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October 20, 2018, 11:17:53 AM
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1  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Bachmann Thomas & Friends in 2019 on: August 23, 2018, 10:20:28 AM
Shocked Woah! I'm surprised to see Lionel do anything new in their O Scale Thomas and Friends line at all! Interesting. Not too bad looking, but still has those weird proportions that Lionel Thomas model all have, and black roofs instead of white. I notice that they didn't design one of those coaches to be a brake coach. Both of them are composite coaches. That's an odd thing to do. Also, it says that S.C.Ruffey is new. I thought they had already done S.C.Ruffey before? Or have they not and this is the first time they are doing him?

I'll be honest and say that I too don't care for a lot of what Lionel puts out anymore (at least in terms of T&F items), but I also agree that it's not fair to be criticizing them on what is of course the "Bachmann" forum.  Like Chaz even pointed out, the image was intended as a reference and therefore I would like to give my thoughts on the red coaches in large scale as well.  It's also worth noting that the roofs are actually correct as they went from black to white somewhere around the CGI era.

So that aside now, Chaz does make quite a few good points as Large Scale could definitely use this simple addition.  What I don't understand is why Bachmann hasn't taken a stab at this yet considering the tooling is practically already there with Annie/Clarabel/Emily's Coaches.  I'll second the fact that red coaches would be a "far" better addition to the range than 3 mediocre tanker recolors that literally no one even asked for much less wanted.  Like I keep saying, large scale really does need some help for 2019 and I think Bachmann really needs to take a look at how bad the announcements have been for the range the last few years and look for ways to improve it.

Bachmann has so many existing toolings they could be using to their advantage, but unfortunately they aren't.  They could easily do things like James, Emily, and Toby with DCC sound, Red Coaches, Troublesome Truck #3 (or even #4 and #5), or even an LBSC Thomas.  People have been hounding for a couple years now for TT#3 in large scale, but instead we got the Spiteful Breakvan.  Now I'm not saying this addition was bad, but in my opinion it should have been released in the HO range first.  To be fair, I think that a TT#3 (being a simple van or tanker with a face), would have made more sense rather than taking the original brakevan and slapping a face on it.  Give credit where credit it due I guess.

Although I pretty much lost all hope for Henrietta getting announced for large scale, Bachmann hasn't done a new tooling for the range since Winston and the Ice Cream Van, and Diesel would have been the exception had he not ended up being canceled.  So since everything over the last few years has been nothing more than just recolors, maybe they could get away with making a new tooling for 2019?  Like Chaz mentioned in his post, if they want toolings they can use for recolors, then just use Henrietta to make Hannah.  I'm pretty sure even Hannah would sell better than a Chocolate Syrup Tanker.

That's just my thoughts on the matter though, but even then I still have that nagging feeling that large scale announcements in 2019 will probably be minimal.  Still, the announcements in general have been all over the place in recent years, so it's kind of hard to really predict what exactly will happen.  Still, fingers are crossed for the red coaches to make an appearance in 2019, but I'm not going to hold my breath either.

2  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: August 09, 2018, 10:13:18 PM
How in the world would Diesel end up being more expensive than Emily? And it seems that larger scales are being killed, not really Model Railroading in general, from what I can tell.

Pretty much as Chaz already pointed out in his post, Diesel would have more details put into him than Emily did.  I think the attention to detail for the siderods alone is what would have made the price for the model skyrocket.  As I stated in my previous post and just like Chaz said in his, there's many modelers out there that would see a tender engine such as Emily better value for money than a shunter loco such as Diesel.

In response to larger scales and/or model railroading being killed off, I've covered this matter before.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, the whole model railroading hobby across the spectrum is down, not just larger scales.  I'm going to save myself some time here and just leave links to my previous posts on this matter and you can read them if you wish.,34581.msg254706.html#msg254706,34581.msg254761.html#msg254761

I honestly can't understand why Diesel wouldn't have been profitable. Plus, don't they gauge the risk v. return before announcing the product to the public? That's why the last items we ever saw canceled from Bachmann were Fred and Rickety many years ago when the line was first starting. Seems weird that with all they know they didn't see it coming before making the announcement.

