's Museum Composite and Brake Coaches were released, I would like to see the Gordon's Special Composite and Brake coaches from Season 10. All they would have to do would be recolor their Current Gordon's Composite and Brake Express Coaches, and they would have easy products, like the Toby's Museum Coaches. I would hope they would release both Composite and Brake versions of the coaches for more variety and thus more product, preferably with the connecting corridor still in so they could look like they could "connect" and integrate seamlessly to Gordon's already existing Express Coaches.

Given that Bachmann made the Toby's Museum Coaches based on SodorRyModeler's photoshopped Red Coaches into Toby's Museum Coaches, maybe someone could photoshop some Gordon's Composite and Brake Coaches into Gordon's Special Composite and Brake Coaches to give Bachmann an inspiration?
Thomas & Friends / Re: Please Bring Back Arry & Bert
December 17, 2023, 02:00:29 AM
Something else that Bachmann could do with the 'Arry and Bert tooling would be to make Splatter and Dodge out of them.

Splatter and Dodge share the same mold as 'Arry and Bert, and have always been seen having the same faces as each other. Therefore, all that would be needed would be recolor the 'Arry and Bert shell and then design one face for both of them to use. They would be easy to make new characters, and they could also be be introduced while the newly tooled projects are being worked on.
Thomas & Friends / Re: Beau Appreciation Thread
November 08, 2023, 06:09:34 PM
If they are doing Beau because they already have the 4-4-0 engine tooling, maybe Bachmann would be willing to consider doing similar with turning some of their Bachmann UK Model toolings into Bachmann Thomas items. I believe Bachmann UK already have them for Arthur's class (LMS Ivatt Class 2 2-6-2T), Murdoch's class (BR Standard Class 9F), and Derek's class (British Rail Class 17) already, and there might be more I am not aware of. Considering these characters are quite popular in their own right, there would definitely be a market for them. It would be a great way to get products out on to the market without having to invest too much in designing new toolings, as the basis already exist as a starting point, and could also be a valid argument for lifting the CGI restriction.
Thomas & Friends / Re: Updates to existing models
October 15, 2023, 06:33:45 AM
Thank you for starting a thread like this. I have several suggestions as well.

Percy-black coal bunker instead of gray
James-fully black wheels
Emily-update her to include her Number 12 on her tender and maybe her water filler cap be colored black instead of green.
Annie and Clarabel-update their US Models to have the more accurate black chassis that their UK models have, instead of the inaccurate dark gray ones we have now. I have a feeling Bachmann is going to do this eventually, given that they are updating their US Thomas Models with UK Details recently. Here's hoping.

I would also like to see HO Thomas, Percy and James get front couplers at some point, although these might be more of a retool.
Thomas & Friends / Re: Salty?
September 07, 2023, 08:20:30 PM
If the delay is due to updates and improvements on the model, then personally, I am fine with waiting a little longer.

And if they are improving the Salty model, that gives us more incentive to buy the new version, as it will be better than the old version.
Quote from: TrainFan97 on September 02, 2023, 01:10:07 AMHopefully, if this mandate ever ends, Bachmann eventually will give us Stepney, BoCo and Duke. Class 40 is another good choice for a model series character, and another larger diesel, since he was also made by Hornby. Bachmann could do the Beau move and recycle their UK Class 40 tooling, though he wouldn't have moving eyes.

If they do reuse the UK tooling for Class 40 like they did with Beau, and it would be nice if they do, I would hope they also do the same with Arthur and Murdoch as well.  It would make sense, given that they are quite popular characters, as well as taking advantage of Hornby Murdoch's rarity to introduce their own version of Murdoch at a much cheaper price than the $2000 Hornby Murdoch's on Ebay usually go for.

Something that may help in regards to the mandate: Maybe they could market and release a CGI series character and a Model series character side-by-side. That way, they could meet the mandate as well as appeal to the older fans. I don't know if that would be possible, but I at least wanted to get the suggestion out there.
Thomas & Friends / Re: Bachmann Stanley Thread
August 30, 2023, 04:47:14 AM
This is why Bachmann is one of my favorite Thomas merchandise ranges. They LISTEN to the Thomas Fans, and treat us with a level of respect that we rarely get. They have disregarded the All Engines GO reboot. They are willing to take fan suggestions, such as the Toby Museum Coaches and this new upcoming Stanley. They team up with Trainworld and Thomas Fans to give us Thomas Tuesdays, which allows Thomas Fans to show their detailed layouts and customizations, to show that Thomas isn't just for kids.

Thank you Bachmann! I am looking forward to Stanley!
Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Topic
August 24, 2023, 02:56:41 AM
Quote from: N Scale Sudrian on August 23, 2023, 04:15:30 PMBachmann's Facebook page is doing a countdown to the NMRA 2023 Show, and the "3 Days" graphic features a very familiar set of rectangles... eerily similar to the window placement on the 'Thomas' line's Express Coaches, even down to how the clusters of windows are spaced further apart towards one side... I am hopeful this means Gordon's Express Coaches in N Scale are among this slate of mid-year announcements. If the teaser is meant to be literal, that may mean these may be shrunken versions of the HO/OO Express Coaches. (Which would be great for multiple reasons, but those can have their own post if these are indeed announced.)

I suppose it could also be a teaser for a new livery for the HO/OO Express Coaches... but given how recently the Red Express Coaches were released, I would be surprised if they were making yet another rake this soon...

