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Hey Bill;

Appreciate your response!

Here's what's been tried:
1. statred with PollyScale CNW green - looked like closest to deep grren on letterboards.
too blue

2. mixed pullman green
not right, still too blue

3. okay - think back to art classes - blue and orange complimentary colors - add one to other and will grey it out, or brown it out, or just plian cancel it out.
ahh. . . what have I got?
! Seaboard Air Line orange

4. maybe got too much, too yellow.
maybe pigment too strong?

5. well, huh . . . add coach green instead?
still not right

6. I used to be really good at this - what's happened ???
Large / V&T "Silverado" set green - paint matching
August 18, 2009, 04:37:09 PM
Hey Y'all;

Question - have V&T "Silverado" set and am painting some green trim on passenger cars which wasn't added at factory - any thoughts on a commercial model color which would get close to factory green on letterboards?

Tried mixing but keep coming up too blue or too yellow.

Needs to not be enamel or lacquer paint.
Needs to be acrylic or other water base, Such as Polly Scale, Testors Acryl, Tamiay, El Viejo, et cetera.

May have asked this before but don't remember.

and no, forest green didn't match  ;)
That's a really good question Craig.
Just looked in their printed catalog, doesn't say for which anniversary of whom, only that posters on this board nicknamed it that.
Quote from: Barry BBT on August 09, 2009, 01:49:55 AM
Hi (no name),
;D yeah, didn't ever say!
Forrest Scott Wood, in Boonville, Missouri, population 8700+/-, along the Missouri River.

Thanks, have the bell out. Ended up using hardwood dowel instead of metal.
There was just a little bit of probably ACC holding it in.
Large / get bell off 4-6-0 boiler - how to do that?
August 09, 2009, 12:12:45 AM
Hey Y'all;
Am trying to free bell from 4-6-0 boiler molding and getting nowhere.
Have pushed, pulled, twisted, rocked, with as much force as I dare to without fearing breaking the castings.

Want it off for painting and to turn bell around to where cord is on fireman's side instead of engineers.
Unlike our HO and On30 locos bell is riveted into yoke and can't be removed to simply turn bell around.

There isn't evidence of superglue showing.
Bell yoke is in 2 halves.
It looks like a press fit.
But, pushing on it hard as I dare from bottom with screwdriver or end of pliers does nothing.

Here's photos:

Any of y'all seeing some secret I'm missing?
Large / Re: She's certainly not "box stock" any more!
August 08, 2009, 08:53:58 PM
Quote from: bnsonger47 on August 08, 2009, 07:58:17 PM
She's looking good.

So, where the heck are the passengers?

I don't have any yet!  :-[ :o

QuoteNeed another V&T car?

:o Yes.  ;D  How do we work that out?

Any loco parts like stack and headlight available?

QuoteI'm considering messing up one out of my set since the engine bit the dust.
Sounds like you have a project going?
Large / Re: She's certainly not "box stock" any more!
August 08, 2009, 12:46:43 PM
Here's Combine knocked down for rework, I like models which have some left for me to do.

Large / Re: She's certainly not "box stock" any more!
August 07, 2009, 12:23:00 AM
Well, Kathy won't let me near the car with anything sharper than its keys.  :-\
But at least I get to play with the trains  ;D

In progress:

locomotive roof will be covered with copper sheet, K&S .003in craft copper, as per prototypes of that era's copper or tin and then painted.

In progress:

I don't know what the real car's roof was covered with when during it's existence and have drawn conclusion it eventually was covered with sheet metal. However, the fabric texture is visually appealing so sections of Silkspan model airplae tissue are being painted on.