I'm pretty sure no one is doubting that Diesel would have been profitable, it's just a matter of who would be willing to pay a price of over $430 for said model.  Compared to Diesel, there would be so many other large scale models currently offered from Bachmann that would give you more bang for your buck.  As I said before, Emily is a tender engine at $429 which would be better value for money compared to Diesel.  In addition to that you could also get the Thomas and/or Percy with DCC sound which are only $399 each. Even models outside the Thomas line such as Bachmann's 2-4-2 Lyn and Peter Witt Streetcars (both models with a high amount of detail)  have RRPs of $419 and $429 respectively.  That being said, which would you rather spend your hard-earned money on?

The whole gauge risk issue for Bachmann was probably more or less an unforeseen problem at the time.  It's kind of like these people who remodel houses and set a timeline and budget.  Once they start the remodel, there's always going to be unexpected expenses or predicaments whether there's a rotted floor joist under the living room or the entire plumbing system needs redone.  It's the same deal when Bachmann took the chance and announced Diesel.  As they went further and further into production, it became apparent that the cost to produce Diesel was more than they originally estimated and in the end the model would offer a very minimal return.  It also doesn't help when the cost of everything keeps going up in the meantime.

In addition to that, had Diesel been announced there would still be a lot of buyers complaining about the high RRP of a niche market product because they're too cheap to pay the cost of Bachmann recovering it's investment to produce said model.  It basically boils down to the question for the buyer of what kind of model would you be more willing to pay for.  I think many can agree that a Emily or the DCC sound Thomas and Percy present better value than that of Diesel.  At the end of the day, the only ones who would be willing to pay over $430 for Diesel are those who desperately want the model.

3  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: LARGE SCALE DCC SOUND-EQUIPPED THOMAS & FRIENDS LOCOS ARE HERE! on: August 07, 2018, 01:09:37 PM
I just came here to post that same video XD since I am the one who recorded it lol

Really impressed with your work as well.  I've been wanting to hear the James, Emily, and Toby's sounds ever since I watched Bachmann's video on the DCC sound Thomas equipped engines.  What really impressed me was that Toby was actually given a bell as I was afraid he would have just been given a random whistle.  Considering not many people have done this modification (or at least done it and posted a video), it's nice to see someone has finally made this available to the public so we can see and/or hear the sounds offered.

Out of curiosity, how much did you have on average into installing DCC sound into each model?  I looked into prices on that myself, but I was looking at almost $150-$200 each, and that was just if I were to do it myself without paying my hobby shop to install everything.  I actually found it cheaper just to sell off my existing Thomas and Percy and put that money towards buying the DCC sound models instead.  I'm hoping Bachmann announces the other characters with DCC sound in 2019, but if they don't I'll probably end up installing it myself.

One last thing I'm curious about is if you have any plans on installing lights on your models?  I know the sound module does offer the option to do so and I think it would really make the models stand out that much more.  I know Chaz had this done with his HO models of Thomas, Percy, James, and Toby years back.  I'd probably be tempted to do the same with my Large Scale models when I get around to having DCC sound on them, but I'm not completely sure yet.  Anyways, thanks again for the video and keep up the good work. Wink

4  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: August 07, 2018, 12:54:21 PM
They've proven recently with LS Diesel they aren't afraid to pull profitable items off the shelf before they're even in stock,

Not entirely true actually.  I wouldn't go as far to say Diesel was a profitable item as his cancelation alone mainly had to do with him not being profitable.  When Diesel was first announced he seemed like a good choice, but the further Bachmann went into production for the model, it became clear that Diesel's cost was going to be more than they would be able to recover in terms of sales.  What really put the nail in the coffin was the fact that in the end Diesel would have had a higher RRP than that of Emily who at the time of this post is $429.  I think many out there would see a tender engine for $429 more value for money than a diesel shunter at a more expensive cost.