If they are releasing a new set of HO Express Coaches, I would hope that they make a set of Gordon's blue Special Coaches, with both a Composite Coach and a Brake Coach.
I had made a suggestion on how to handle the CGI mandate a few weeks ago. Maybe they could reveal or release a CGI series character and a Model Series Character together at the same time? Like have Nia or Sonny be revealed as the CGI character, and Arthur as the Model Series character, especially considering Bachmann Europe already has the 2MT tooling available now. This way, they can appease the CGI mandate and appeal to the older fans at the same time. It could also be used for Bachmann to take the lead and introduce newer fans to older classic characters.

I don't know if this will happen, but I at lease wanted to get the suggestion out there, and at least put it on the table.
Quote from: MontagueGWR08 on April 07, 2023, 09:17:05 PMI'm not sure if this is a suggestion that Bachmann would consider, especially since they seem to be opposed to making model series exclusive characters at the moment, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

With the recent release of Beau, it's clear that the main reason this relatively obscure character was made since there was already a preexisting tooling. All they had to do was give it a repaint and slap on a face, and it was clearly quick and cost efficient to make. So, my line of thought is that this could be applied to other obscure characters from the show. For example, bachmann europe has an Ivatt 3mt listed, which I feel most closely resembles the prop used for Arthur. All bachmann would have to do is give it a repaint and a face, and you have Arthur. This could be applied to other preexisting toolings as well for other characters. They could even offer them as limited editions to boost early sales.

I'm not sure if this is something anyone on here would be interested in, but I personally think that it is the best way to get the characters that us older fans would most appreciate.

I would like to bring this to the forefront again quick. It was recently revealed by Richard Awdry that a character Christopher Awdry attempted to introduce in the Railway Series books, Barry the Rescue Engine, was going to be an LMS Ivatt Class 2MT, just like Arthur. Arthur has already got a good amount of fans, and given this reveal, I have a sneaking suspicion that Arthur is going to become at least a bit more popular among Thomas Fans, making fan stories that hybridize Arthur and Barry's backstories, and also including modelers who might want to make custom Barry's. Given that Bachmann Europe already has a similar tooling, as mentioned here, this would be a great opportunity to capitalize on this and modify the tooling to make a Bachmann Arthur.

In addition, Arthur has a rather sweet production backstory. Apparently, Arthur was originally going to be called Clarence, but a magazine ran a competition to name him instead. Someone named Luke Sharp won the contest, and he named Arthur after his late grandfather Arthur Sharp. I find it is so sweet that Arthur was named after a competition winner Luke Sharp's late grandfather.

Here is Arthurs Thomas Wiki Pages:

Main Article:

Image Gallery:

Behind the Scenes Article:

Merchandise Article:

And the Article about Barry:
I would like to see all of these duos (Whiff and Scruff, Den and Dart, and Porter for Salty). However, If I had to guess, my suspicion would go with the Dieselworks duo Den and Dart first. Indeed, they are featured a bit more than Whiff and Scruff in the series, and there are already a lot of characters in Bachmann's range currently that Den and Dart have interacted with, like Paxton, Diesel, Salty, Mavis, and Daisy. In addition to that, in the TV series the duo of Den and Dart have also frequently been upgraded to a trio with the addition of Paxton, like in the Great Race, and seeing that Bachmann already has Paxton out, Den and Dart might be the logical next step.

However, like I said, I would like to see all of those character duos mentioned get a Bachmann Model.
I think old shape Henry in ANY scale would be nice!

I have a suggestion for how Bachmann could release new Bachmann Thomas Characters going forward. Given that the fans want a lot of classic and model series characters and Bachmann seems hesitant to do anything other than CGI characters at this point, maybe a meeting halfway point could be that they develop Model Series characters and CGI Series Characters side-by-side. For example, when they announce new Thomas Characters, they could announce a CGI series character, like Nia and Sonny, alongside a Model series character, like BoCo, Derek, and Arthur.

That way, they can appeal to the longtime fans and current stipulations at the same time. Plus, it would be a great way for newer fans who are only familiar with the CGI characters to see and be introduced to these older Model characters for the first time.

I am not sure if this will actually play out, but it is a suggestion.
I also hope that method could be used to create Arthur, and other characters as well. Maybe they could also repaint their 'Arry and Bert models into Splatter and Dodge too. They would be really cheap and easy to make, the only new component needed to be made would be a single face mold, as Splatter and Dodge share the same face in all of their appearances.

I also hope that since Beau is a rather obscure character, I hope Bachmann is willing to do Sonny as well. I know they would have to make a new tooling, but there is barely any merchandise of Sonny, so Bachmann could take the opportunity to capitalize on that and be one of the few ranges that does make Sonny merchandise.

Another point I have mentioned before is that as far as I know, there is no HO/OO model of Sonny's basis Bellerophon at the present time, which is a popular icon for railway fans. Given that many modelers will convert Bachmann Narrow-Gauge Skarloey Railway engines into their Tallylyn Railway counterparts, Bachmann could make Sonny for both Thomas modelers and non-Thomas modelers who wish to convert a Sonny into Bellerophon.

Bachmann could even make their own Bellerophon using a Sonny model as a basis, given that Bachmann is planning releases of non-Thomas Tallylyn.

And Sonny DID have much more roles and appearances that Beau, as far as I know anyway.