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December 12, 2018, 10:10:53 PM
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 on: Today at 09:44:51 PM 
Started by WoundedBear - Last post by bbmiroku
Yeah.  So if anybody ever tells you that you have to paint your locos, tell 'em nope and show 'em a pic.

 on: Today at 09:41:50 PM 
Started by SoundChoice - Last post by SoundChoice
Thanks guys for the response, I apologize, the 44598 which I have 2 worked, it was just a really tight fit.  Again, really appreciate all the feedback, Chuck   Embarrassed

 on: Today at 09:38:53 PM 
Started by wiley209 - Last post by rich1998
When you cut the cap, nothing shorted on the PC board? Last I knew the cap was a yellow blob.
A shoirt does not sound good. Did you try on the program track? The program track usually protects the decoder. Good idea even with a new decoder. I mis-wired a Bachmann 4-4-0 using a Tsunami Micro once. Reversed orange and red wires for a hard wire install the small tender. That saved my decoder.
When you go to program again, do a decoder reset. You should see the the decoder I.D. After you cycle the track power, the headlight should flash sixteen times as I recall and the loco run on 3.


 on: Today at 09:35:47 PM 
Started by bnoem1 - Last post by bbmiroku
And once done regauging, make sure to put a small drop of superglue (or your preferred plastic-safe adhesive) on the inside of the wheel, spreading it evenly around the axle to hold it in place.  Just make sure to let it dry before putting the axle back in the train.

 on: Today at 08:58:17 PM 
Started by NYC5405Hudson - Last post by NYC5405Hudson
Sorry for the lenghty time to reply but my wife made me put the train away for a while.  I got it back out and set it up for Christmas and continued to troubleshoot my problem.  Power is fine and it looks like the issue is with the drive gear.  When the glue dried, it expanded in the crack causing the gap between two of the teeth to widen.  This is where the motor was getting hung up where it "seemed to lose power".  So it looks like I'll be replacing the chassis which seems pretty simple and straightforward.  It looks like most of the anniversary chassis come with two switches so unless there is a way to just not use the direction switch, I can just go ahead and get a new boiler door assembly to accept the two switches.

 on: Today at 08:43:41 PM 
Started by Trainboy100 - Last post by Streak
My 2019 suggestions.



Reintroduced Salty

Rolling Stock
Redesigned Henrietta (with face)
Hopper Wagon
Troublesome Truck #6
Explosives Van


Sodor Steamworks
Sodor Airport
Motorized Watermill


Sir Handel
Peter Sam

Rolling Stock
NG Brakevans
NG Blue Mountain Quarry Wagons

Some good suggestions here. Would really like a Reintroduced Salty and especially Stanley. Redesigned Henrietta (with face) would be great too. I hope they'd make Hannah as well. One thing though, I don't think Merrick and Owen would be listed under vehicles if they did get in. Maybe Merrick but definitely not Owen. He'd be a Building. You can see some of my suggestions/predictions earlier in this thread if you want.

 on: Today at 06:12:13 PM 
Started by Titanic5972 - Last post by sean1994rail
So recently the motor on my Bachmann Mavis burned out and I had to mail it to Bachmann to have the motor replaced.  So even though it's not a new acquisition per se, while running this model again it ran like it was brand new and I found myself thinking about how overlooked this model is compared to a lot of the other models they came before and after it.  So I figured that I would do a review of her since I believe she didn't get enough credit when she first came out.  So I figured would talk about the Bachmann Mavis, so here are my thoughts on her.

Mavis was first announced with Edward back in 2007 not long after Toby and Spencer came out while Emily was delayed. By the time both of the models came out in 2008 they seemed to be very popular, but it was all too obvious that compared to the two, Edward was not only the better model but also had better sales and overall reception. This was because Edward was at a much higher demand then Mavis, and is a lot more of a popular character and well-known face to the younger audiences. Mavis on the other hand, was a lot more of a minor character despite being a classic character as well as not having a model available by Hornby prior to her Bachmann announcement her popularity just could not keep up with Edward's.

Despite this, I feel that her addition to the range was completely natural, despite her roles being fairly minor, she was a very iconic character and was the main "token female character" until Emily was introduced.  It's really no surprise that Bachmann would announce her as she managed to appear briefly and every season since her debut.  She isn't the best model in the range by any means, but compared to the other two female characters that are currently in the range, I think Mavis is definitely the best one.

In terms of aesthetics, they really hit the nail with the hammer on Mavis' design as it really resembles her appearance from season 6-11 since this was the most up-to-date design choice at the time of production.  This is most notably in regards to the facial expression given to the model as while it is a classic grin that's been seen since the third season, Bachmann had the eyebrows painted in the same way during the later era of the show.  

One common complaint I've heard about Mavis (or other diesel engines from the range in general) is how the windows are painted silver to hide the motor inside the model.  Personally this never bothered me, it might look a little bit off since it was never like this on the show, but if anyone is really bothered, it's a simple modification they can fix up themselves.

