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1  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Re: Weather Steam loco running gear on: November 24, 2011, 08:27:18 PM
Excellent, thank you for the replies & advice Grin.  I will get some Neolube & Blacken It and try it and i'll  try not to over do it, just use a  little bit at a time til it's looks right. The B&O 2-10-2 you weathered Skipgear looks fantastic  Cheesy. Beautiful job
2  Discussion Boards / General Discussion / Weather Steam loco running gear on: November 24, 2011, 10:01:28 AM
Hi all,
Does anyone have an ideas on how to blacken or weather steam loco running gear, valve gear, and side rods? I have a few older steam loco's with chrome/silver running gear and would like to weather them and make them look more realistic. Are there any paints or anything that would stay on and won't wear off while it's running?
3  Discussion Boards / N / Re: Gears for N Scale Dash 8 on: September 24, 2011, 11:20:57 PM
Thanks for the reply Skipgear, I don't think the newer trucks will fit the older non DCC mechanism. I haven't had any luck trying to get replacements, my mate has order new axles/gears  from bachmann in the last 2 years but had no luck at all, guess there not available no more.
4  Discussion Boards / N / Gears for N Scale Dash 8 on: September 24, 2011, 10:18:04 AM
Hi  Wink ,
          I have 6 N Scale Dash-8s and they have been running awful and been jerking and stalling all the time. I pulled them apart, cleaned, lubricated, run them in again and pulled them apart and again found out some of there gears on the wheel axle's have split. I have a close friend who runs a model train shop try to order new ones from bachmann parts but had no luck, weren't available & sold out.  Sad These are the first Dash-8s released around the early 1990s with white plastic gears. Does NWSL make gears for these? Or do the gears off Bachmann Plus Nscale F-7s fit them?
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