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June 17, 2019, 07:32:42 PM
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1  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: April 29, 2019, 07:32:03 AM
Didnít expect to see a Mack fire engine on here today. An awesome model to say the least. I know itís kind of unrelated but what else have you modeled in that sense, and could you give the process of how you do it yourself, building the actual model I mean. Iíve got 2 engines Iíd like to put on my layout at some point.
2  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: April 09, 2019, 12:21:18 PM
It is MiscMischeif48 I didnít mean to take credit for his phenomenal work. Heís made many excellent models, I was just using this one as a good example of a realistic character like Gordon.
3  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: April 06, 2019, 08:19:22 PM
If theyíre going to make them Ďrealisticí atleast do it like this.
4  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: 2019 Official Announcements on: February 16, 2019, 11:49:57 AM
I have a hunch that Bachmann has learned their lesson with announcing things too early. LS Diesel was cancelled and people are getting antsy over the upcoming products and how long theyíre taking, maybe theyíve set themselves with the idea that they should atleast have a prototype and be prepared to manufacture it before they announce a product, which would explain why we havenít gotten any Narrow Guage stuff the last 2 years, theyíre waiting because Rusty is taking so long.
Just a thought.
5  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: February 07, 2019, 03:37:04 PM
I know itís all so low quality, but can anyone tell if itís thesane one as before. I personally canít wait to get my hands on some.
6  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: December 26, 2018, 11:02:24 AM
Stuart and Falcon were their names before they moved to the Skarloey Railway. Duke was only in season 4 because they switched over to using larger narrow gauge models and the funds to build Duke werenít there, and then they turned him into Bertram for that one episode before painting him back the early 2000s, seemingly to use him on screen again, but that never happened. Kind of unfortunate because if the funds were there to build a larger scale Duke then heíd proabably be in the show right now.
7  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: December 11, 2018, 11:14:43 PM
I think we all just need to vent our frustrations with something that has been a major part of our childhood and subsequently our lives being altered to the point where itís almost unrecognizable. Iíve recently gone back and rewatch many of the episodes from Season 1-4, and then compared to some very recent episodes. It has been changed dramatically.

What Iím really disappointed in is the TrackMaster line being turned into something different than what it was intended. TrackMaster was always supposed to allow kids to build something  and then watch it he brought to life. You can make changes and make altercations to your design but itís almost magical watching an engine run around something that you made. But now theyíve replaced the motorized trains with push along adventures models. At this point itís just a slightly larger version of TakeíníPlay without the idea of it being easily packed up and transported.

It also leaves a big gap between kids who want to get into model trains, which is becoming a bigger problem. I volunteer at a museum that shows the history of the railroading in the area primarily through model layouts, and itís primarily handled by 6 men all older than 50. Kids just arenít interested in model railroading like they used to be. I feel like Tomy and later TrackMaster was a good transition between the toy trains and the real model railroading. Now I donít see that, and there are times where Iíve seen kids get a Bachmann layout and think itís not working properly because they jumped right into it and have no idea what theyíre doing.

I also feel like the idea of Thomas and Friends has slowly faded in the show. It used to be about how itís ok to be cheeky and play jokes, but that you have to prepared for the consequences. That message still stuck a little bit, but when it is used it feels more forced than it used to be. The original series used these messages in a more subtle way, but in a way itís till stuck, and isnít that the point of childrenís shows, to teach lessons while not making it painfully obvious youíre teaching a lesson?

Thatís just my 2 cents.
Atleast you canít erase the beauty of the original 4 seasons.

HLC Railrod
8  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: December 11, 2018, 10:59:34 AM
Based on what Iíve seen I personally think they just removed Stepney until someone takes the time to clean his wheels and chassis. His wheels were almost completely black from the oil that just sits there and covers them. Pretty sure based on the condition that they went to go run him in the morning and he either didnít move or was making a horrible sound. Or they blew out another motor. He hasnít been gone that long. Iím kind of hoping it was sold to a collector such as Thomas Tank Merch who faithfully restores the original props. I donít see them making a Stepney render especially since Andrew Brenner wonít be working on the show anymore, and the way the show is going it doesnít look like theyíll be doing anything but introducing new character for a while. But just in case, hereís a render someone made. This is how it should look in CGI.