Aside from that though, I have no complaints on the design of the Mavis model as I think it's design is spot-on just like the Edward model that came out at the time as both of these models were a step up compared to its predecessors.

In terms of running power, Mavis reuses the exact same motor and chassis as Toby. This is probably another reason why Bachmann made a model of her, as well as having such a simple design to work with.  Why Bachmann hasn't looked into her yet for large scale is beyond me, but I'll leave that for a large scale collector to go in depth on that one at their own time.

So with that in mind, the Mavis model does run pretty smoothly, just like the Toby model. And while also using the same motor is Toby it is also evident that Mavis is not exactly a strong hauler.  Personally I would've preferred to see Mavis be a better hauler with more weight added than Toby seeing as how she is a more modern locomotive and could actually probably pull a lot more than Toby on the show.  Really though at the end of the day, Mavis doesn't typically pull a lot of rolling stock on the show so it wouldn't really make a huge difference to the consumers and Bachmann themselves.

If you give Mavis a couple of wagons, loaded or not, the performance that you would be looking for the model should be just fine.  Do not expect anything extraordinary out of this model though, otherwise you might find yourself disappointed with the model in this area.

Overall, while this review was basically a blast from the past, it's good to look back at old models from the range to and I personally think that Mavis still holds up pretty well to this very day.  I would honestly still stand by my belief that this is the best model of a female character in the Thomas range and comes highly recommended by me.  If you do not have this model already, I would honestly encourage you to look into buying this model while you still can.  If you are a classic series fan or even just a collector of Thomas models in general, I would say that this model is definitely worth looking into. It may seem a little random for me to review her but seeing as how she recently got fixed from Bachmann I figured this would be a good way to show appreciation for them.  Plus I also think it's a good time to encourage others to look into this model because (unlike stupid Rosie) Mavis is a good quality model that would look great in anyone's collection and is actually worth the investment.

A huge thank you to Bachmann's service department for getting this model back to me in good working order.  It's great knowing that Bachmann is not only great for producing quality models but their service department really deserves all they credit they can get.
nice Mavis Review, Chaz.

 on: Today at 06:09:06 PM 
Started by TrainFan97 - Last post by sean1994rail

Well, my Paxton model is here. Trainworld seems to do an excellent job of shipping things out quickly.  He sold out fast over there too.  A huge thank you to their wonderful customer service and fast shipping too, getting here a day earlier than anticipated.  Of course as per usual here are my thoughts on this new model:

Talk about a character who quite literally went far. This is a character who is originally made just as a background character with no real personality or much of the following, aside from toy sales. However, when Blue Mountain mystery rolled around and his personality was a lot more fleshed out and was given more of a purpose than the rest of the characters from the "Miller era", he became a popular character almost instantly. This was even proven even further by his regular appearances since King of the Railway and season 17. When Paxton was first introduced on the show, if you had told me that he deserved a Bachmann model, I would've told you that you were crazy. However, now that the character is more fleshed out, he seems to be a lot more of a natural addition into the range. If anything I would argue that Paxton should have joined the range even sooner, right after Oliver to be exact, but unfortunately a stupid lavender tank engine was in the way of that one…

Of course, his popularity was not the only reason alone that he got made.  It's no secret, he's a re-color of the diesel tooling.  He was made more or less for economical reasons, and as we look even further into the model, we will be able to see why.  Despite this, I feel like now though would be a good time to stop with the Diesel recolors, especially when releasing a "Grumpy Diesel" model.  Regardless, the Paxton model is simple, yet effective. There is a lot to be said about this model, rather than just saying it is a re-color of the Diesel tooling.

Paxton is the first of many things for the range, besides the fact that he is the first character from the CGI series to be introduced in HO, he is the first engine to have side rods of a different color -  bronze.  Now, the diesel and the Arry and Bert models were left unpainted to match their classic model look (despite faces coming from the CG era).  However, unlike those diesels, the siderod colors on Paxton have been more consistent. As a result, they were painted in the appropriate bronze color (though it would look even more accurate with some weathering).  It gets a solid thumbs up in my book for remembering that minor detail.  Hopefully if Bachmann makes Stepney it will be nice to see the model get red siderods too.

I also love the small detail of painting his rear bufferbeam black.  This was something that was a small detail but not really noticeable unless you look carefully.  Bachmann could have easily painted the rear bufferbeam orange for consistency's sake, but instead they went the extra mile and added that extra detail.  Kudos to Bachmann for that one as I didn't know this originally when I first got the model.

Almost everything else on the model though, is aesthetically the same on the Diesel apart from the face, which I will talk about in a minute, and the paintwork. The Diesel model has always had a great amount of detail for matching up with was seen in the television series.  I feel like the Diesel model and his recolors (and Oliver too) are easily the most detailed models in the Bachmann Thomas HO scale line.