Combine on right is 'box stock' except for green platforms and green under baggage door. Observation on left is not

I'm not sure of the prototype for this rolling stock
Large / Re: LS 1:20.3 Caboose Has Arrived!
August 06, 2009, 04:47:52 AM
Quote from: bob kaplan on August 05, 2009, 05:20:31 PM
Oh we will have to find something else to whine about....of course that will probably be easy..
Uh-oh  :-[ looking at my self, it is oh so easy to do that!  Example using another item - am getting one of the Anniversary 4-6-0 locos: I like it, am glad to have it to get, will greatly enjoy having it; but, probably the second thing that falls out of my mouth when talking about the loco is, "Something about that air compressor piping doesn't look right . . . "   
Then again, Kathy says that commentary about the piping leaves my reputation intact.
(is that a good thing she's saying about me, intact reputations are good, aren't they ????) ;)
Large / Re: Large scale 4-4-0
August 04, 2009, 12:44:34 PM
just looked at Horizon and Walthers websites - using part number 81392 the Unletttered (Olive Green & Russia Iron) 4-4-0, {one pretty locomotive if I may say so  8)}
Walthers says "not currently in stock at Walthers, Expected: TBA(Adv. Res.)/" .
Apparently it is scheduled for release later.
Later this year? Early next? They don't say that much.
Large / She's certainly not "box stock" any more!
August 02, 2009, 11:21:26 AM
As my wife will all to readily volunteer to tell you, I can't seem to leave a train alone 5 minutes after getting it home till something is getting sawn off, one or more holes are drilled in it, or its paint is getting changed.  ;D

Got V&T "Silverado" set with my economic stimulus check, plus a bit more cash.
Something about the locomotive was really bugging me: being done up as a woodburner with spark arresting stack, boiler molding had extended smokebox a coal burner with built-in spark arresting screen would have. Not right.
It had to go.
Sawed it off this morning.
All was going fine till just about done gluing smokebox front on - got a glue drip blemish on side of boiler up by sand pipes.  :-\ Arrrrrr.

Well, hmmm, those molded-on sand pipes have been bugging me, if the paint is going to have to be fixed anyway, might as well carve of the sand pipes and add real wire - there holes for wire in the running boards, so why not!
A bit of work with a chisel blade in the craft knife, some wet sanding, and all done. Happy modeler :-)

Hmmmm, while boiler is disassembled and I'm hacking bits off, there's that turbogenerator for electric lighting up between cab and steam dome - it don't look right for an 1870 style painted woodburner.
Would be a bit of work to carve off molded base and fill hole in boiler top.
But . . .

Anyway, back to shortened smokebox - it really changes apparent proportions of the thing, a lot stockier.
Side effects of the shortening include:
1. having to make a headlight bracket. Am intending to replace dim headlight bulb with an LED.
2. needing to make a pilot deck. Have some Plastruct treadplate good for that job
3. smoke generator had to go, not enough room, but that's okay, couldn't be using it anyway.

There's some work to do inside cab too.

Passenger cars need a lot of green trim painted; roofs changed from grey to black; interior painted, especially walls from yellow to wood color.
Want to change interior lighting on cars as well.
Large / Re: K-27 and Forney side by side
July 31, 2009, 07:30:02 PM
Thanks. Wow, that thing's tiny  :o
"I wanna be one of those when I grow up."  ;)
Thanks for posting that  :)

Quote from: Loco Bill on July 23, 2009, 10:58:04 AM

This new item was in the brochure passed out at the NGRS convention in Denver
The link for the brochure is :   

Oh, wife sees this, she's gonna be mumbling something about "contributing to the delinquency of a husband"
Really, though, she's as big a train nut as I am: Walthers' monthly sale flyer comes n her name! ;D
Large / Re: Help me pick a new pet project
July 19, 2009, 02:04:08 AM
How about something off the beaten path like this compressed air powered mine locomotive by Baldwin:

You'd said 'steam please' and this is not exactly that, but so much steam has already been done.
Are you open to ideas from outside the US?
There are pretty, and there are interesting, steamers in other places.
Large / Re: A K-28?
May 23, 2009, 11:41:54 PM
Maybe because back then they changed over the years?

And some preserved ones are now?

Here on this page, looks like it was both ways at different times:

Who cna tell in this B&W shot:

I'm no D&RGW expert, just couldn't sleep so was passing time on the net.