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Williams by Bachmann / Re: Williams baldwin steamer
November 25, 2023, 09:40:10 AM
To All,

     I have just located the 5-6 volt smoke unit on the Website "Holyart"  It is priced at $22.87. Great price...Trainland is out of stock currently and priced at > $34.99.
This Website also has a smoking cauldron (Pot). It would look great for a hobo camp type scene.

                         Merry Christmas to all...671
Williams by Bachmann / Re: Williams baldwin steamer
October 18, 2023, 03:17:35 PM

671 here. The description of my repair/replacement was posted Jan 28 2018. This will help you with the replacement of your smoke unit. You will be very happy with the results....HEAVY HEAVY Smoke!

                              Smokem' if you gotem'....Hope this helps...671
Williams by Bachmann / Re: Williams baldwin steamer
September 19, 2023, 03:45:46 PM
Hi jga1959,

          671 here. I have posted several articles about aftermarket smoker repair. Use the"SEARCH" from this site to find them. They should still be available. Years 2011-2013,14 ?
          I have detailed exactly what to buy and how to make smoke with the new unit.
Basically I purchase a LGB 5-6 volt (SEUTH) smoker unit from Trainland. Install this in place of the Williams unit.
The new smoker is a little larger in diameter and slightly lower in voltage need. Two diodes are needed inline with the supply board (7volts output) to smoker reduces the voltage. ( approx minus 0.7 volts per installed diode to reduce to 5.6 volts supplying the smoker unit.
Find one of my complete articles on this subject...The new unit smokes like the loco is on fire...approx 15-20 minutes smoke output per session. My smoker is still going strong after 10 plus years.

                               Hope this helps...671
Williams by Bachmann / Re: Gg1 4883 Horn
March 18, 2023, 10:44:37 AM
Hi Lyle,

       671 here. Use this Bachmann website for "Parts". Under the heading of O scale Williams. On the second page of universal O scale parts is a True Blast II horn/bell sound system @ $ $61.38. This should be just what you need for the GG-1 unit.

             Hope this helps,

Williams by Bachmann / Re: williams 4-6-0 baldwin parts
February 24, 2023, 04:44:51 PM
Hi Marcliff71,

          671 here....Try the website Trainz.  They have an extensive used equipment and parts inventory (all scales). Maybe you will find something that will aid you with your challenge.

                                  Keep'em smokin!
Hi Cameraboy75,

                671 here.

Before you try a more powerful transformer ...

1.   Only run your locomotive by itself ... i.e. no other loads on that low powered transformer. (Lighted cars, accessories etc.)
2.   Clean center roller pick-ups and wheels with plastic friendly contact cleaner. Remove any and all built-up gunk. Scrape off wheel debris as needed.
3.   Lubricate center roller and wheel bushings with electrically conductive lubricant ( non-carbonizing oil/lube )
4.   Clean your track. Use a mild Scotch pad with a de-greaser like Windex to gently clean all rails of your track.

                                             Merry Christmas ... Hope this helps

Williams by Bachmann / Re: s2 Turbine smoke Unit problems
November 20, 2020, 05:14:56 PM
Hi otww,

           671 here. Try  Dallee electronics on line. It sounds like you need a new voltage regulating board. Dallee should be able to help you with this, they supply many electronics to the hobby.

                               Happy Turkey Day,
                               Keep'em Smokin...671
Williams by Bachmann / Re: Traction tires Alco PA-1
October 17, 2020, 11:38:04 AM
Hi Ruslsdad,

           671 here.
           Rubber universal replacement diesel tires are available on this website's parts section. Look under William's universal parts O gauge...Page  (3)  4 tires 2 bulbs $8.80.

           Install the tires to the wheels using rubber cement. This will give you much longer life from the tires. Rubber cement is available at stationary stores and hardware stores.
                             Hope this helps,

Williams by Bachmann / Re: Parts availability????
March 06, 2020, 05:46:30 PM
Hi rad 400,

             671 here.

Look in this site's (Williams) universal O scale parts. It has a motor that fits FM units. I do not know if this is what you need...but it is worth a look.
Also look at Trainland web site. Williams O scale may find a deal on a loco that has your needed parts. Some items are at close to parts pricing if you break them down into component parts.

Give it try...Hope this helps...

                                           Give a Toot !
Williams by Bachmann / Re: Parts availability????
March 02, 2020, 05:43:24 PM
Hi rad 400,

          671 here.

The Williams Chugington loco is at Trainland. Close-out price of  $ 69.99.

This may have the same two trucks and motors that you are looking for. Check it out. Williams would not have "Tooled" up just for these locos.

                           Good Luck...Keep on Chuggin'

Williams by Bachmann / Re: voltage reg. board
March 02, 2020, 05:27:42 PM
Hi DaleS,

            671 here.

       Go to Trainland's on line site.

            "G" scale parts...Piko 5 volt regulating board # 36143...@$28.99 each.

      This will fill your needs.

                     White smoke = Happy loco

Williams by Bachmann / Re: Williams power upgrade kit
January 11, 2020, 02:05:15 PM
Hi Winnipeg O gauge guy,

              671 here.

Try Trainland, they are showing a 6 wheel upgrade kit at $134.99 .... I am not sure if this is exactly what you need.
It is listed under Williams train parts in the accessory section.

                                     Hope this is it,


Williams by Bachmann / Re: Williams power upgrade kit
January 10, 2020, 06:20:03 PM
Hi Winnipeg O gauge guy,

                      671 here.

Try website Nicholas Smith Trains.

He has listed a F-3 upgrade kit @ $129.99  This looks like a typo error.

Upon opening that F-3 page ... the picture is of the F-3 upgrade unit BUT the description is for the EP-5 kit along with E-7 and the Alco PA.
You may be in luck...look it up and contact them to make sure.

                                   Good Hunting

              Let smoke get in your eyes...Re-visit your childhood,

Hi psm6519,

       671 here.

Here is your best bet ... Trainland currently has (3) Road name F-3's on sale. Southern, Boston Maine and Erie.
They are priced at $199.99 for each A-A set...(powered and dummy pair).
You can salvage the powered A unit for your needs. ( Chassis, trucks, motors, sound board...etc. You may only need to swap the plastic shell.
You will be left with two dummy units. Good static "yard display"
F-3 upgrade kits are nonexistent. They used to sell for approx. $140 - $150.00.
For $199.99 you get spare parts.

                 It is your choice...Hope this helps

           " Inn keeper, Another round of track for the boys! "

                     Keep'em smoke'n...671
Williams by Bachmann / Re: Williams power upgrade kit
January 09, 2020, 05:10:23 PM
Hi Winnipeg O gauge guy,

              671 here.

One thought on your upgrade. The can motors within your original 20 plus year old units, do they have visible rotating "Fly wheels" on the top outside of the can motors? If yes...the new replacement truck/motor combination should work well. The Fly wheels prevent abrupt stoppage of the motor. They aid in a more of a coasting stop.
If one loco has the non-coasting motors, and the other has the coasting motors ... operational performance may be compromised.

Just a thought...before money and time is spent.

Older Williams locos have non coasting motors. I do not know what year they changed to the coasting motors. I own a Williams dual motor loco with non-coasting motors. I upgraded it with new Williams' control and sound. Wired the motors in series. It runs well and pulls like an Ox.

                                 Just some thoughts...671