And yes Jay, the windows on Paxton are silver.  As they are with all the other diesels in the range.  This is nothing new for Bachmann and it will never change.  Deal with it. Tongue

But now it's time to address the elephant in the room, something that people have talked about on numerous occasions before both in and out of the forum - the face.  A lot of people have complained about Paxton's face looking too big, and while I can see where they are coming from it doesn't bother that much.  It's definitely understandable why people are put off, but is it worth not buying the model?  Honestly? No, and anyone who thinks otherwise is majorly over-reacting. 

But then comes the question, why is the face plate as a whole is so wide in the first place?  After some examination, I can gladly answer this for you.

After taking off the face from the model, you can see that this is literally the exact same diesel model from before repainted.  A no-brainer right?  But wait there's more!

The hole in the model with the eye mechanism fits the Diesel face perfectly, while the face for Paxton on the show is much too narrow and wouldn't fit in the gap on the body shell properly.  So, Bachmann decided to take the easier route with Paxton where instead of messing with the eye mechanism and making an entire new tooling for the model so the smaller face could fit the body better, Bachmann went the cheaper/cost-effective route and just made the faceplate on Paxton a little wider than it should, which explained the glaring error on the prototype model.  It's definitely better than the earlier prototype that was revealed and I'm glad they didn't go that route. 

With 'Arry and Bert, this was a non-issue since the faces were just the right size, if not bigger than Diesel's, to make the eye mechanism work on the model.  For Paxton though, Bachmann had to do the same thing, because they had to keep the eye mechanism intact on the model (it's the main gimmick of the Bachmann range).  For smaller models like the narrow gauge engines or Winston, the mechanism would have been too small and fiddly to add, but for a standard gauge engine, this was something Bachmann had to do and had no real control over.   It was either this, or they would've had to retool the entire Diesel body again to make Paxton's small face fit on the model.  You tell me what the better approach is.  (Honestly, it's a no-brainer.)  Again, in my opinion, it's an overreaction to turn down this model because of the face.  It's certainly better than putting a Trackmaster face on a Bachmann Diesel, which honestly looks a lot worse than the Bachmann face does.

I can't really say this is Bachmann's fault entirely considering their track record and their cost in production, so I won't hold it against them.  I'm not even going to point fingers at Mattel for this one either.  Especially since this has been a requested model for a long time, and Bachmann had to take the cheaper route in order to make this model work because there's no getting around the recent budget fans have witnessed from Bachmann in the last year or so.  So, whether you choose to blame this on the eye mechanism gimmick that Bachmann offers their models, or the fact that Bachmann has been running on more of a budget in recent years, is entirely up to how you choose to view it.  I'm personally relieved that this model at least still got released regardless of what was going against it. The fact that the large scale Diesel got canceled further proves my point.

All right, now moving on from the face, time to talk about everything else that this model has to offer, such as the motor and running quality. If you liked the Diesel model and appreciated it's slow and accurate speed and decent hauling power, you will definitely like what you see in Paxton. The model offers the exact same performance with no real difference between the two.  It's a smooth and sturdy runner, and will look great running on your layout, especially with your narrow gauge engines.  Paxton's always had a lot of appeal as a character and his Bachmann model would still carry that appeal in your collection.

I also found myself having fun running him at the back sections of the layout shunting instead of pulling trains around the main loops at my layout (or in this photos case, giving Gordon a push).  His basis is a shunter in real life, and as well on the show but regardless of how you use Paxton he would still look great on anyone's Thomas layout. 

Overall, whether you look at this model as simple a simple yet effective viewpoint or lazy recolor with a questionable production choice, you cannot deny the fact that Bachmann once again listened to the fans and made a character who in my opinion, was done almost the exact same way I expected Bachmann to do him.  The pros on this model certainly outweigh the one con everyone keeps talking about with this model, and it's great to have him in my collection.  It comes highly recommended by me if you are a fan of the character or if you are a collector of models from this range.  This is easily an improvement over the Rosie model and the James revision - no contest.  It's a model I'm glad I picked up, and I think fans who buy will also buy this model will be happy with what they got.  Thank you Bachmann for pulling this model off, looking forward to getting Rusty and the HO spiteful brake van next!

It's nice having Paxton working with the narrow gauge engines... but at the same time, I can't help but feel that while it's nice having a green diesel in the range that perhaps next year a certain green narrow gauge engine joins the range next year...? Wink
Very informative and detailed review on Paxton. he is a great model.

 on: Today at 06:07:57 PM 
Started by Derpyunikitty - Last post by sean1994rail
Gordon and Henry are both bestsellers and Gordon is still a main character, so neither of them are discontinued.  Oliver is still a bestseller too and has only been out for a year so he probably won't get dropped anytime soon too.  All these engines, including Douglas, are still in the 2018 catalog too so more likely than not, Bachmann is probably expecting a shipment of these to arrive from China soon.
Checked on some of the model shops. They are due back in stock around March 2019.

 on: Today at 06:05:56 PM 
Started by InsideTrack - Last post by sean1994rail
Here's a FINAL image of Rusty. NO DELIVERY DATE YET!

Lovely job on Rusty Bachmann! Well done! Take your time getting him ready. i'm sure he'll be worth the wait.

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