I know many users here (myself included) thought that after Diesel was announced back in 2017 that Arry and Bert were inevitable for the 2018 announcements.  Furthermore his tooling could be used again for Paxton and Sidney (or even Splatter and Dodge if you're into that), so Diesel seemed to offer a lot more room for potential profits compared to characters such as Edward or Duck.  It came as a big surprised to all of us that Diesel was dropped, but clearly Bachmann didn't see 3-4 (or even 5-6) recolors for Diesel's tooling being worth making his model.

Like a friend of mine told me earlier this year, "You might as well get Toby because at this point he's going to be the last engine character for Large Scale".  Sadly that does seem to be the case, and if Bachmann can't even make an engine the size of Diesel, then I wouldn't get your hopes up for characters like Gordon, Henry, or Edward either.  It's kind of a shame to see Large Scale going the direction it is now, but unfortunately cost is what seems to be killing the model railroad hobby across the spectrum.

5  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Bachmann Thomas & Friends in 2019 on: July 26, 2018, 09:42:08 PM
You do have a few good points there Mr. DecadesofSun.  I'm still not on board with Bachmann hanging on to the Peco wagons however.  Just like Chaz pointed out in his post, the Peco wagons don't even resemble the rolling stock used on the show, and they're price is far more than a lot of modelers out there are willing to pay.  I personally feel the same way myself, and although I wouldn't mind having a few of the red vans, I still can't bring myself to pay $64 a piece for them.

The big reason the Thomas & Friends Peco stock is so expensive is because Bachmann has to give a portion of their profits to Peco because the wagon tooling's themselves belong to Peco.  I would be far more cost convenient for both Bachmann and the consumer if Bachmann were to make their own tooling for vans.  This is why the slate trucks were so cheap when they were announced.  If Bachmann made their own van tooling, they could easily keep cost down and the models would potentially sell better than what the range has now.

The Thomas & Friends Peco wagons cost $64 each, and when you could get the same wagons (different livery) from Peco for about $25-$30 (almost half that of Bachmann) it's simply no contest.  In addition to that, if you were to shop around online, you could pick up the Peco wagons themselves for under $20 each at best.  As I've mentioned before, a lot of people I know have simply gone to Peco for the stock, rather than paying double the price for the Bachmann models.  I've done the same thing myself and $25 seems a lot more reasonable.

Although I hate to say it, I honestly wouldn't count on the market value going down on the Thomas & Friends Peco stock, as the vans were originally $63 back in 2016, and within the last 2 years have gone up by a dollar.  Skarloey and Rheneas suffered the same fate as well after they went from $149 each in 2016 to $152 in 2018.  It's the same deal across the whole spectrum.  Now a price jump by a couple dollars may not bother some, but it's honestly a question of what would you be willing to pay in 5 or maybe even 10 years time?

This is however just my opinion on the matter, and it would be nice to hear other peoples thoughts on what they think about the Peco wagons as well.  I've certainly said what I feel would be most beneficial for Bachmann and the consumer, but in the end it's really up to Bachmann which route they want to take and if the budget is there to do whatever they have in mind to do.

I do agree on everything you've mentioned on the Peter Sam Vs. Duncan topic.  The big thing that would steer many away with Duncan is (as you've mentioned) his CGI render is terrible.  I'm definitely all for Bachmann announcing Peter Sam first in hopes that Duncan's render gets corrected in the meantime.  I could see both characters potentially getting announced before Sir Handel, as (far as I'm aware) Bachmann doesn't have measurements of Sir Hayden yet.  I wouldn't take it as the gospel, but there has been discussion that Sir Handel might not even happen considering the direction Bachmann's been going the last few years.  I myself still have hopes for Narrow Gauge though.

