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September 25, 2018, 01:20:27 PM
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1  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Any one for new cars? on: June 29, 2012, 06:34:43 PM
Several interesting suggestions.

I'd like some additions to the Christmas cars (but to be fair I'm at a bit of a loss to name what) and the Brewery Reefers.

2  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: 2012 On30 wish list on: January 15, 2012, 11:39:45 AM
Would like to see more beer reefer cars (already hinted at in the reefer thread) and perhaps another Christmas themed car.

3  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Any Christmas car this year? on: November 10, 2011, 01:02:57 PM
First, I apologize for not acknowledging your replies until now.


I, too, have the fruitcake car. I also have the gondola, boxcar, stock car, and hopper; I was not aware of the eggnog car until you referenced it. Am I missing any others?

Thank you.

4  Discussion Boards / On30 / Any Christmas car this year? on: October 19, 2011, 03:00:49 PM
I have a small collection of the Bachmann On30 Christmas cars and was wondering if there will be any additions this year?

I suspect the answer is "no" as I would think it would have been announced by now but thought I'd ask.

Thank you.

5  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Exciter size on: July 22, 2011, 06:01:14 PM
A dime is about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

6  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: At the NTS... on: July 22, 2011, 07:30:58 AM
Thank you Gil.

Hope you enjoy your new structures.

7  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: At the NTS... on: July 21, 2011, 06:52:53 PM

Those new structures sound quite nice.

I'm assuming they are kits. I'm new to kit building and am wondering if these appear suitable for a beginner or are they intended more for the advanced craftsman?

Thank you.

8  Discussion Boards / Williams by Bachmann / Re: All-new 4-6-0 from WBB on: April 20, 2011, 05:20:07 PM
Looks very nice.

Is there a chance this will be available by late fall? Would like to have one for "carpet central" duty around the Christmas tree.

9  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Looking for information on the new Porters on: January 10, 2011, 06:15:13 PM
Thank you Hamish.

10  Discussion Boards / On30 / Looking for information on the new Porters on: January 10, 2011, 09:17:52 AM
Good day

I've seen references in some messages concerning new Porters in On30 but have had no luck finding information about them.

I tried the "Product Information" section and just received the 2010 catalog but  see nothing about these engines in either.

Can someone direct me to the proper place to learn more about these products?

Thank you.

11  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Dream rolling stock for Bachmann to produce on: November 01, 2010, 09:18:02 AM
Many very nice and interesting selections already offered.

I'd like to see some additions to the Brewery series.

12  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Industry Ideas for West Virginia Layout on: February 11, 2010, 08:03:22 AM
Perhaps a glass making facility?

13  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Idea for new Christmas car! on: December 13, 2009, 08:42:32 AM
I, too, like the Christmas cars and while I don't have a specific suggestion I like yours and certainly hope some new item(s) will be available for 2010.

14  Discussion Boards / N / Hallmark buildings suitable for "N"? on: December 07, 2009, 09:04:31 AM
Good day:

I have a growing interest in N gauge and was wondering if anyone uses some of the Hallmark Christmas ornament buildings on their layout?

To the naked eye they look like they might work but have not had the opportunity to measure one or to even just place a N loco next to one.

Thank you.

15  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: On30 Pacific Coast Air Line Railway Website on: August 11, 2009, 04:59:50 PM

Always a pleasure to visit your site and see your excellent work.

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