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HO / Re: EZ Track turnouts NO powe...
Last post by wfletcher - Today at 02:46:23 PM
the point I'm trying to make is poor QC (maybe none) on Bachmann's part
And the fact is there is a ton of cut offs out there with this same problem
Don't get me wrong.  I have a ton of Bachmann stuff.
But, they should be monitoring this stuff and remedy the easy things to make them look that much better.
On30 / Re: Tips on Cutting doors in d...
Last post by Terry Toenges - Today at 01:23:23 PM
I've opened doors on some things by just scribing them with a razor blade or exacto knife. It takes a while. Just keep making multiple passes over and over the line until it breaks through. I wouldn't try to do it in just a couple of passes.
HO / Re: How do I put new couplers ...
Last post by Terry Toenges - Today at 01:10:47 PM
Complicated? You pry up the nib, remove the old coupler. If you use whisker couplers, insert the new one then twist the adapter in and you're done. With the whiskers ones you don't need the metal thing. No drilling to make sure you get the hole in the right place. You don't have to find the right size drill bit and the right size screw. No gluing while making sure you have it centered correctly.  You can buy just the couplers without the added expense of having to  pay for the boxes, too.
On30 / Re: Tips on Cutting doors in d...
Last post by Dbarefoot - Today at 12:00:08 PM
Well I want to keep the steel cab design. The other cabs that I've browsed are wood designs, instead of the Baldwin riveted steel cabs. If I could find the same kind of cab that is a kit, I would most definitely get it, but there isn't that option sadly; at least that I am aware of.

Rock On!
Large / Re: Pilot Truck with Spoked Wh...
Last post by Loco Bill Canelos - Today at 10:52:18 AM
Hi Guys,

While the old style truck has been out of stock, the new style pilot truck is available even with spoked wheels.  It is easy to retrofit your older 4-6-0 with this truck. Same for the older Annies as well. 

Here is a link to it:

I just requires one drill hole a screw and connecting the two wires to the truck.

This truck can be installed on any of the Big Hauler Standard line 4-6-0's or older Annies as well!!

I strongly recommend that you get this part while they still have some, all to often once parts are out of stock they rarely return. 

I your 4-6-0 needs a new pilot truck without spoked wheels Then replace the wheels in the new truck with solid wheels from your old damaged truck. 

If you give this a try please post how it went for you!

On30 / Re: Tips on Cutting doors in d...
Last post by Fred Klein - Today at 10:48:07 AM
Personally, if this was my loco, I wouldn't do any chopping on the cab. Instead, I would buy one of the laser-cut replacement cab kits, available from dealers like Banta Models and others, and do all of my customizing on it. That way, if for any reason you need to go back to the original model, all you can just re-install the original cab.
HO / Re: How do I put new couplers ...
Last post by trainman203 - Today at 09:14:44 AM
There's a lot less time and expense to attach a coupler pocket to a car body instead of going through all of the complicated stuff shown above. You just drill mounting holes and screw it in, or you can attach it with contact cement if that's inconvenient, such as on cast zamac metal car floors, although such floors appear to have gone away back in the Jurassic.

Truck mounted couplers are guaranteed to give you bad operation if you back your train up much at all through switches. On long unit trains rolling continuously forward that the OP appears to have, it might not matter much. But with any kind of backup moves, which real railroads do all the time, truck mounted couplers push the truck to one side, the flanges are guaranteed to pick at and catch every possible molecule anywhere that could possibly derail a car.

I learned all of this 50 years ago as a young modeler beginning to get beyond loop operation and into switching, who still had a few cars from the original train set rolling on the layout. Once in a while, I will buy some "heritage" car from the distant modeling past on eBay. The first thing that happens on arrival is that those Talgo trucks come off and get replaced with state of the art trucks with metal RP25 or better flange wheels, and body mounted couplers. Those toy train trucks invariably have wheels with pizza cutter toy train flanges on the wheels that, coupled with the sideways back up pressure, will put your train on the ground every time. And half the time the holes in the journals are not shaped properly to accept contemporary wheels.
HO / Re: EZ Track turnouts NO powe...
Last post by trainman203 - Today at 08:55:22 AM
A jumper wire is normal to supply power from good rail to bad rail, past some power barrier like a bad rail joiner or a bad frog.

You can test it before installation simply by putting your engine on the bad section of track touching a wire on both the good end and the bad end.
Large / Re: Pilot Truck with Spoked Wh...
Last post by doug c - Today at 07:41:05 AM
Do you have the Bachmann p/n to share ?
Or possible link to it within their parts catalog ?

Thinking I'll be popping into one of local vendors that I've noticed in past with a few diff. B'mann parts. So ...
General Discussion / arthur freydin
Last post by arthurfreydin - Today at 03:30:42 AM
Hello, Arthur freydin, new here.