I honestly feel Peter Sam is the best choice for 2019, and Duncan for 2020 if his render gets corrected before then.  Like I said in my previous post, I would honestly be happy just to see Peter Sam and brakevans added to the range.  The only concerning issue at this point however is the wait on Rusty, who we still haven't at the least heard an update on.  If his released gets pushed back to 2019, next year's announcements may just end up being more rolling stock.  I'm not too worried on that however, as I'm still pretty confident he'll be out before Christmas.

6  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Big world! Big adventures! on: July 26, 2018, 08:25:56 PM
No offense, but was this post really necessary?  This is something that could have easily been posted in The Everything Thomas Thread, which you already did before making this entirely new thread.  I honestly don't get it...

7  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Bachmann Thomas & Friends in 2019 on: July 25, 2018, 10:06:46 PM
So I've decided to make a post on 2019 Narrow Gauge announcements.  I've seen a few people touch on some of these ideas already and I'm going to do the same.  I'm also going to throw in a couple other ideas I feel may be beneficial for the range.  Considering Narrow Gauge seems to be the only range that hasn't been suffering from poor announcements the last few years, I feel it's the range we should be trying to focus our attention on at this time.

Let's start off with Peter Sam.  Over the course of the last couple years there's been a lot of demand for him, and although many of us were happy to see coaches in the 2018 announcements, the absence of Peter Sam was a little disappointing.  Still, given that Rusty was the only narrow gauge model we got for 2017 (and we're still waiting for...), it's very much understandable.  There is also hope that Rusty makes it out before the 2019 announcements, as I feel his absence is part of the reason Bachmann decided not to introduce an engine into the range for 2018.

Now Peter Sam actually presents quite a few positives if announced.  For starters, he is one of the more popular narrow gauge engines and has made a number of appearances in recent seasons.  From memory, he's also had several starring roles in every season that features the narrow gauge engines.  Even in recent seasons, Peter Sam still continues this trend whether he's got the lead role or just makes a number of cameos.

Peter Sam is also a model that people would potentially buy 2 or more of.  This is mainly because of modelers out there that are into making customs.  Some may want to make Stuart, which would mean changing out the funnel and nameplates.  You've also got the diehard fans who want Peter Sam from his memorable moment with the drain pipe as a substitute funnel.   Throw in your Railway Series fan boys and/or Talyllyn modelers, and you've got that many more potential sales for Peter Sam.  Put simply, the model is sure to sell out faster than a rainbow-print shirt at an LGBT festival.  I'm also willing to bet Peter Sam would be the best seller out of all the ranges since Rheneas came out.

Another thing Bachmann should consider for Narrow Gauge is a breakvan.  This was another addition that people have asked for and were hoping to see alongside Peter Sam.  A breakvan does present another advantage for Narrow Gauge, as it's a piece of rolling stock people would buy multiples of.  However, it's also a piece of rolling stock Bachmann "can make multiples of".  If Bachmann were to introduce a brakevan, it's tooling could be reused for 2 additional recolors just as they did with the slate trucks.  Therefore, Bachmann could introduce 3 new pieces of rolling stock for the cost of 1.  Couldn't be easier.

Another addition that Bachmann could possibly introduce into Narrow Gauge is the V tipper trucks.  I'm not really sure as to how much demand there is for these, but I'm sure they would be a nice piece of rolling stock to add to the range considering the emphasis on mining for the Skarloey Railway.  I think these would be great additions to go along with the slate trucks in the range already, and I'm sure modelers would love to have these for their quarry layouts.

To wrap things up, I think it would also be in Bachmann's best interest to discontinue the Peco stock and create their own van tooling.  Yes it was understandable to have the Peco wagons back when Skarloey was released (as they were the only rolling stock available), but now we have the slate trucks and the upcoming coaches.  That being said, I'm pretty sure Narrow Gauge could stay afloat with the current rolling stock it has now.  Furthermore, I don't think sales on the Peco wagons were that profitable to begin with, as many people I know just went straight to Peco for the stock.  Then again, the Peco stock may have already been discontinued and Bachmann is still trying to clear out the remaining inventory in the warehouse.

