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Just had a thought as I was heading home from work today:

Bachmann is *probably* never going to produce Diesel 10 in HO scale.

But the fact that he is more likely than a Bachmann Stepney- only due to the fact that Diesel 10 appeared in the CGI series is absolutely wild.

Bachmann, please figure out a way to give us this fan-favorite and highly requested little tank engine. It would be the smartest financial move for a newly-tooled loco, no question.
The Blue Open Carriage was certainly a surprise for a newly tooled piece of rolling stock. However, I am conflicted due to the fact that I already have four (?) of the Hornby version from their Stephenson's Rocket range. The Hornby version has the very annoying coupling system that only really works with other Hornby Era 1 stock, so with Bachmann doing this carriage in the Thomas range, at least it will have the hook and loop couplers so it can connect with the Thomas stock more easily. Also, extremely unlikely, but I would be over the moon if Bachmann were to make Stephen to go along with this carriage.

I have to agree that the Works Unit Coach would've been a better option. It is a highly requested item, and it is versatile unlike the open carriage. Not to mention it would easily have two color variations, making the tooling very cost effective. Here's hoping it'll be a reality in the future.

It's awesome they're bringing STH's car to the HO range. Hopefully this opens the door to more non-rail characters being produced (Trevor please).
Hi everyone! I wanted to share my quick predictions before the 2023 catalogue is out!


I do believe that this year will be a recolor year. With Rebecca and Beau in development, I think Bachmann will take a slight hiatus from new tool announcements. So my prediction for HO locomotive(s) this year:


-Arry and Bert (reintroduction)

Sidney would be a great, new addition, and would be cost effective too. My only fear is the face. Hopefully it wouldn't be completely botched like how Paxton's face was.

As for the Iron Twins, they fetch a very hefty price tag on the secondary market. I think a limited reintroduction would be a great idea so fans who missed out on those two could get them, and it would be extremely cost effective as well.

If there was going to be a new tooled HO loco announcement, I'd have to say it's going to be......


Well, we have Rebecca already announced. I think it just makes sense to have both of these characters together from a marketing standpoint. Another reason being the reintroduction of Tidmouth Sheds. I just have a feeling that bringing back Tidmouth was in preparation for the announcement of Rebecca and then later, Nia. Another reason: Mattel.

However, if Nia isn't announced, another new tooled loco I could see is Philip. He's small, and he's a diesel. I don't think he would be too difficult for Bachmann to develop, and he is from fairly recent media.

Those are my predictions, but my HOPES are for:

-Diesel 10

The demand is THERE. These are what the people WANT. I cannot emphasize enough that any of these characters would basically be printing money. These would be instant sellers. I usually don't preorder, but I would make exceptions for these, and buy multiple. Please, Bachmann!


-CGI Troublesome Truck

I think the days of classic era faces are over. I would be personally be really happy to get a CGI troublesome truck, and buy multiples as well.



He's the next in line. Simple as that. If not Duncan, then I'd be happy with Victor. Victor can even have a yellow version  :)


Discontinue Jeremy (why was he ever a thing?) and introduce:


He is simple, and the demand is there. Also appeared in recent media (JBS).

I'm not too concerned with N or G scale, but I think a great idea is to do TAB recolors of Thomas and James in both scales. I know I would be very tempted to get them.

That's all I have for now! Hoping we get the new catalogue very soon!