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Large / Re: General questions about 4-6-0
October 14, 2007, 11:33:31 PM

I have never seen an instruction manual for this loco.  I feel you could safely start with Ten drops and see how long it lasts, slowly increase the drops, if it runs out quickly. 

Using the smoke unit often leaves a mess, because of the oil residue falling on the loco boiler.  Be sure to turn the smoke unit on with the switch behind the boiler front.  If using the smoke fluid be sure to run the loco til ther is no more smoke before putting it away.  Some put a piece of cotton in the stack top, especially if storing the loco on its side.  Have fun with the kids and just take a little time to clean it up before you put it away, and be sure to turn the unit off when it runs out of fluid to avoid burning out the unit.  Burning out the unit is very common.

Enjoy your new Locomotive!!
Large / Re: Sams Club
October 06, 2007, 10:17:35 PM
Thanks Kenny & enjov the set!   I am going into town tomorrow to se if my Sam's finally got any.
Large / Re: Sams Club
October 05, 2007, 09:21:38 PM
Thanks Kenny,

For those who might want a lighted caboose, it would be easy to swap shells and add a light or some clear LESs inside inplace of the colored LESs.

Do the LEDs stay lit all the time or do they flash on and off as the train runs?
Large / Re: Sams Club
October 03, 2007, 08:26:53 AM
Thanks again Kenny, 

Appreciate the help.  I will look forward to hearing what you find out about the caboose lighting & track contacts.

Large / Re: Sams Club
October 03, 2007, 12:01:27 AM
Meant to add this to my last post.  For those who want an Annie in a set:

Someone in an earlier post said tha Bachmann never put an Annie in a Big Hauler set except for Sam's & Boscov's.   In reality there are actually two such sets.

Set 90059 White Pass & Yukon has an Annie.  It is a nice passenger set. MSRP $425

Set 90047 is a Bachmann Big Hauler set Wonderland Flyer which is a remake of the earlier Sam's 2004 set, but the new set has the simpler valve gear.  MSRP $450

Details of both sets can be found in the 2007 Bachmann Catalog.  They are Limited Editions.  I haven't seen a street price on them yet. 
Large / Re: Sams Club
October 02, 2007, 11:23:49 PM
Thanks Kenny,

Still none in my local store, See if you can get the car number of the gondola if you get the chance.  Did you notice if the caboose or stock car have a number?  Also was wondering what the lettering is on the caboose letterboards? 

Thanks again!
Large / Re: Sams Club
October 02, 2007, 12:25:06 PM

Don't get so uptight.  I was only trying to reconcile the fact that the display indicates the loco has metal siderods, wheels & detail parts.  You are right Bachmann has done some strange things in the past, and this looks like one of them.  I am trying to document the set for a book I am writing.  Many people have in good faith provided incorrect information to me in the past, so it is important to me to be absolutely sure, and verify everything.  

There is often confusion when a new item comes out, and this is no different.  I appreciate your input and still need answers to the other questions about the set.
Large / Re: Sams Club
October 01, 2007, 11:19:34 PM

Are you absolutely sure?
Look at the upper part on the EBay photo of the display.  It clearly says right on the display that the side rods are metal.  Look at the third picture and supersize it. The Exact wording is "Metal Wheels, Siderods, and detail parts"

If you are right and they are plastic, it is at best false promotion!
Large / TOC, Barry, Annie Motor Question?
October 01, 2007, 11:03:24 PM
TOC, Barry,

Is there a real difference between the Version 5 Big Hauler Chassis & Motor and the ANNIE Chassis & motor. 

Some suggest that the Annie should be listed as a version six because it has a seven pole motor while the Big Hauler does not.  Others say the motor is the same in both.  As I understand it all the Chassis parts are exactly the same in the Big Hauler and the Annie, and I was under the impression that the motor was the same as well. 

As the guys that tear them apart, I felt that You would be the best source of accurate information on this.

Since I am writing a book documenting Bachmann Large Scale, I need absolutely accurate information on the differences between the two drive trains.


Is there any difference in the motor and drive train in the Annie and Version 5 Chassis?

As the originators of the versions, were motors a factor in establishing the original versions 2 through 5?

Should the Annie Drive be designated as Version 6.

Anyone is welcome to chime in on this, but Please give only VERIFIED information, not just something you heard secondhand.  Bear in mind I am only trying to document absolutely accurate information.

Large / Re: Sams Club
October 01, 2007, 08:53:30 PM
Wade, all,

The picture of the store display does reveal some interesting details!!

A close look at the locomotive in the store display picture on Ebay reveals that the gold side rods are metal.  Also the siderods and valve gear appear to be Walshearts rather than the Sam's site photo which shows a different set of siderods & vale gear.  The promo on the display also says metal wheels, siderods, details on the loco.  Anyway IT MIGHT BE an ANNIE after all.   The loco number is 12 on the display, but looks different on the Sam's site photo.  The box would be the first with dual language info on the box.  The caboose in the display does not seem to have LEDs on the side of the caboose that is showing.  Kennywsp has a good question on the caboose issue!

There is a number on the end of the Gondola but I cannot make it out.  I think I see North Pole & Southern in gold on the letterboard of the caboose.  I can't see a car number on the Reindeer Transport car. 

If the loco is an Annie, it would be perfect for using the Annie Chassis under some of the older Big Haulers with the cheap chassis like the Royal Blue or Liberty Bell.

Large / Re: Sams Club
October 01, 2007, 08:19:32 PM

Thanks for the tip on the new Ebay listings.   I found it very interesting that the gondola in the display is different that the one in the Sam's online listing.  It has dual candy canes on the tan & green car rather than the white car with single candy cane.  The letterboards on the stock car are also different than the ones on the Sam's site, single letterboard on the left versus two on the Sam's site. Still can't make out any numbers on the cars or if they are NP&S.

From a collectors point of view the loco & Tender with the LEDs the Baloon Stack with the coal tender, the caboose, and the gondola are actually new items, which may never be sold seperately, it will be interesting to see. 

Let me know any car numbers or other details you find, I will do the same.

Thanks Wade and all who are providing details.
Large / Re: Sams Club
October 01, 2007, 07:59:04 PM
Hi Wade, 

Thanks I will take a look on Ebay later.  Did you see my other post with the set number?   If not it is 90061, but I still can't make out the number on the Loco or see any lettering or a number on the caboose.  I'm guessing no change on the other two cars except possibly the Blt date. 

Boy my weak eyes sure messed up on my last post!!!!
Large / Re: Sams Club
October 01, 2007, 09:34:35 AM
Thanks Reainman.

I a;sp it from a secomd source that it is not an Annie,    Were there any  markings or lettering on the caboose or just the candy canes and leds?

Thanks!  Any DEtails on the OSH set.  Passenger, freight, special  cars?
Hi! Bach man

Now that the SAm's set is out I am wondering if Boscov's or OSH will have a special set this year?

The Sam's set does not appear to have an Annie. Bach man can you confirm?

For those that keep track of such things the Sam's Club set Bachmann Item number is 90061 according to an EBay source.