So in conclusion, Peter Sam, breakvan(s), V tipper trucks, and box vans seem like good ideas for 2019 announcements.  Mainly I just have hopes for Peter Sam and breakvans, but the other ideas I mentioned are welcome as well.  Considering Narrow Gauge announcements have been minimal the last couple years with either an engine or rolling stock getting announced, I think Peter Sam and 3 new brakevans would get a lot of people excited.  As I've said in previous posts, Narrow Gauge is the only range I have hope for at this point considering the downhill decline HO and Large Scale have been on for a number of years.  If anyone else would like to contribute to the idea's I've mentioned above, please do so.

8  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: July 25, 2018, 09:27:49 PM
While I completely agree with everything Mr. Griffin has pointed out in his post, chances of seeing a redesigned Thomas from Bachmann just don't seem plausible from my perspective.  Given that I too was never really satisfied with the model back when I was still into HO/OO, it would be nice to see Bachmann finally update the model, but again I'm saying that it doesn't seem likely.  True it has been a good 10 years since the first 3 engines were introduced and Bachmann has come a long way since, but unfortunately while the once nonexistent technology is here today, the time and budget is not.

Over the years the topic of Bachmann updating Thomas (along with Percy and James) has been brought up many times, but I've seen most people referring to the redesign of the faces.  The only real major request I saw was the constant whining for Bachmann to correct the paint errors on James.  While this was eventually carried out (only partially...) it left many modelers out there unimpressed.  Then you also had certain users on here that acted like the redesigned James was the greatest thing Bachmann's ever done since Skarloey, when basically all they did was put lipstick on a pig.  In the end the redesign was even more underwhelming than Oliver and Rosie when they were finally released.

While it would be nice to see Thomas completely redesigned to look more accurate to his TV counterpart, Bachmann would have to either alter the existing tooling, or most likely (which would make more sense) just create an entire new tooling.  Given the issues Bachmann's been facing over the last few years and considering Rosie was the last new engine tooling Bachmann has done, chances of seeing a redesigned Thomas seem about as unlikely as seeing a new engine in 2019.  Bachmann seems to be steering away from new toolings with the constant rise of production costs throwing a spanner in the works.

If Bachmann were to redesign their Thomas model, at the least I could see them updating the face and the dummy couplings as they have done with James.  Considering they've already pulled off a duplicate face plate with Grumpy Diesel, updating the face on Thomas (Percy and James too) shouldn't be that hard.  Even with the new face Diesel still kept his original RRP, so Thomas (or the others for that matter) would most likely follow the same trend if just the face plate is swapped out for a new one.

So I'm pretty much on the same page as Mr. MeganekkoFury with redesigning Bachmann's Thomas.  If they can't produce a new engine tooling in the near future, then improving their existing models would be the next best thing even if it's just a simple face change.  I could probably expand more on what Bachmann could do with existing models, but that's probably best left for another day.

9  Discussion Boards / Large / Bachmann 1:20.3 Climax Keeps Shutting Down on: June 02, 2018, 06:16:44 AM
Good morning,
I recently took another leap and this time purchased the Bachmann 1:20.3 Climax w/ DCC sound, but I've had some issues with the model since I got it.  The first issue I noticed was that when I ran the model for the first time, only one of the trucks on the model would run, which wouldn't allow the model to move.  I just simply tapped the truck on the side frame with my fingers and the model ran afterwards.  However, I've been running the model outside on my garden railroad the last week or so, and the model seems to present more problems.

