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Quote from: Joe Satnik on April 20, 2015, 09:42:38 PM
Union of Missing Limb Operators.  (UMLO)
I guess it's a good thing I model the WW2 era, when unions didn't have much power to speak of!
But I suspect many a scale hogger on a layout is missing legs...

Quote from: Len on April 17, 2015, 06:54:58 PM
Like I mentioned above, I don't own an On30 4-6-0, but out of curiousity how hard would it be to remove the cab to install the figure?
Removing the cab is a moot point in regard to the figure fitting inside as there's almost no room at all for a figure to fit all the way down to the cab floor.
I've seen the prototype for the Bachmann 4-6-0, formet ET&WNC # 12 at Tweetsie RR in Blowing Rock, NC. Those cabs were ridiculously tight and crews there would rather run their former White Pass 2-8-0 as that cab is pretyt comfortable. The Baldwin ten-wheelers had cabs astride the firebox, not behind it. The engineers must have roasted in the summer time while running them.
I've seen lots of photos of the ET&WNC engineers and they were all very small men, at least the ones who ran those ten wheelers.
I decided to cut down some of the woodland scenics figures, ridiculously so (one is just a 'pie shaped' wedge of the figure itself, all were cut off at the waist or much higher). Four fit in the cabs, the other two won't at all as they have outstretched hands on each direction. I will either:
-Do arm surgery on them
-Sell them or use them elsewhere on the layout
-Buy some artistta ones, if I can find the right ones (they'll need to be badly cut down even then).
Quote from: NarrowMinded on April 15, 2015, 11:07:08 PM
I use artista figures, i feel they are truer to scale the others.
I have a couple of their figures, but no engine crew figures just yet. They're actually tough to find, I've found.
I'm looking to see what figures people have actually placed into a Bachmann On30 ten-wheeler.
Quote from: Len on April 14, 2015, 12:38:01 PMIf your figure is from the A2733 set, you may have to just cut the legs off and let an arm hanging out the window support the figure.
That's the set, all right. I thought about making them legless (had to do the same with all the passengers in my coaches) but they still seemed awfully wide even then.
I assume you've done this yourself?
I have four On30 ten-wheelers, I can always mess with one to see how the others would work. I know in real life those Baldwin cabs were crazy tight, even for the thin men on the ET&WNC who ran that prototype locomotive.
I have four Bachmann On30 4-6-0s that I want to put at least engineers at the throttles, the firemen can be at the coal bunker on the tender if need be.
What commerical crew figures will fit inside the cab of one of these? I have a set of Woodland Scenics crew figures, but none will fit through the cab windows or are thin enough to fit between the cab wall and the firebox.
I need figures which can be slid through those small cab windows.
Has anyone managed to find figures which will fit?

You just wouldn't wanna ride it like this:
On30 / On30 tank car decal and weathering job
April 09, 2015, 12:41:57 PM
I finished the first of what eventually will be two tank cars. The ET&WNC only had two tanks on the property by 1943, and I have created reasonably accurate decals of the tank body markings for each. The Bachmann tanks aren't perfect for the Tweetsie gasoline cars (they also had tanks for asphalt which were open frame ones, much like the 'Gramps' cars on the D&RGW) but they are easily close enough to be 'representational' models of them.
I like how this turned out. I used weathering powders for the first time and liked the rust results.

Wow, great modeling!
Utrecht has the Dutch RR museum, which was really good when I was there the one time. I spent a month in Holland once in the late 80s, I loved every day of it and really miss the area. The Dutch are really good people.
On30 / Re: Bob Rule's On30 railroad.
February 04, 2015, 09:10:37 PM
Great work!
Not the best lighting, but this shows the overall layout well:
While I think, "engineer view" videos are cool, the problem is they greatly show the stuff you never intended for people to see, such as backs of structures you never completed as they face away from everyone, insides of tunnels, and such 'hidden' stuff like that.
On30 / Re: On30 Market?
January 23, 2015, 08:25:41 PM
Quote from: mabloodhound on January 23, 2015, 02:03:30 PM
Australia is pretty large market in that they have some actually narrow gauge trains still running there.
I would think so because a lot of bandwidth and ink originates out of the Land Down Under on the subject.
On30 / Re: Why not a White Pass 4-6-0?
January 12, 2015, 06:29:19 PM
I'd love to see photos of your WP&Y layout if you have some!
Quote from: Biglars on January 11, 2015, 09:51:38 AMI did not realize that the Army kept the ET&WNC engines in the ET&WNC paint so now I can run these engines on my RR.
Glad to be of help. You can use ET&WNC #14 (the right road number and in the green/gold paint) right out of the box if you want, but you'd probably want to weather down the lettering quite a bit. That gold paint was very badly faded by then.
Just cover over the ET&WNC portion of the cab markings and tender lettering and you're good.
As you can see, 10 and 14 came back from Tacoma very different locomotives. I'd love to see someone tackling a good conversion for a post-Tacoma WP&Y 10 or 14!
The sad part is that the roundhouse they burned in is of course gone, the locos were scrapped in 1945, and even the NP shops at South Tacoma are totally gone now, scraped clean from a federal Superfund cleanup several years back. You can't tell at all where the shops were, today.
At least the WP&Y is still around though! I have a soft spot for that RR for various reasons. Not only have I ridden it in person, I've gotten cab rides on several of their former steam locomotives, at parks like Tweetsie and Dollywood...
On30 / Why not a White Pass 4-6-0?
January 09, 2015, 11:49:27 AM
I noticed that Bachmann has an On30 2-6-0 lettered for the White Pass and Yukon RR.
Why the heck doesn't Bachmann make a factory-lettered ten-wheeler for the WP&Y? They had two of them in that very class (#s 10 and 14), moved up from the ET&WNC in the middle of 1942. They were both rebuilt at the Northern Pacific shops at South Tacoma, WA after a year of running in badly faded ET&WNC green. Both burned in a roundhouse fire at the end of WW2 and were scrapped in WA state afterward, but they did run on the White Pass during WW2.
Plenty of shots here:
I don't model the WP&Y, but I have ridden it on my quest to see every narrow gauge line in the US...
Each year I do a Christmas card that is dachshund themed. This was the year of my On30 layout being built. So, I couldn't resist...
On30 / Why no ET&WNC freight cars by Bachmann?
December 19, 2014, 05:31:42 PM
Hmm. They make ten-wheeler 11 in wartime black, 12 in black and the 50th anniversary paint from 1938, as well as 14 in green.
Not one car factory made with ET&WNC lettering, though. Why is that? I'm in the process of building a ET&WNC-theme On30 layout and lettering all these cars with decals that I can no longer find has been quite a chore indeed. Would have been so cool to be able to buy boxcars with proper ET&WNC markings out of the box. Just sayin'.
On30 / Re: Source for EBT and ET&WNC Passenger Coaches!
December 19, 2014, 05:26:47 PM
The problem with ET&WNC coaches, they used second-hand stuff from a New England 3-footer after they got rid of all their other stuff in the 30s. Nobody makes good replicas of those coaches.
So even with the Deerfield kits, you're modeling a pre-war consist.
I have painted/decalled/weathered a AMS coach for ET&WNC but I'd like a far more accurate representation someday of the wartime coaches.

Sure looks nice coupled to a wartime black ten-wheeler, I have 4 of the locos, representing all three of the 'basic black' locos the ET&WNC had in WW2, and also # 14 in green as I just liked that paint scheme so much...

BTW, I numbered this 23 as I saw that coach in person when I was a kid, it was off it's trucks and abandoned as the "Tweetsie Diner" in Newland, NC.