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August 15, 2020, 07:16:32 AM
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1  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Passenger Car Upgrade to LED on: May 13, 2020, 10:36:46 PM
...snip... I did some research after reading your post, and I found that the bridge rectifier is unnecessary when running on a DCC system ...snip...

What, if anything, would happen if you ran that car on a DCC system with the rectifier in place?
2  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Trench loco operating on DC on: April 26, 2020, 02:48:33 PM
Does the loco come with a "shorting" plug top rep[lace the dcc chip?
3  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Why is On30 Scale So Expensive? on: March 13, 2020, 08:17:40 PM
The above part of the ebay link is all that is needed, BTW . The rest is excess bloviation and makes the screen way too wide.
4  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Why is On30 Scale So Expensive? on: March 02, 2020, 01:02:13 PM
I do not think that it is any more expensive than quality HO, even less in some cases.
5  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: 4-6-0 Squeals on Curves on: February 21, 2020, 11:35:46 PM
Is it the actual locomotive mechanism that is squealing or the flanges on the rails? Real trains do squeal on curves.
6  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: On30 Moonlight / Wolf Observation car? on: October 16, 2019, 01:14:53 PM
When posting an ebay link, you only need up to the question mark, all the rest is excess:
7  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: 2019 Announcements on: July 12, 2019, 12:39:48 PM
Some nice stuff in HO and On30. Will the On30 2-6-2T also be available without sound also? Thank you.
8  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: "Prototype" 4-6-0? on: February 07, 2019, 09:00:43 PM
In looking at the auction listings, I saw this; is it for real?
9  Discussion Boards / Williams by Bachmann / Re: JP's Wishlist for 2019 on: January 28, 2019, 05:18:10 PM
JP of Acton MA, USA writes,
-PCC Railbus - this was basically a de-electrified PCC and fitted with a gas or diesel engine for running without overhead wires. The New Haven RR used one long ago
As I recall that was a Mack Railbus, not a PCC.
10  Discussion Boards / Williams by Bachmann / Re: Generic Wishlist for 2019 on: January 28, 2019, 05:10:53 PM
A PCC trolley (either air or all-electric; or both Grin) based on the Peter Witt drive train and no electronics but with the proper trucks.
11  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: The 2019 On30 Generic Wish List on: January 17, 2019, 01:47:44 PM
All that I would like to see is a re-release of the two-bay hoppers.
12  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Lowering Bachmann On30 Freight Cars on: October 07, 2018, 05:00:28 PM
Nice, the improvement in the look is great. I just do not have the patience to do this; or the steady hands anymore! Sad
13  Discussion Boards / Williams by Bachmann / Re: Current used by Genesis Locomotive Motors on: April 10, 2018, 10:35:53 AM
...snip... 18v, 80 amp transformer.  ...snip...
80 Amp??? You could weld with that! Shocked
14  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: Electric Automatic Crossing Gates on: December 20, 2017, 11:41:48 PM
O scale as the scenery and trains are O.
15  Discussion Boards / On30 / Re: climax led replacement on: October 28, 2017, 08:53:53 PM
Then you have to replace the entire headlight.

That is what I was referring to as it would seem to me to be easier just to replace the whole assembly.
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