Occasionally I've started up the model and it does begin to move and the sounds come on, but the model will suddenly stop and then the sounds will start again and the model will start to move again.  I've also had the model running up to an appropriate speed and it will suddenly stop and then start again, or sometimes just stop completely.  Last night I was running the model and it stopped on me twice, and I found that the model was still powering, but the sounds weren't going and only one of the trucks was powering.  Overall the model tends to run find and the issues I've mentioned don't happen all the time, but I'm curious if this is something to be concerned of considering the model is basically brand new.

Something else I should also mention is that I currently run the model on DC power and not DCC.  I have also taken the time to make sure the tracks are clean and have also made sure I have appropriate voltage to run the model.  If someone can shed some light on the issues I'm having and offer suggestions, it would really be appreciated.

10  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Bachmann Thomas & Friends in 2019 on: May 20, 2018, 10:57:17 PM
Seeing as this thread has been inactive for over a month now, I think it's time I made a post on what I feel Bachmann should include in the 2019 large scale announcements.  My list is as follows...

James the Red Engine w/ DCC Sound (with moving eyes)
Emily w/ DCC Sound (with moving eyes)
Toby the Tram Engine w/ DCC Sound (with moving eyes)

Lets discuss why Bachmann should add these 3 additions to the large scale range.  For a start, large scale announcements over the last few years have pretty much been a letdown with the exception of some of the van recolors and possibly even the Spiteful Brakevan.  This is because the common trend we've seen with the large scale range is the constant addition of recolors, rather than new toolings that people keep asking for like Henrietta and/or Edward.  Diesel would have been the saving grace for large scale this year, but seeing as the model was cancelled due to a potentially high RRP, it leaves Bachmann skating on thin ice with Thomas fans and/or large scale modelers.

Now it's understandable Bachmann is clearly trying to save on production costs (and oblige to Mattel's BS), but I think there's a better way of doing it.  If Bachmann were to introduce James, Emily, and Toby with DCC sound, they would simply be taking their existing models and installing the existing DCC sound module in them.  Now there is a little more to it than just throwing a sound module in the models and calling it a day, but I just want to stick to the basic's here without getting caught up in how everything works.

One of the big reasons Bachmann should introduce James, Emily, and Toby with DCC sound is that the models would be more cost convenient for the buyer.  I myself (like many others I'm sure) would rather buy the models with DCC sound factory installed, rather than go through the headache of adding it myself.  After doing substantial research and talking with fellow large scale modelers, it's pretty clear that the cost of adding DCC sound to the large scale Thomas & Friends models is outrageous.  Just the sound module alone is going to cost around $100 at the least.  Throw in a solder pad, speaker, and all the other hardware you're going to need to install everything, and you might as well just slap another $100+ onto the project.  Not to mention the cost you'll have into paying someone to do it for you, that is unless you want to attempt the project yourself.

As I've seen, in the case of Thomas and Percy, it would actually be cheaper for someone just to go out and buy the existing models with DCC sound factory installed, rather than trying to convert the models they already have.  I actually decided to make that switch last year and just sell off my old Thomas and Percy models to buy the DCC sound ones.  However, unless Bachmann makes James and Emily as well, my models (James and Emily that is) won't have this feature.  Although I'm still yet to get Thomas and Percy, I have seen video's of the models running and the sound feature on them is excellent.  Bachmann wasn't kidding when they said, "Bring the sounds of Sodor to life..."  I'd really like to hear the other sounds offered by the module as well, but seeing as the cost to convert existing models is too expensive for most modelers, this is yet to be attempted if it ever will be.

Aside from collecting just the Thomas & Friends line from Bachmann, I also got into the Spectrum line which offers some great models that come with sound as well.  For a start, the iconic Bachmann 10-wheeler and the 2-6-0 Industrial Mogul have speed synchronized sound, which really adds life to the models.  My most recent addition, the Two-Truck Climax includes DCC sound on board just like the Thomas and Percy models, but only a little more elaborate and with more sound options.  Having DCC sound added to the models gives them that much more life and only adds to the models appeal.

