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1531  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: I have a Bachmann three truck shay and it stopped running for a year on: June 09, 2007, 03:14:28 PM
Maybe it way on vacation.  I just wanter if it might have been a loose connection.
1532  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: what is the best track to get from Aristo Craft on: June 08, 2007, 09:07:51 PM
I would think you would want stainless. 
1533  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Remotor an old Rivarossi Cab Forward on: June 08, 2007, 02:18:16 PM
you might try model railroader or Atlas fourms
1534  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: 3 n 1 oil on: June 07, 2007, 02:54:14 PM
Ah come on Bach-man.  If it won't do that you miss all the fun.  Don't you like smoking locomotives .
1535  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: Bachman 44 tonner on: June 04, 2007, 10:19:34 PM
It is possible to convert to dcc.  How ever if your time is worth anything, than it is cheaper to buy a new one motor model
1536  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: Bachman 44 tonner on: June 02, 2007, 11:44:08 AM
If you want dcc go with the one motor.  If you want the best of the two, go with the one motor.  In other words go with the one motor. 
1537  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Preserve zinc weights on: June 01, 2007, 07:51:45 PM
Zamac -  From what i understand, Was good in it was mixed correctly.  It was used for car parts.  They mix up large amounts.  The problems really came in when mixing small amount.  Just a little too much of this or that and you had a poor mixture.  I have some 60 year old model that still look to be in great shape.  I had some that in just a few years fell apart.  I never heard of Samas being used in printing.  all of the printing block I have are lead. 
1538  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: magic water is it worth using? on: May 31, 2007, 12:12:29 AM
I have never used it, but if it is what I think it is, it is great for some things.   If it is the product that you melt with a heat gun, then you can make things like waves.  
1539  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Traffic signs and road markings on: May 31, 2007, 12:00:40 AM
I agree with most of the information given.  I started about 1950.  As I recall the signs were all about the same shape they are now.  How ever if you got off of the main roads you might find anything. I do not recall when they changed from yellow sign with black letters.  some one makes signs in the 40s-50s area.  It may be woodland. 
1540  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Why Bachmann? (poll?) on: May 28, 2007, 12:19:37 AM
I think people but products that they want.  I do not buy $40.00 box cars.  Some people do.  You  have people who thirty years ago got a Bachmann locomotive.  They found out that it was junk.  Thirty years most of Bachmann models were junk.  Things have changed in thirty years, and now Bachmann makes some very good models.  How ever these people still think that Bachmann in junk.  Are there be models than Bachmann? Sure, but I choose not to pay $500.00  when I can get a very nice locomotive from Bachmann for 1/4 that price.
1541  Discussion Boards / HO / Re: what road names do you model on: May 26, 2007, 06:21:52 PM
O.T.S.F. Ottawa, Tulse, and Santa Fe.  You never heard of it did you.  That is because it is my railroad based on the Sante Fe but I can do what I( want to.
1542  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Railroad Housing? on: May 26, 2007, 06:15:12 PM
I am sure that most railroads had housing for some employees.  Like operators and section crews in out of the way places.  It was common for the section foremen to have housing.  If they need them they had to know where to find them.  You young people might not know it, but they did not have cell phones twenty years ago.  In fact at one time the call boy had to go to the train crews house on a bike or on foot. We had trains before phones.
1543  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Most-historical railroad on: May 24, 2007, 11:32:40 PM
the Frisco and the Rock Island when to Fort Sill and Lawton.  The 1998 map shows BNSF and UP.   Today the UP may still go there, but I think the Stillwater Central now runs the old Frisco line. 
1544  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Most-historical railroad on: May 24, 2007, 07:48:50 PM
I move to Oklahoma in 1944.  Okla. City had 6 RRs.  All of them are gone. 2 folded, 2 became BNSF and 2 became UP.   In fact the only large rr left is the Kansas City Southern.  here are a handfull of short lines that are still holding on.  As they say Time Marches On.
1545  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Something I noticed about Walthers Cornerstone background buildings on: May 23, 2007, 08:14:14 PM
Two things that would improve the safty of I-81 is for the drivers to slow down about 20 MPH and drive the speed limit.  The other thing is to fix it.
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