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31  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: O-Gauge Forum on: October 16, 2007, 08:33:53 PM
Mr. Bach-Man, Please take my suggestions into consideration.


Once you have the williams O-Gauge trains listed on the site, there should be a current type requirement ("AC" or "DC" ) for conventional operation included in the specs of each locomotive in every scale, since all Bachmann trains in HO, N, ON30, and G run on direct current (DC) or DCC only.  Most O gauge 3-rail trains today run on alternating current (AC) or Lionel's TMCC and MTH DCS, which are not exactly the same as DCC.  All of your power packs with speed controllers are for DC operation.  If the Williams 3-rail O gauge trains require AC Power, It would be recommended to include Power Packs with a variable AC output in the O-gauge section of the catolog, since DC power packs may damage the sound units on 3-rail O gauge locomotives that have speakers.


-Aaron Ferber

32  Discussion Boards / N / Concerns regarding Amfleet Cars on: October 13, 2007, 02:06:13 AM
I have 4 N-scale Amfleets (2005 or later releases, 3 coach, 1 cafe).  When I hook of these cars behind an engine, such as the HHP-8 or any other passenger diesel engine, the train runs normally.  However, when I add a 4th car behind the 3 amfleets and the loco to make train length more prototypical, The wheels on the engine start to slip, even when I gradually bring the train up to speed.  I noticed that the cause of the loco's slipping is due to the fact that there is more friction in the amfleet's axles than the axles of any other coach car.  I tried a light lubrication procedure on the axle bearings, but that didn't quite solve the problem.  What Is the best solution for this problem?

33  Discussion Boards / N / Re: couplers on: August 29, 2007, 12:40:05 PM
Micro-trains has coupler conversion kits for this set as well as many other bachmann rolling stock (except the newly modeled amfleets) The coupler conversion kit to use is
MT-1134 (001 33 031) (Long Shank) , or MT-1133 (001 33 030) (Shorter).

Both will work, but for more prototypical appearance I recommend using MT-1133 rather than MT-1134.  Instructions are included in each package which contains two pairs of couplers.  For one engine and 3 cars,  you need 2 packages of the MT-1133 couplers. 

If you want to add more amfleets,  bachmann's new amfleets only use rapido couplers at the moment (knuckle coupler version to be released later, according to the post entitled "amfleet couplers").  To use with the train set pictured on this thread,  one end of 2 of the amfleets that came in your set must have a rapido coupler if you are going to add a phase 3 cafe car. You may get a notice saying the recommended turning radius is 19 inches.  However,  I tried it with the amfleets that came in the set you mentioned, and it worked without derailments.

I hope this helps.

Aaron Ferber
34  Discussion Boards / Large / Product Suggestion: Disneyland / Disney World Railroad on: February 10, 2007, 05:47:11 PM
I would like to see some large scale models of the trains used at Disneyland, CA and Disney World, FL.  Such models should include:
>Spectrum 1:20.3 4-4-0 in Disneyland and Disney World colors
>Jackson and sharp Observation/parlor car (red) in Disney colors.
>Open Passenger cars with awnings
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