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121  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: what did I do? on: June 26, 2007, 11:23:49 AM
Hi, I'm new to this forum but have a simple solution for glue on the tracks. I am in the process of scenics and though very careful still manage to get drops of glue on the rails. I found a liquid that removes it within 30 seconds, no sanding no scratches. It's called De-Solv-it. I first applied it to a scrap piece of track to make sure it wouldn't melt the ties. I sprayed it wet and let it sit for 2 weeks and nothing happened. Just put a small amount on a piece of cloth and apply it to the gule on the track, wait about 20 seconds, wipe it clean, with a clean cloth and presto, all gone. And I am talking bout dried glue that's been on for a couple days. Any super market should carry the stuff, I found it a Wal Mart in the household cleaning stuff isle. Hopes this helps. Jim Bresett
122  Discussion Boards / HO / EZ track turnouts and switches on: June 26, 2007, 11:04:31 AM
Hi y'all I'm new to the forum but on occasion have come by and snooped. I am a member of the other forum but they don't particularly like Bachmann products. I on the other hand have had very little, next to nothing, problems with any Bachmann purchase including the Easy Digital Command System along with the 5 amp booster, no frills, which I like. I live in West Virginia. I have purchased several DCC equipped loco's and EZ track and switches in the past 3 years and am in the process of building my pike. I am retired (1 year) and have been working on my layout since. I built a
subway beneath my layout out of all Bachmann products including the EZ track and switch's and wyes. The top, however is a mixture of every other maker of track and switches. Some laid track, most flex track, some brass, but most n/s most code 100 but have some code 83 and some code 83 turnouts. Some of this stuff is 40 years old, but after cleaning it up and using polish on the tracks all is fine. This is my 4th and last layout, so I do have some experience. I have so far broken every rule of Model Railroading, and I love it. I would probably be arrested by the Model Railroad Police and put away for a long time if I fessed up, so I won't incriminate myself any further.
My question is this. I read somewhere yesterday, on this forum, about problems with Bachmann EZ track switches and turnouts (crossovers) burning out and failures. I was wondering if anyone has been operating these with sucess for a period of time. I don't run my switches off DC, I only use the ACC side of cheap, but still working transformer's. I have been running the subway since January every day and have had to replace one crossover due to the piece of track that moves, it broke at the rivet. But before I close this up with the walls and platforms and stairs and plexiglas in the front I want to be sure I won't have to tear it apart 6 months from now. My layout is easy to work on from underneath, It is 4 feet to the top of the frame, experience taught me to build it high, (chuckle). Any comments about those that use or have used EZ track Switches and crossovers or wyes would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post, but wanted to fill in the gaps. Jim Bresett
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