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Large / Re: Voltage Limit for Annie sound system
August 11, 2008, 07:03:23 PM
If you r/c system is air wire and sound is a p5 from phoenix . DO NOT exceed 18 volts I have found two 7.2   6 packs charge to a maximum 16.5 volts. In mine anyway. 
Large / Re: K-27 chuff synchronization
July 30, 2008, 04:57:11 PM
Thanks Jimpyt,
I will look into your recommendations and let you know how it goes later this week, as well as I am also waiting to here what the Bach-man has found out.
Thanks in advance
Large / K-27 chuff synchronization
July 29, 2008, 07:48:52 PM
To the Bach man,
Having purchased one of your K-27's (#453 ). I have just installed battery power supplied by the Air Wire 9000, and sound by the Phoenix P5. One problem still remains, the sensors in the steam chests do not give 4 beats per revolution as I understood it to be, and it should work in this engine, as advertised. Maybe I have done something wrong as not to make it work right.
Short of putting 4 magnets on on the last axle and using a reed switch. Do you have any solutions to making it work and sounding correct. I am planning on buying a 2nd K-27 and I was wondering, will the problem be fixed in the 2nd generation.
I can't wait to hear two of these mudhens echoing their chuff and whistle in my back yard. You truly out did yourselves at Bachmann on this engine. Congratulations. Hoping that somewhere in the near future you will come out with some larger K engines
Thanks in advance,  Your friend in bachmann railroading
Doug  ( a k a  Mudhen )
General Discussion / Re: A MAJOR list!
July 25, 2008, 03:46:56 AM
No one mentioned North America's largest road Canadian National  and its 2nd largest in Canada, the Canadian Pacific.
CN Owns Grand Trunk, Grand Trunk Western, Central Vermont, DW&P, to just mention a few and many I will list to you later. CN is the largest railroad in North America. Hope this helps
General Discussion / Re: Dcc
July 08, 2008, 09:24:46 PM
Yes you can.  
If your engine has a circuit board in it , get the wiring diagram . Usually the schematic shows which pins to hook up to . Look for the pin numbers on the diagram to match up the pin holes on the board and solder the wires from the smoke unit to them . and don't over dose on the solder , and keep it off other solder pad contacts  to avoid shorting it out .  Tin the wires first , before putting them in to the circuit board .
I am not telling you how to solder , but if you have not soldered before , these tips will help . I learn the had way .
Test the smoke unit out of the engine first and don't forget to add the oil , so as not to  burn it out .
Good Luck    
Large / Re: Airwire 900 conversions
June 26, 2008, 11:00:14 PM
As for you question about battery installation . Go to page 2 of discussion boards and look for  ( K-27 Simple way to install RCS battery )  by Tony Walsham . This may help and Tony seams to know what he is talking about , even though its not your engine , Its my guess they are all installed about the same .
Good luck
Large / Re: Airwire 900 conversions
June 26, 2008, 10:25:44 PM
I sudjest you go to the , Then click on support , and look for your 2-6-0 under bachmann engines . this may help you , It did help me .
As for taking it apart , it goes back together the same way only in reverse ( with no nuts or bolts or screws left over . Ha ha )
Good luck
Hi Jimtyp:
Its the Mudhen here , and if your question  about if the air wire is installed yet was directed to me , I am sad to say , not yet because I have to many other things on the go , like trying to put on e-bay soon , many of my never used new m.t.s. stuff I have purchased but do not or will not need .
Will keep you up dated . Also I want to look up the latest version of the Phoenix Plug & Play for the chuff issue you talked about .
Thanks in advance ; Mudhen
Thanks for the information about the chuff issue.
I am about ready to install the air wire system, the p5 sound system.
Any special suggestions on installation.
Hello Tony
I had though of using the pre made battery packs just as you have discribed. I have two 7.2 @2400ma
I was going to have a single pack made up , and it was or is going to be 13 sub c batteries @4500mia giving a voltage of 16.2 ( I Think ) .
Do you think this is over kill and will be located in a trailing car  behind the tender.
Also it comes with a wall mount charger which charges the batteries singularly in about 5 hours ea , ( the 2x 7.2 2400's )
I have been worried about heat when recharging the batteries , if they can over heat and melt the plastic on the tender .
Also as I under stand , the higher the ma. rating ,  the longer the running time one will have ( correct ) ,  but one must take in consideration the grades on you railroad , size of trains being run ,  and weight of train being run too .
Your thoughts please 

Thanks in advance
Large / Re: sound systems
May 24, 2008, 02:03:07 PM
As I under stand, the only differences between the 2k2 and the P5 are
1) size of the circuit board , Smaller on the P5.
2) sound is louder on the P5
3) there are 12 option ports on the P5 as to 8 ports on the 2k2
Anything else ????????.
4) cost is about $100.00 less

So I put it to all knowledgeable installers. Which is the better. The P5 or the 2k2.

I am taking in all your information and appreciate all of it     
Large / sound systems
May 21, 2008, 07:49:07 PM
Just talked to John from air wire 9000 down in Florida. And to my surprise I have a brand new Phoenix 2k2 sound compete with speaker , which is useless to me because I wish to put it , into my Bachmann K-27.
John said I need a phoenix P5 system . My 2k2 is unopened and I am looking to swap my 2k2 for a new P5 . Anyone intersted.
Large / air wire 9000
March 20, 2008, 05:46:17 AM
Has any one successfully added an air wire remote system to a K-27.
With no hum, proper 4 beats per revolution etc,etc , and have it run problem free.
Someone out there, has had to of done this by now. You geniuses in bachmann land have had almost 3 months to work this out.
I can't believe I am the only one waiting to run air wire !!!!!!!!!!.
Quote from: trea916 on March 10, 2008, 07:57:03 PM


I am under the conclusion the the factory board is tossed out and the air wire board snaps in to replace it and the p5 plugs into the air wire board   ( MUDHEN )
Quote from: trea916 on March 14, 2008, 09:41:42 PM
Does anyone have the factory CUFF TRIGER working with a phoenix sound system ?

and how ?

does it really just plug in ?


I have read as per the instructions which come with the engine that the 2k2 plugs into the air wire board , and the air wire board replaces the factory board in the tender , which is tossed into the garbage. You do have to run wires from the steam chest triggers to the tender and these two wires have a designated spot in the connections ( I think #'s 15 & 16 ) memory only . My say in the 2k2 manual as I recall.
I am working on this myself very soon and I hope it will work. Keep me up to date on your progress. ( Mudhen )