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1  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Jeremy, Iron Bert, and Iron 'Harry Are in Stock! on: July 13, 2014, 02:12:57 AM
Does anyone else notice that Arry's name is misspelled?
2  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Season 18 on: July 13, 2014, 02:12:02 AM
Hah! I'm just hoping that Duncan can eventually show up soon.....

Not to mention it'll be nice to see who else will return Cheesy
3  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Troublesome Trucks Thread on: March 22, 2014, 02:35:35 AM
It would be nice to get a different colored truck, a truck other than an open wagon design, and a face we haven't seen in a long time in a least for the next troublesome truck that is.
4  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Season 18 on: March 16, 2014, 02:17:12 AM
I have mixed feelings in this recent makeover given to Henrietta.

To get the worst out of the way, here is what I don't like. What I do not like is it ruins Henrietta's true characteristic. Even though she had a face in the railway series (only one illustration, which was published in 2007), the character Henrietta has always been noted to not have a face, which had been mentioned in various character bios about this character.  This new addition to the character completely contradicts that which I am not to thrilled about.  Another thing I do not like is the face design. The face that was picked for Henrietta looks terrible. If it was something similar to the faces on Annie and Clarabel, then I would warm up to a little more. But as the face looks, particularly the eyebrows, I don't think it looks good on Henrietta.

Now what do I like about this. Well I like that this could give us some promising development not only for Henrietta but also Toby as well. Out of the eight steam team members Toby seems to get the short end of the stick the most throughout the series. In season 17 he only spoke in one episode and that was it.  Plus Andrew Brenners other favorite characters besides Bill and Ben are Toby and James.  And seeing as how we got good episodes with Bill and Ben I trust Andrew Brenner will now give us a good Toby and Henrietta episode.  And it seems like every episode starring Toby past season six has been either boring or just plain terrible.  With how good we have seen the writing of the show in the past year, I think this could potentially mean we could get a good Toby episode!  So if it means redemption for Toby and also some development for Henrietta then I am all for it.

I am sure I will warm up to this soon but as it is I have mixed feelings on this dramatic change given to this character.  We will find out soon what is in store for these two characters.   

love the style of Henrietta's face, but i would have like it to be orange like Annie and Clarabel.
Considering she also had the colored face back in the RWS Thomas and Victoria, it would've felt complete in a way...
5  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Season 18 on: March 13, 2014, 02:44:37 AM
I'm getting the feeling that the Large Scale range will give Henrietta the updated face probably next year if tat ever gets around...
6  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Santa's starting to worry... on: February 16, 2014, 10:25:11 PM

Really, because PineTreeJunction got it too, and they're located somewhere in Europe, at least from what I remember. I could be off, but that's what I remember...
7  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: New York Toy Fair 2014 on: February 10, 2014, 11:37:02 PM
Oliver (and hopefully Toad). Considering that Duck's been out since last year, it would be logical for them to release just one new engine for this year, and seeing that we have yet to see Arry, Bert, and TT#4 too. We'll see for sure when the time comes...
8  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: BACHMANN TO DO RESIN BUILDINGS on: January 31, 2014, 09:13:45 PM
Well, remember that Donald and Douglas were pushed back a year (from 2010 to 2011), and were released in the same year as Diesel (albeit earlier than Diesel, but close enough). So logically, if Bachmann did announce a character (I suppose along the lines of a tank engine or a diesel shunter), it would be possible to do so in this year. We'll see later on, especially with an exhibition that'll eventually provide what Arry or Bert (both even) will look like.
9  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: BACHMANN TO DO RESIN BUILDINGS on: January 30, 2014, 12:43:22 AM
Jeremy looks kind of creepy when it comes to looking into his eyes.

The buildings on the other hand look pretty interesting for sure! I'm hoping to get them, well eventually that is...
10  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Thomas & Friends in 2014 on: January 28, 2014, 12:32:14 AM
You know I just read the first post and I heard sodor steam works ummmm yeah the thing is that if you really want that my suggestion is you build it your self because it would be a whole lot cheaper then waiting for a set from Bachmann even if they did make it(highly doubtful of that) they would more or less put it on the market for a good I don't know Maybe about 400 dollars in American dollars so quite literally you could build the whole thing from scratch. I know you are probably wondering why I say 400 is because the huge sliding thing (don't know what it is called) and the small turntable inside and if they do it they would have to make victor then here comes Narrow gauge thomas and Friends that is why they would not build it or if they did 400 easy. If anybody disagrees with me let me know please I would like to know
That "sliding thing" is called a transfer table, at least if you're referring to the thing outside the Steamworks with the dual-gauge tracks.

