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December 15, 2019, 11:53:10 AM
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 on: Today at 11:49:50 AM 
Started by fred lundgren - Last post by fred lundgren

 on: Today at 11:44:09 AM 
Started by Tdyoung681 - Last post by Len
If the old set has a diesel locomotive with a 'pancake' motor built into one wheel assembly, it's generally not worth the hassle or expense, to convert it to DCC operation. If it has a can motor that drives both wheelsets, it might be worth doing. You can generally find 'how to' info for specific diesels using a search engine.

If the loco is a steam engine, it would depend on which one, and what kind of motor is has to determine if it was worth the effort to convert.

In short, more info needed about the loco in the set to answer your question.


 on: Today at 10:16:37 AM 
Started by Tdyoung681 - Last post by Tdyoung681
Good Morning. Brand new to trains and got a Bachman HO recently as a starter. I was at an estate sale and grabbed an old set.

I’m trying to figure out how, or if I can run the old set with new set. What information do I need to share so that someone could advise me?

 on: Today at 05:40:10 AM 
Started by jmmrlm - Last post by jward
If you are using a base that doesn't swell with humidity you really shouldn't need to worry about expansion joints. In 40 plus years of model railroading, i've only had one instance where expansion was a problem, and that was handlaid track built on Homasote in a damp basement. The section i had the most trouble with also butted up against an outside. Homasote attracts moisture, and the lessons learned here led me to rebuild the layout on pine planks that were much more dimensionally stable.

Most of us don't have our layouts set up in places of extreme temperature changes, so the expansion of the rails is not usually an issue. But using the wrong material as a base you built upon  can mean the difference between a good running layout, and one that is an endless source of frustration.

 on: Today at 05:06:21 AM 
Started by Dragon 69 - Last post by jonathan
Ok. Just looked this up in parts dept.

This loco has been out of production for a while now, I gather you are trying to replace the Bachmann motor with something like an NWSL motor... or some other motor?

At a minimum you’ll need a “Gear Puller” to get the flywheel off the old motor. Have you measured the motor axle diameter?

I see the entire chassis is available in the parts dept. May sound expensive, but you could spend just as much in tools and frustration.. just sayin.

What’s up with the thread title? Are we talking about a Dash 8 or F40PH?



 on: Today at 03:09:45 AM 
Started by InsideTrack - Last post by mulfred-100
Great review Chaz just to echo what you have said I think this is probably my personal favourite rolling stock as well and leaves me looking forward to any future rolling stock that comes our way in the narrow gauge line.

 on: Today at 01:47:35 AM 
Started by Chaz - Last post by TrainFan97
I expect Daisy's image to be revealed in the 2020 catalog at the earliest.

As for Peter Sam, he may have been in production as soon as Rusty was finished, like you said. It's possible his image could also get revealed in the 2020 catalog, but given the track record of Narrow Gauge models, I wouldn't bet on it.

Since the 75th Anniversary is coming up, the announcements in a few months shouldn't be mediocre, but at the same time, I'll try not to have expectations too high.

 on: Today at 12:30:13 AM 
Started by jmmrlm - Last post by Len
If your layout is in an enviromentally controlled room, expansion gaps aren't really necessary. If not, and index card thickness between sections should be enough.


 on: December 14, 2019, 10:49:48 PM 
Started by Dragon 69 - Last post by RAM
If this is a new locomoyive and you got it from a Bachmann dealer. I would take it back.

 on: December 14, 2019, 10:03:52 PM 
Started by CAMPBELL LYNN - Last post by Joe Zullo
Check to see if the pilot truck is in the proper direction. Sometimes they get turned around and create a short. There should be a whit arrow on the bottom and it should point forward.

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