But maybe weíll get a nice surprise, but based on whatís happened to TrackMaster and Wooden Railway, I unfortunately donít see the Bachmann line continuing too much longer. Mattel seems interested in finding cheap alternatives for high prices and this is not cheap. Itís kind of sad seeing whatís happened to the franchise over the past year or so.

On more positive news, if that Thomas replica can easily be rigged to run, I may get one. The eyes move and I know itíd be easy to rig up an eye mechanism. Hopefully this upcoming year will bring good news, thatís as much as we can hope for.
9  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: October 30, 2018, 05:58:28 PM

Duke is lost no longer!
10  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Bachmann Thomas & Friends in 2019 on: September 14, 2018, 11:22:42 PM
No I don't think they would do that, especially since they're not named. They'd probably do the mainland diesels before they even tried that, mainly because I remember at least one being named. I can't remember any recolored former steam team members getting names, but maybe I'm wrong. As well, none of them would sell well because people don't really care about them and they wouldn't sell. Paxton exists because he has a character and a name.
11  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Small Sodor Display on: September 12, 2018, 07:28:33 AM
Stay safe, the worst in my area right now is flooding, and even thatís starting to go down. Better to be safe than sorry.
12  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: The Everything Thomas Thread on: August 24, 2018, 12:57:56 AM
So for anyone who is looking for replacement Bachmann Thomas faces that look just like their Model Series counterparts, a guy who owns some casts of the originals has HO scale versions up for sale on shapeways.

He's also got a few other things like lamps and buffers based off Marklin parts, so more accurate versions respectively. He's also got a Thomas replica complete, a Gordon replica in the pipeline, and he's looking into doing Diesel 10 next. If you want to check him out he's on Twitter, on YouTube.

He's also teaming up with another guy with James and Sir Handel replicas, along with some of their respective rolling stock. He's on Twitter, on YouTube where he has a series showing how he makes his replicas. Warning though, his James is only a body replica, he wants to make another one that's a 100% replica. He intends on renting out studio space and creating sets for their respective episodes soon, so that's really exciting.
Altogether great guys.

13  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Rusty illustration on: August 23, 2018, 11:48:44 PM
It wouldnít surprise me if Bachmann did make Duncanís model based on Douglas as Jam Filled has expressed an interest in fixing some of the models in the series.
Can you point me to where they said this? I'd like to read/hear what they said, especially since it means we'll get corrected CGI models!

This is what I could find with rudimentary googling, but I swear they specifically said that they would change the models after they got the dimensions. In the meantime I'm sure you can make a pretty good guess by them saying "will be passed on to the modeling team", and from what I can see from the pictures on the site, Bachmann's models are based off the model series ones.

Well they could always ask ThomasTankMerch...! Wink
What do you mean, ďyou could always ask ThomasTankMerch..!Ē?

ThomasTankMerch is on twitter and they just bought and received the original Season 4 Sir Handel. They also have Jack and The Pack scale Trevor, a few faces, and some rolling stock from the show.

They could also go to cudak888 who just finished his replica Sir Handel about a week or so ago. In fact, at first some people thought this was cudak's because he just packaged it up and apparently shipped it somewhere after he had finished it. But no, ThomasTankMerch does have the real season 4 Sir Handel. Funnily, cudak is the one who sent Jam Filled the measurements of the original coaches while he was vacuforming his modified version of the (if I remember correctly) season 3 coaches. He's also building a James replica, and James would complain if he had to pull dirty trucks.

14  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Rusty illustration on: August 23, 2018, 02:16:30 PM
It wouldnít surprise me if Bachmann did make Duncanís model based on Douglas as Jam Filled has expressed an interest in fixing some of the models in the series. They already promised a corrected coach model, I donít see why they wouldnít proceed to making Duncan look better. But thatís just speculation, but look, the new coaches arenít based of their ugly CGI counterparts, so who knows really.
Just food for thought.

15  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Ranking Bachmanns Next Engine on: April 17, 2018, 05:21:24 PM
Terence is that your own OO Stepney? He looks very good! I had to look several times to realize he wasn't a metal toy engine.
He literally said it was the show model.

Like I know what a show model means.
The model actually used on the show. As in that is THE Stepney. Oh and, an update on Sir Hadyn, they got a fire built up today, as long as he runs ok he'll be at the Talyllyn soon.
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