The only downside I can really see to the DCC sound models is that they will be a little more expensive than just the standard Thomas models, but the payoff is worth it in the long run.  Thomas and Percy have an RRP of about $80 more than their standard counterparts, but I think that's still a better deal than paying over $400 for a large scale Devious Diesel.  I think it may also be beneficial for Bachmann (if they add DCC sound to all their engines) to just discontinue the standard models considering the DCC sound models are setup to run on either digital or analog anyways.  If someone doesn't want a model with sound, then it's easy enough to just turn the sound off or remove the speaker.

Now I'm sure there's at least one of you out there wondering why I didn't bring up adding Winston with DCC sound to the range.  This is because if Bachmann couldn't even give the model moving eyes (because they were already fighting just to put a motor assembly in it) then there's no chance in hell they would have the room to fit a speaker and sound system into the model either.  In addition to that, Winston would require a sound module to be made for him, as the existing module doesn't include his sounds.  In the end there would be no beneficial reason for Bachmann to do this.

Another thing Bachmann could consider for 2019 is adding a DCC sound Thomas set to their large scale range.  Considering the Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel set was discontinued this year, it does leave newcomers without a starter set that comes with Thomas.  It also leaves others a little confused as to why Bachmann made the choice to discontinue the set, when it was in fact the best seller in the Large Scale Thomas & Friends range.  Furthermore, it comes as a surprise that Percy of all characters manages to keep a set over Thomas.  As Bachmann themselves has said (and I quote), "Usually when people buy a set, they want one with Thomas in it."

If Bachmann were to make a DCC sound set, they could simply bring back the Thomas, Annie, and Clarabel set with a DCC sound Thomas, or do something different like Thomas with 2 or 3 wagons.  Maybe if Bachmann feels the sales would be there, they could introduce 2 different sets.  Updating Percy's set with a DCC sound Percy would possibly be another thing Bachmann could do, but I honestly feel it's more likely Bachmann will discontinue the set before that ever happens.  Then again, large scale over the last few years has been pretty unpredictable, and as I said before, surprisingly Percy has managed to keep a set over Thomas.  Although some are probably still a little unsure about a DCC Thomas & Friends set, it could give Bachmann another something to add to their 2019 large scale announcements.

So what are my final thoughts on adding James, Emily, and Toby with DCC sound on board to the range?  Considering the chances of Bachmann making a new engine character again doesn't seem practical, I feel this would be a great way for them to redeem large scale after almost half a decade of underwhelming announcements.  Just updating James, Emily, and Toby might not be as impressive as Edward getting announced, but these models would definitely move better than the tanker recolors Bachmann served us up for 2018.  The demand for these models is definitely there, and adding them to the range may encourage more people to go out and buy Thomas and Percy as well.  As I said before, the only real issue I see is that the models would have a higher RRP, but at the same time Bachmann would have less costs into production and wouldn't require any new toolings.  So to wrap things up, this is definitely something Bachmann should consider for the 2019 announcements.

11  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Large Scale Thomas on: May 07, 2018, 03:50:09 PM
It might not work with it being a slightly different gauge, but I happen to know that Marklin makes a Gauge 1 BR 78, the locomotive that, from what Iíve heard, is the type of Locomotive used to make Gordon and Henry in the show, specifically, their chassis. Gauge 1 is close to G Scale, but I donít know if itís close enough to be compatible, like HO Scale and OO Scale are.

G scale would be 1:24 scale and Gauge 1 (or #1 scale) is 1:32 scale which would be smaller than G.  The Bachmann Thomas & Friends models themselves are actually 1:22.5 scale which is in between both scales.  As I don't own too many Gauge 1 models, I can't really give you the best comparison out there, but I can hopefully show you somewhat of the difference between the two scales.  First up, here's Percy next to my Bachmann Gauge 1 speeder.  Winston would probably have been better to compare if I had him, but I choose not to waste my hard earned money on something so mediocre.

