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2071  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Master List ? on: December 28, 2007, 07:00:32 PM

I agree you have the 2007 Wondetland Flyer.  Great buy on the Trolly.

Have fun,
2072  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: missing a smoke switch on: December 27, 2007, 07:12:19 PM
Did you pull the whole smokebox off the front?  or just open the little door on the front of the smokebox? 

If you opened the door, you should see two switches inside one is the smoke on/off.

If you pulled off the entire front of the smokebox you should have seen a bunch of wires which are behind the switches.

Good Luck

2073  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Help with Polar Express G scale on: December 26, 2007, 11:52:17 PM
Perhaps Brian hasn't seen your question yet so I will respond.   The Bachmann locomotive you have has only the chuffing sound, but no whistle.

I am glad you got everything working OK
2074  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Master List ? on: December 26, 2007, 01:06:21 AM
Many thanks to Mathew for the great illustrations, and correct spelling, I always seem to screw up the spelling.

Kybaugh,  There were many, but he fun of collecting all of them might be an interesting challenge.   I believe Wade Colyer has all of them.  Over the past year every single Christmas item appeared on EBay and except for a very few at very reasonable prices. Smiley

The Scrooge Collieries hopper car, The Mrs. Claus Eggnog tank car and the Polar Express Set, and the Dillards Trolly are the hardest to get, and might be considered rare at least on Ebay.  Roll Eyes

If you decide to go for it, Happy Hunting!! Cool

2075  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: White Pass 'Anniversary' 4-6-0 Loco on: December 25, 2007, 01:52:28 AM
Dear Grumpy,

The Anniversary Edition 4-6-0 were sold with either the very detailed Walcherts Valve gear, or the Modified simplified Stephenson Valve Gear, but both were Anniversary 4-6-0's with the metal siderods and highly detailed bodies.  The number 10 Annies have the detailed Walshearts valve gear,  while the latest Annie #14 in the set has the simplified Stevenson valve gear.  Both are metal and both are Annies. 

The link belows shows an actual set box 90059 with Loco #14 an Annie with the simplified Stephenson Valve gear.

The one below shows the closeup of the #14 Annie striped from the set 90059.

The text shows this is an Annie.   

If you can send me a good full side photo of yours I will verify what it is. Please include the Bachmann item number from the original box.

There are many variation to the 4-6-0 some have the two window cab while others have the three window cab. 

I get a headache at times trying to figure it all out!!

Have a great Christmas.
2076  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Master List ? on: December 25, 2007, 12:56:46 AM
Looks like they posted in one line or two line entries.    Hope you can figure out most of it.   The info provided is for the personal use of readers of this website.  I have copy righted the info above.  Please refer any who want the info to this website entry.    Please contact me if you wish to reprint the info elsewhere.   

2077  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Master List ? on: December 25, 2007, 12:48:48 AM
Hi All,

Here is my best shot,   This is my list of everything I know of that Bachmann made in Large Scale with a Christmas Theme.  It does not include the individual parts of the 2007 Northern Lights listed sepeerately.

It will take pouring through the data to understand the way some things are tied together.    I am not sure how my listing will print out on the forum.   Input wiil be for one line at a time per item, but it often shows up on the forum as a three line entry per item.