Now then, back to the topic on hand: I can see Oliver, but not the other characters. Why? Well for starters, let's start with Victor. He's narrow gauge, and Bachmann never make the narrow gauge engines since it would end up having to rescale the models a tad higher than, say N scale for example, originally was. Then for Diesel 10, do you think Bachmann would make a character that has to have an extra expensive addition? Just that alone could be expensive than what an average model would normally cost. Splatter and Dodge only showed up in the movie, which doesn't exactly make them that popular seeing that they barely had much personality outside of being "Tweedledee and Tweedledum." The rest of the engines barely had any screen time, which is really sad seeing that they have great potential, but is wasted as years pass by (with Rosie having so much cameo appearances back in Season 17, and that's it....). Plus they'd obviously have to get through all of the other characters first that showed up in Seasons 2-7, seeing that the newest characters Bachmann made went up to Salty, Emily, and Spencer (Seasons 6 to 7 respectively), not to mention that's what the nostalgic fans would want as well (like BoCo or Oliver. I want to see them too!). And in order for the characters that were mentioned to be even released they'd have to be A: released a few years later after the other characters were completed (finish up the classic characters so that they can then focus on the next generation of characters) or B: they'd have to show up enough to warrant a release (as in not just show up in the background all season, like Hiro in S16, Stanley in S14 & S16 or Rosie in S17). I'm not saying they won't be released, but at least when time passes on, they'll become iconic when they have a strong enough footing to be recognized by the public, as if they were on par with RWS characters.

Btw, is it just me or have we gotten some confirmation about a certain release of the Ironworks Twins (even with a pic of Jeremy, as well as a few locations/buildings on Sodor)?
11  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: World's Greatest Hobby Expo on: January 21, 2014, 03:05:58 AM
The suspense is killing me!!! My best bet is that they might (and this is a BIG might) release it alongside the other announced models for the HO range, maybe like they did with D&D + Diesel, at least within the year for sure. I mean, I think I remember seeing something like that happen since D&D were pushed back a year from the 2010 announcements, so "maybe" they'll do it like that... My only hope is that we get some form of confirmation sooner or later about Arry and Bert + TT#4, seeing that the twins would be recycled from Diesel's model with some modifications.....

That looks like you guys had a great time over there!! How massive did the LS models feel like? I'd imagine it'd be utterly different in comparison to their midget counterparts! lol XD
12  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Thomas & Friends in 2014 on: January 17, 2014, 04:35:35 PM

I must say CGI Oliver likes great from the given picture. If Oliver is made, I actually doubt he will have a CGI face considering what we have seen with Duck, Donald, Douglas, Bill, and Ben who all did have CGI faces in season 12 but were not given to by Bachmann. Same goes for a black footplate on Oliver if Bachman made him since Duck's is black in the show but white on the model. I know we can't see Oliver's face at the moment with this picture but I'll assume it will look like it did back in season 12.

Well again, who knows, it is something I would love to be proven wrong on since I would prefer the model version of the character myself.  Though the white footplates are usually something Bachmann have been pretty good about taking care of when it comes to making models so I am not as concerned over that personally.  The lamp would be a nice addition, I personally wouldn't mind the lamp as I could add a light to the model to flash on when the model runs.  I've done that with extra Thomas, James, Percy, and Toby models I have and the result was very satisfying. Smiley

Besides, with Oliver returning in Tale of the Brave, I highly doubt they'd give him a CGI face just yet seeing that we haven't even seen him since Season 12, just like with what they did with Duck last year. This'll be very interesting for sure if they do indeed choose Oliver (+ Toad, since it'll be a nice addition, and easy to make). On top of that, if they did release them both, I can smell some remakes on YouTube eventually, especially with S.C.Ruffey kekeke XD
13  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Thomas & Friends in 2014 on: January 11, 2014, 12:42:17 PM
Seeing that he returned in CGI, his chances are pretty high, alongside Toad if that happened for sure! Cheesy
14  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Season 18 on: January 11, 2014, 12:08:13 AM
I'd prefer it if they had the oldies (like Donald and Douglas, Terence, BoCo, Duncan, Duke, etc.) return first since everyone wants those characters to return, after seeing Duck, Harvey, and Bill and Ben return! This ought to be interesting for sure!! Tongue
15  Discussion Boards / Thomas & Friends / Re: Thomas & Friends in 2014 on: January 08, 2014, 06:32:42 PM
Oliver, Toad, Red Coaches, and at least a road vehicle like Trevor for the HO range. After all, if anything, this year could be like when Donald, Douglas, and Diesel were released in the same year, even when some of them were announced earlier... Hopefully, this might be the case with Arry and Bert, hoooooopefuuuuuuullyyyyy.....

For Large Scale, I'd hope for either Edward, Mavis, or Salty to be released (considering we'd need some diesels to appear sooner or later...), then hopefully Henrietta to accompany Toby, some closed vans like the vent/salt vans, since all we see now are open wagons and tankers.
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