Next is James next to an Aristo-Craft Gauge 1 hopper car.  Keep in mind that a James should be pretty much in scale with the hopper if the model (James) were in fact Gauge 1.

As I said before, I can't really give you a picture perfect comparison as I don't have many Gauge 1 models.  I myself am looking to make 1 or 2 additional Thomas & Friends characters for my large scale collection in the future.  I did at first plan on building them in Gauge 1, but later decided to build them in 1:22.5 scale so they would be in scale with my other Thomas & Friends models.

By the way, anyone out there interested in a Bachmann Large Scale Thomas and/or Percy?

12  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Looking for Train Shows for Large Scale Trains on: May 07, 2018, 03:11:50 PM
Thanks for the reply, Bill!

Unfortunately I'm not seeing many shows around my area.  Does this just cover the bigger shows or are model train shows in general a dying trend?

13  Discussion Boards / Large / Looking for Train Shows for Large Scale Trains on: May 04, 2018, 10:58:03 PM
Good evening everyone,
Ever since I got into large scale model railroading about 8 years ago, I've wanted to take time and setup some (if not all) of my large scale trains on display at shows.  Last Christmas I had the perfect opportunity to setup at a show a local train club was holding, but I was informed I couldn't setup unless I was a member.  In order to do so, I would have to fill out a registration sheet, pay a $20 membership fee, and was told that afterwards they "may" be able to reserve me a spot for the 2018 show.  In the end, I didn't have the time to be bothered, so nothing ever became of that...

I also had the opportunity back in April to attend a show at the local mall that a group of fellow hobbyists were putting together.  Sadly that show ended up getting canceled after the mall recently changed hands and the new owner didn't want people setting up there.  That was a real disappointment for me being it was only a half hour drive from where I live, it would have been the perfect place to setup.

So the question I would like to ask is, does anyone know some place where I can find information on upcoming train shows?  I'm mainly looking for shows around Pennsylvania and/or Ohio that are about an hour or so drive time from where I live.  I'm also looking for shows that run about a days time where I can setup in the morning and take down in the afternoon/evening.  I also wouldn't mind hitting a few 2 day shows.

If anyone knows where I could find some info, please let me know.

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What products are Lionel making currently? Because I havenít seen any in a while.

And when was the last time anything was released in the line that was new? That's my point. I haven't seen them make anything *new* in a while.

Lionel is actually coming out with this G scale set for 2018.  By the way, sweet dreams...

I'm a little surprised that Lionel actually decided to make a G scale Thomas set considering the fact that Bachmann owns the large scale rights.  Then again, I think the loophole here is that the Lionel Thomas is not true G scale nor is it your typical DCC or analog operated locomotive.  In other words (just like the O gauge range), it's RC powered and requires batteries.

A few years back now I purchased the G scale Polar Express set Lionel made (mainly because it's the only G scale set on the market) and to be fair, I wasn't really that impressed with it.  The sound features in the locomotive were very nice, but there were many other aspects of the set that were lacking in more ways than one.  I wouldn't doubt that the new Thomas & Friends set probably offers some if not all of the same qualities, but again it wouldn't be anything to write home about.  When also considering the set will probably be around $100-$150, my recommendation would be to spend that little bit extra on an actual electric train set rather than a cheap knockoff.

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I was actually referring to the most recent rumor of Gordon happening after Tomix ironically decided to bring back the range.  There was also one floating around that Edward was supposed to be in the lineup within the next couple years, but again it's a case of I'll believe it when I see it.

In addition to Chaz's post, I also saw this a few years back when I was hunting for Tomix models.

Quality of the image isn't the best, but you can see that Gordon was indeed in the plans around the same time as Percy and Henry.  Even if Gordon does happen (by some bizarre turn of events) however, I feel Tomix is going to drag their feet as long as they can.

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