I am only human and so there may well be errors,  Please let me know of any errors readers might find, so that I can correct the entries.
90023   WC   Set   1994   ^ Set   White Christmas Express   P   X      $250.00                
90037   NP&S   Set   1999   ^ Set   Night Before Christmas   P   X      $300.00                
90036   PE   Set   2000   ^ Set   The Polar Express   P   X      $380.00                
90044   NP&S   Set   2003   ^ Set   North Pole Special   P   X      $300.00    2005 $365.00            
90047   NP&S   Set   2004   ^ Set   Wonderland Flyer   w/ 10th Anniversary 4-6-0    P   X   Sam's Club Set   $139.95    1st set with Annie Loco, has Walsherts Valve Gear            
90051   NP&S   Set   2005   ^ Set   North Star Express     Wood Burner      X   Sam's Club Set   $139.95    2nd set with Annie Loco, has Stephenson Valve Gear            
90047   NP&S   Set   2006   ^ Set   Wonderland Flyer   w/ 10th Anniversary 4-6-0       X   Boscov's Set   $199.95    Same as Sam's 90047 but Loco has Stephenson Valve Gear            
90054   NP&S   Set   2006   ^ Set   Holiday Special (Train & Trolley) Coal Burner   P   X   Sam's Club Set   $169.86    3rd set with Annie Loco, has Stephenson Valve Gear            
90047   NP&S   Set   2007   ^ Set   Wonderland Flyer   w/ 10th Anniversary 4-6-0       X   Limited Edition   $350.00    Bachmann Catalog Set Same as Boscov's set            
90061   NP&S   Set   2007   ^ Set   Northern Lights with LED's      X   Sam's Club Set   $149.95    Set for 2007            
90102   HE   Set   1990?   ^ Set   Holiday Express RC    P   X   27 mhz   $120.00           1990      
90102 F   HE   Set   1990?   ^ Set   Holiday Express  RC 49 mhz   P   X   Frank's Nursery   $100.00    Sold only at Frank's Nursery Stores      1990      
    NP&S   25   1995   ~ Loco   4-6-0, North Pole & Southern   P   X   Set  only   Set Loco   Set 90023            
    NP&S   12   1997   ~ Loco   4-6-0, North Pole & Southern   P   X   Set only   Set Loco   Set 90037            
91   PE   1001   2000   ~ Loco   4-6-0, Polar Express   P   X   only in set   $140.00    Set 90036            
    NP&S   1225   2004   ~ Loco   4-6-0, 10th aniv, North Pole & Southern Ver 5   P   X   Sam's Club Set   Set Loco   Sold only in Set 90047   Wonderland Flyer Walshearts Valve Gear         
   NP&S   205   2005   ~ Loco   4-6-0, 10th aniv, North Pole & Southern Ver 5      X   Sam's Club Set   Set Loco   Sold only in Set 90051   North Star Express         
   NP&S   12   2006   ~ Loco   4-6-0, 10th aniv, North Pole & Southern Ver 5      X   Sam's Club Set   Set Loco   Sold only in Set 90054   Holiday Special         
   NP&S   1225   2006   ~ Loco   4-6-0, 10th aniv, North Pole & Southern Ver 5      X   Boscov's Set   Set Loco   Sold only in Boscov's Set 90047      Wonderland Flyer Stephenson Valve Gear      
93340   NP&S   30647   2001   Box Car   North Pole & Southern    P   X   Blt 6-97   $40.00    first into as a separate item            
93340   NP&S   30647   2003   Box Car   North Pole & Southern        X   Blt 6-03   Set Car    Set 90044            
93340   NP&S   30647   2004   Box Car   North Pole & Southern    P   X   Blt 6-04   Set Car    Set Wonderland flyer            
93800   NP&S   none   2005   Caboose   8 whl, North Star Express      X   metal wheels   Set Car    Only in Set 90051            
93100   None   None   1995   Caboose4   4 whl, Santa in Sleigh w reindeer       X      Set Car     Set 90023 and seperately            
93140   NP&S   None   1997   Caboose4   4 whl, North Pole & Southern   p   X      $40.00    Only in Set 90037            
93640   NP&S   2003   2003   Flat Car   North Pole & Southern   p   X   NP Tree Farm   $40.00    Only in Set 90044            
93700   FNC   None   1990   Gondola   Frank's Nursery & Crafts   P   X       N/A   only found in Set 90102            
93   NP&S   None   1995   Gondola   North Pole & Southern Green Two Wreaths    P   X      N/A   onlyin Sets 90023 & 47            
93   NP&S   30647   1999   Gondola   North Pole & Southern Candy Cane   P   X       N/A   only found in set 90037            
93774   NP&S   2004   2004   Gondola   North Pole & Southern Tan One Wreath   P   X       $53.00    Christmas 2004            
96240         1993   Hand Car   Christmas 1993   P   X   green   $80.00                
96241         1994   Hand Car   Christmas 1994   P   X   red   $90.00                
96241         1996   Hand Car   Christmas 1996   P   X   white   $100.00    96241M            
98278   NP&S   2005   200?   Hopper   3 bay, Scrooge Collieries   P   X       $50.00    Nice Coal for Naughty Childeren            
None   NP&S   None   2006   P Baggage   North Pole & Southern Sam's Club Holiday Special      X   Not Lighted   Sam's C   Sold online only for 90054   NIC         
None   NP&S   1   2003   P Combine   North Pole & Southern Sam's  & Boscov's   P   X   Battery Lights   Set Car    Only in sets 90044 &47   NIC         
None   NP&S   None   2005   P Combine   North Pole & Southern Sam's North Star Express       X   Battery Lights   Set Car    Only in Set 90051   NIC         
None   NP&S   None   2006   P Combine   North Pole & Southern Sam's Club Holiday Special      X   Not Lighted   None   Sold online only for 90054   NIC         
None   PE   1985   2000   P-Coach   Polar Express   P   X   Battery Lights   Set Car    Only in set 90036            
None   NP&S   None   2005   P-Coach   North Pole & Southern Sam's North Star Express       X   Battery Lights   Sam's C   Only in Set 90051   NIC         
None   NP&S   None   2006   P-Coach   North Pole & Southern Sam's Club Holiday Special      X   Not Lighted   Sam's C   Only in Set 90054   NIC         
None   PE   2000   2000   P-Obs   Polar Express   P   X   Battery Lights   Set Car    Only in set 90036            
None   NP&S   None   2006   P-Obs   North Pole & Southern Sam's Club Holiday Special      X   Not Lighted   Set Car    Only in Set 90054   NIC         
98178   NP&S   2003   2003   Stock Car   NP&S Reindeer Transport Express   P   X   metal wheels   $52.00                 
98140   NP&S   None   2006   Stock Car   NP&S Reindeer Transport       X   metal wheels   $57.00                
None   NP&S   None   2007   Stock Car   NP&S Reindeer Transport       X   New variation   None   Northern Lights set only            
93940   NP&S   1993   1993   Street Car   closed, Christmas 1993   P   X   red w/ green roof    $125.00                
93941   NP&S   1995   1994   Street Car   closed, Christmas 1995   P   X   green w/ red roof   $125.00                
747694   None   None   1993?   Street Car   Trolley, North Pole ( musicial, auto-rev )      X   metal wheels   $80.00    Dillard's            
93440   NP&S   2002   2002   Tank Car   Mrs. Claus' Special Eggnog   P   X       $50.00                
Looks like most entries wiil be three lines starting with the Bachmann Item Number, Reporting Marks, Intro Year The $ amount is the original MSRP.  There will be various notes when applicable.    Some items have no number or two digits, because they they were only in a set

