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January 28, 2020, 04:09:54 PM
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1  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: k-27 reliability on: January 20, 2020, 09:12:45 PM
2  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: 2019 4-6-0 on: January 20, 2020, 09:12:13 PM
I will add tomthat as well.
3  Discussion Boards / Large / k-27 reliability on: January 15, 2020, 01:44:01 PM
Took a slightly used k-27.  I plan on running it on at least 6ft minimum radius track.  Counter weights appears to be tight.  I know earlier Bachmann locos like the connie had trouble with gears.  I think the k-27 has metal just geared a bit to fast.

Anything other than good periodic lubrication to kerp it running.
4  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: More road name repaint request on: July 14, 2019, 03:10:08 AM
An RGS paint would be nice even if the loco is a Tweetsie derived ten wheeler.
5  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: 2-6-6-2 question on: July 14, 2019, 03:07:11 AM
Most times two water stops to fuel stop.  In general plan was approximately on coal fired 14 tons coal to 10000 gallons of water.  Oil has less waste than coal so get away with less amount to water.
Logging mallets while a bit more 'mainline than geared still where not traveling very long distances.  The traction that the weight of the water provided more important.

The Uintah articulated ( not a mallet) also had a relatively small coal bunker though they got extended compared to the water tanks.  The coal the Uintah used was pretty dirty though.  Again not traveling very long distance from Atchee to the mines was only about 25 track miles, it was the 7.5% grade that was the killer.

Some logging lines did add tenders sometimes as lines got longer.
6  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: 2019 Announcements on: July 14, 2019, 02:51:10 AM
I was hoping to see something about the 4-6-0 with new electronics.
7  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: 2019 4-6-0 on: February 27, 2019, 10:36:19 AM
Any more information yet?
8  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: 2019 4-6-0 on: August 13, 2018, 11:25:50 AM
If you look carefully at the flying Rio Grande I do see a small D&RGW along with T-12 on the cab.
9  Discussion Boards / Large / 2019 4-6-0 on: August 10, 2018, 12:40:29 PM
Just saw the product announcement.  Nice to see spectrum electronics installed.  Nice.
10  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: pulling Power on: June 25, 2018, 11:21:08 PM
Accotding to a folio sheet I have on the 1500 series high side gons it lists light weight as 19700lbs.  Maximum permissible lading of 55000 lbs.  
I take maximum lading as msx load you can put in.
Thus a fully load high side gon weighs in at 10 tons and can carry a bit over 27 tons a total of 37 tons so right near that 40 ton quoted above.
I know that a C-21 locomotive over the 4% grade up to Cerro Summit was limited to 3 fully laden high side gons and a caboose (long).  A c-19 subtract a car.  Track was too light for a K-27 between black canyon and Cerro Summit
Also note condition of the track made a difference as well.  Worn rail and poor track conditions would call for reduced loading.
One thing I found interesting is a class C-18 (nee 72) was rated higher than a C-19 (nee 70), though once on steep trackage actual car load pulling was for all purposes identical.
11  Discussion Boards / Large / Well I did it got a C-19 on: June 04, 2018, 11:05:27 AM
I have not been getting trains and actually sold off most.  However, got a good look at the C-19 and having tromped through most of the Rockies with my dad on the old narrow gauge road beds got to learn the trains pretty good.  Of course been to Knott's and the CRRM which have the last three C-19s ever and all running (I think).

To see the difference between the first Shay (which I sold) and the latest C-19 is night and day. 

So sad in some respects that the C-19 will pretty much be the end of the 1:20.3 line.   As has been mentioned elsewhere the LS market while having come back a little is still pretty much a niche of a niche.  Oh and I managed to snag the long caboose to go with it as well.  Again, compared to what else is out there very very nicely done. 

I keep hoping that somewhere a new 1:20.3 locomotive will be announced or the K-27 will be rerun but know that more than likely the powers that be in the board at Bachmann do not see enough profit in doing so.  So the C-19 will be a proud testament to what a manufacturer could and did.
12  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Yardmaster, Bach-manEggliners, Speeders new but what scale on: July 14, 2016, 01:03:27 PM
Before a SD9 which would be a new mold I think one could reasonably hope that Dash 9 would making its way.  The old A company also had the excellent RS3 U25B and GP40.
I think revisiting these with existing molds might be a good way for Bachmann to 'stick a toe in the water'. 

Note these are all 1:29 and so was the Peter Witt. 

I think this would give Bachmann both a presence in more modern standard gauge in 1:29 to complement the 1:20.3 narrow gauge.  If so, success of some of the models mentioned would be an indication to the management to move forward with an SD9 (presuming the other A company ever gets around to it).  I note that other A company no longer even mentions the SD9 either and as for the GP60 which they said would be out this year that project seems to have gone way silent as well.


Maybe a certain P named company might be convinced?  The Ludmilla diesel is something else, very well made. 
13  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: Just in case.....ETB on: June 02, 2016, 12:46:32 PM
Nice but let's keep it geared!

How about this little number:

Or even this number

or even this

A 2 cylinder three truck shay and a small Baldwin geared engine.  Of course neither were 3 ft (42" gauge on the former and meter on the later)

The hoist/ditcher was made in all sorts of guages and guess sort of locomotive since self powered.
14  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: New to Trains on: May 02, 2015, 01:32:06 PM
Various track materials have their pluses and mines.  Aluminum is relatively inexpensive but as pointed out the oxide is non-conductive.  It is also softer material and stepping on it can put a kink or dent in it.  Again as pointed out, very popular for battery and live steam.

Brass in a pretty good all around compromise between conductivity and cleaning. 

If you are not into cleaning track much then stainless steel is probably the best.  Virtually no cleaning involved.  It is overall less conductive than the above materials so long runs require more feeders.  It is also very robust rail.

The Aniversary or Annies are good starters and will squeeze around something less that 8ft diameter.  I still have one stuffed away someplace in the closet.  Poor thing, but I have no doubt it would still run. 

On a different note, America and the UK primarily use what is called the Whyte system for designation of steam locomotives.

Thus a 4-6-0 would be a four wheel lead truck, six driven wheels and no trailing wheels.

In Europe this would be a 2-C-0.  They count the axles with numbers being non-driven and letters being driven axles.

Bachmann's excellent out of production mallet (named after the inventor) is a 2-6-6-2T in Whyte system.  That translates to two wheel lead, six driving wheels with their own set of cylinders, another six drive wheels with their own set of cylinders, a two wheel trailing truck and no tender.  All the water and fuel being carried in Tanks (thus the T for Tank) on the locomotive.  Some authors to indicate that the locomotive is articulated (can bend) use a + to indicate where that is located so in the above example it would be 2-6+6-2T.

Get started, have fun and in no time you will burning digits with live steam!
15  Discussion Boards / Large / Re: New 30 Degree 4' Diameter Turnouts and Switch Stand Are in Stock on: April 24, 2015, 12:42:09 PM
4ft diameter?  Most of the Spectrum stuff will not even fit through a curve that tight.  Hopefully something larger like 8ft, 10ft or even #6 will be forthcoming.

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