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February 26, 2020, 09:59:28 PM
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 on: Today at 09:06:31 PM 
Started by Joead48 - Last post by Gearedenginefreak
One more thing to consider about a new system. If you belong to a club, or think you might join a club later, consider what they are using - check with your local hobby shop if you have one and they can give you club information in your area.  If you get a system compatible with a local clubs's system, you automatically have a good reference group for helping you figure yours out and tweaking it. And you may be able to use your throttle at the club if they allow it.

Just some thoughts....


 on: Today at 09:04:25 PM 
Started by WoundedBear - Last post by WoundedBear
Thanks guys. And're right. Those cows are shiny. Some weathering powders will cure that.

Good eye. Thanks!


 on: Today at 08:55:19 PM 
Started by WoundedBear - Last post by Ken Huck
WOWZA ! ! !

Sid, that's a great job you did on the blending of the rock outcrops and stone retaining wall.  The backdrop
blends in perfectly too !  Everything, including all the buildings look like they fit right where there are. 

I have a small stock pen too, and believe me, cows don't 'make pies' where they eat.

Keep it up we're really enjoying it.


 on: Today at 07:51:48 PM 
Started by WoundedBear - Last post by jward
Wow! The only thing missing in the cow pen is...Well... Never mind...

Don't you know? Shiny cows don't poop.......

Sorry. Had to have a little fun with that one. Great scene on an interesting looking railroad.

 on: Today at 07:46:03 PM 
Started by Joead48 - Last post by jward
WHat the others said, but i'd add that you should do research before you buy. Some entry level DCC systems have full programming features but limited current capacity. Often these systems can be used as part of an upgraded system in the future. In my case, my command station can support several add on throttles, run up to 20 addresses at the same time (as long as current capacity is not exceeded) and is fully compatable with the same manufacturer's infrared and radio handheld throttles. Best of all, it can be configured as a booster if i ever decide to upgrade to a more advanced system.

The cost of such a system isn't alot more than what your EZ command cost, yet it will do what you want it to do and a whole lot more.

 on: Today at 07:38:15 PM 
Started by ianb26 - Last post by jward
Does the locomotive have all wheels powered? Do any of the wheels have traction tires? When you oper it up, is the motor centrally located with drive shafts to each truck? Or is the motor mounted on only one truck?

If it doesn't have all wheels powered, has traction tires or a truck mounted motor, it is a very poor candidate for DCC.

 on: Today at 06:57:14 PM 
Started by Joead48 - Last post by rich1998
That way you can also change CV's something you cannot do now.


 on: Today at 05:53:35 PM 
Started by WoundedBear - Last post by WoundedBear
Thats a pile of BS right there Len! Lol

I'm sure I can scratch build something suitable.


 on: Today at 05:43:51 PM 
Started by Cpaskert - Last post by Cpaskert
I am looking for information about the prototype of the Baldwin 4-6-0 Southern #1087.  There are many listings for a railroad using the name "SOUTHERN" in combination with other names.  I would like to know the actual railroad and time period for this locomotive. I found a  listing for a "COLUMBIA SOUTHERN" railroad in Oregon, but cannot tell is that is the railroad of the prototype.  There was also a "SOUTHERN" railroad in the South that I believe had a terminal at Columbia, SC.

 on: Today at 05:26:42 PM 
Started by WoundedBear - Last post by Len
About half way down the page these folks have a casting that's been shoveled up and waiting on a local farmer to collect.


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