Bachmann made two North Star Express sets one is not a Christmas.

There are three 90047 Wonderland Flyer some variations exist.   

There are many other variations to numerous to mention.

I am open to questions on the above,  but please study the list in detail before asking.   Having said that I still believe there are no dumb questions!

Milk and cookies are out and I have to go to bed so Santa will come!  It will be my grandaughter's first!!!

Enjoy your Christmas
2078  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Master List ? on: December 24, 2007, 06:14:19 PM
I have a list of all the Christmas Sets, but don't have them with me right now.  I will try to get it online in the next day or two..
2079  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: White Pass 'Anniversary' 4-6-0 Loco on: December 22, 2007, 08:50:48 PM
grumpy, which WPY set do you have?  The new WPY set has the Annie(90059) The number on the cab in this set is 14.  The original older WPY set (90095)had the older Big Hauler Standard 4-6-0 with the number 10.  I'm guessing you have the older set loco.  You can check the Bachmann Catalog and you will see the new set has the Annie.

Happy railroading!!!
2080  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Engine not working on: December 21, 2007, 09:32:34 PM
Sorry to hear the bad news, you could still file a claim with the carrier.

If it your first train purchase, it is certainly discouraging.  If you have another engine hopefully you can use it to pull the Wonderland Flyer Cars.
2081  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Dateline Connecticut on: December 21, 2007, 09:27:51 PM
Hi guys, We finally found a way to post the video it is in a seperate post I just put up.
2082  Discussion Boards / Large / Dateline Denver snow plow video on: December 21, 2007, 09:18:55 PM
Mike, here is the promised video.  Visiting my son in Denver we decided to plow snow on hi layout which is now under construction after a move to a new home.   We were going to use a Bachmann Connie and the Aristo wedge plow, but he didn't want to risk the Connie.  He has used the connie inthe past to plow but only in 2 inch deep snow. He ran the connie backwards pushing the plow behind the tender to avoid derailments caused by the long front coupler on the front of the connie.  He decided to use four of his D&RGW USA trains diesels to push the Aristo wedge plow through the snow which started at about  2 inches deep, and gradually increased to about 12 1/2 inches in a drift.  Next time we will get a better video. We plowed a few feet and saw that it was successful, and then backed up to go with a bit more speed. I kept increasing the speed till we hit the drift and stalled.  We backed up and hit it a gain and made more didtance.  We backed up a third time and went right through.  We were so excited we forgot to video the last two hits, which is a shame.  Now that we have some experience we will get a bettere video next time!!!!

Were we having fun or what!!! Grin Grin Grin Cool

Have a great Christmas.  I am hoping for more snow!!

2083  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Engine not working on: December 21, 2007, 08:00:33 PM
Brian is right if you just bought this new take it back and excange it for another set.   If you bought it on Ebay take up the issue with the seller.

If you are experienced you can remove the bottom plate and use your meter to check the wires where they attach to the motor. if dead there, then pull the front off the smoke box to expose the back of the switches,  check there for loose wires and solder as necessary.

If all else fails you can contact Bachmann and send it back for repair or replacement.  If it is brand new you will have to bear the cost of shipping to Bachmann and they will fix it and pay the shipping back.   You will need the receipt from an authorized dealer and or the warranty card.  You will find the latest warrnaty info on the Service/Parts tab just below the T in the Bachmann trains lettering at the top of the page.
Good Luck
2084  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: WP&Y passenger cars on: December 21, 2007, 07:10:46 PM
The 97 series cars are from 1992.  They were in the catalog from 1992 to 1997 and are replaced by the newer 89xxx series.   Unless you can find a dealer with lots of the old stock you are out of luck.

Best bet would be EBay, but ask questions to be sure you are getting what you want.  Many sellers don't give much detail.

Happy hunting.
2085  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Polar Express optional cars on: December 21, 2007, 10:55:34 AM
Glad we could help and no question is a rookie question as far as I am concerned.   Although they rarely show up on EBay you might be able to aquire a second set and that would give you an extra coach.  The observation would look ok as well.
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