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1  Discussion Boards / Williams by Bachmann / Re: Williams 44-Tonners are here! on: March 13, 2015, 01:22:56 PM
So has it actually been determined that these engines will clear 027 switches, and negotiate 027 curves without derailing cars?

I asked this question many months ago, based upon the pre-production photos, with the very narrow coupler openings on the loco. The answer was never confirmed.
2  Discussion Boards / Williams by Bachmann / Yard Master: A Question about the newly announced 44 ton switcher on: April 27, 2014, 04:35:50 PM
I have watched the TCA presentation with Jack Lynch. I'm sure many are happy about this announcement, though I don't envy any company today, trying to please the diversity of train operators.

I've been one of those hoping WBB will stay the same, not forgetting the semi-scale 027 operators that have supported the product line all these years. In watching the presentation, the front coupler openings in the frame do not look wide enough. Yet Jack Lynch states this loco will negotiate 027 curves.

Has Bachmann tested the prototype to be sure the loco will actually pull train cars on 027 curves without derailing them??
This was the scenario with the original RMT Beep, where they were advertised to run on 027 curves, but would not pull a train without derailing it, until a frame alteration was made and the coupler openings in the frame were widened.

Thanks in advance. Though I know many would want this loco true scale in every aspect. But it will be a much bigger seller if it is really able to run and operate on 027 curves and though the Lionel 027 switch, clearing the housing box.
3  Discussion Boards / Williams by Bachmann / Re: Why I was a loyal Williams customer... on: December 01, 2007, 06:47:31 PM
Sheldon, that was a well-thought out response and shows a greater understanding of the business of making trains than many current operators of model trains seem to have.

New tooling and particularily high end product tooling (research, development, design, production mock-ups, molds, paint masks, final packaging) is expensive, and doesn't turn a profit on small production runs. Despite countess commentaries from the CEO's of the various trains companies and the excellent article on the Sanda Kan facility in the OGR Magazine, many just don't seem to get it.  This is well illustrated by the many "please make this" and "why hasn't this been made yet" comments one can read on-line. Most of which border on ridiculous, unpractical and mostly money losers that end up as blowouts. Those folks who want unusual train products that have little broad market appeal should just send a check for several million dollars to their favortite train maker, and they will make them one.

Despite the "wish lists" from a small group of spoiled hobbiests, I do hope that Bachmann will continue the tradition of decent, basic affordable products that they have made. There is already more than enough advanced scale products available, most of which seldom sell more than a couple thousand units, if that. Meanwhile a non-prototypical, traditionally scaled train set can sell in the tens of thousands if not more.

There is far more of a market for the basic, simple, slightly under-scale trains that can run on 027 curves (that the original Williams made) than the voices of a small few on an internet train forum would have one believe.

I trust the good folks at Bachmann already realize much of this. The Plasticville buildings certainly are not full prototypical scale sized, and yet still continue to be in demand.

There is certainly a small determined market for true scale advanced product offerings in 3-rail 0 scale. But those can be rough waters to tread, as those seem to be the modelers who are the most unhappy and unsatisfied with anything that is offered. Meanwhile we toy train guys can be quite content with the non-scale sized 44-ton centercab switcher previously offered by Williams. I don't mind the same truck sides being used on one diesel to another if it helps to keep the retail price down.

Another well known train maker went out of business in large part, attempting to please the smallest, unpleaseable part of the 3-rail market. I boggles my mind how otherwise intelligent people cannot understand how much it costs to develop accurate train replicas with advanced electronics.

Bachmann will decide which track to take the Williams product line. But I trust level heads will prevail, and the product line will remain much the same, if not a little better. Otherwise why would Bachmann purchase the tooling, dies and Williams name, only to toss it aside To start an enitre new line of full-scale detailed products from all new tooling? And whatever new products may get introduced will be well thought out considering real market demand and the best sales potential.
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