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April 06, 2020, 04:56:39 PM
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 on: Today at 01:12:58 PM 
Started by jvoycik - Last post by Nathan
This web site will help:


 on: Today at 12:38:39 PM 
Started by - Last post by
What is the current draw (Amps) when the Bachmann HO-Scale 0-6-0 USRA 2026 is running fully loaded?

 on: Today at 10:40:50 AM 
Started by mrmel0 - Last post by Terry Toenges
Have you read the E-Z Command instructions?
"F10 controls the lights on your locomotive."

 on: Today at 09:11:03 AM 
Started by jvoycik - Last post by jvoycik
Need to know how you would wire a DCC EZ Command unit to a BUSS.  Need to connect track in my Walthers Roundhouse to the DCC controller.  Is the 22AWG in the Red wire sufficient to carry the voltage as a BUSS, and if so I assume I have to splice the wiring.  Any suggestions on how to do this the most trouble free way ?

 on: Today at 06:55:23 AM 
Started by mrmel0 - Last post by jonathan
With DCC systems, the decoder is the device that provides the signal to the headlight, not power to the track to the wheels.

When you have a derailment, the signal to the decoder is temporarily lost.  When power is restored (wheels back on the track) the locomotive/s will start to move again. There must be a priority list in the decoder that signals the motor to operate first. It takes a certain amount of current, and time, for the decoder to send commands to the motor and headlight.

I have noticed over the years, that when I have a momentary loss of signal/current, the locomotives start to move for up to 5 seconds before the headlight comes back on.  You may notice this as well when you operate your trains. I consider it just a normal function of the decoder.

I hope this is what you are experiencing based on your description. I'm not a DCC guru... just going on guesses from experience.



 on: Today at 05:00:26 AM 
Started by mrmel0 - Last post by mrmel0
A novice to the hobby, I have up and running an EZ Command system. I purchased an EZ track set that came with everything to get started, including the EZ Command module with 2 locomotives (no sound).

Iíve notice that when one of the locomotiveís derails, the headlight flickers. If I have it solidly on the track, thereís no light.

This happens for both locomotives. A QUESTION, PLEASE: Do I have to use the EZ Command to program the headlamp to work? Otherwise, whatís happening? Why do the headlights flicker when the locomotive derails and as I try to re-rail it, but when itís running on the track - nothing.

HELP, if you can, please.

 on: April 05, 2020, 07:28:45 PM 
Started by TerencetheTractor525 - Last post by Chaz
I know a black James would be cool to have, but am I the only person who thinks a repaint of the same character two years in a row a bit overkill?

The thing is, is that we should have gotten the black James instead of the Busy Bee James in the first place, so itís understandable why thereís more of a push for a black James than ever.  Especially with the LBSC Thomas coming out.

If anything, Busy Bee James was ďoverkillĒ.

I do agree we should have gotten black James first, I just don't really want two James repaints in a row, I'd be ok with it being a couple of years apart, but would could have seen a different engine repainted, such as Scrapped Oliver & Toad.

I understand where you are coming from, but I feel thatís not really much of a strong reason for a black James to not be the next engine recolor, because again thatís what we should have gotten instead of the Busy Bee James in the first place and its understandable why a lot of people are still pushing for it.  Iím not sure if you read my post a few pages back on why I think Black James should be the next repaint and should take top priority in that regard but I would encourage you to check that out as well as all the other responses behind why a Black James should still be considered even if it may sound redundant.  A lot of people would still want a black James and would buy it to go along with their upcoming LBSC Thomas models and you donít really see people getting that excited over the Busy Bee James.

Mattel, ironically enough is still making toys of the Black James such as the recent push along and Minis James toys and I still wouldnít rule out Bachmann to do the same thing.  That, and at this point I feel that any other engine recolors like scrap painted engines or other one time episode repainted engines like a Percy covered in chocolate or blue Bill and Ben (random examples off the top of my head), wouldnít really work as far as making sales Bachmann would need.  Busy Bee James is likely going to be a peg warmer like the celebration Thomas was and I feel that any other engine recolor that isnít the black James is going to be the exact same way.

 on: April 05, 2020, 02:46:39 PM 
Started by Chaz - Last post by TrainMan2001
Here's a link to a picture that shows the scaling of the N Scale models pretty well:

The picture is from Merritt Trainboy on deviantart. I believe the models are on Bachmann's standard 5 inch pieces of track, so if anyone has that type of track and the Tomix models, it could prove an interesting comparison. The interesting thing is that it seems that only Annie and Clarabel seem to follow CGI scaling, since Thomas appears to be quite large compared to the trucks, like his Model Series and Bachmann HO and Large counterparts.

 on: April 05, 2020, 11:33:04 AM 
Started by jonathan - Last post by jonathan
 Grin Yes. The 4 door was the Custom 500. Good pull Joe. Loved that car. 289 engine was indestructible. Finally handed it over to salvage when the frame was so rusted, I couldn't jack up the car to change a flat. Minnesota does not provide a good environment for vehicles.



 on: April 05, 2020, 10:40:16 AM 
Started by jonathan - Last post by Terry Toenges
After I got off active duty in '70 and moved to NY, I bought a clunky old '61 Galaxie for a couple hundred dollars from a friend's bro as my 1st car up there. It was a 3 speed on the column and shortly after I bought it, the bit of metal on the column (that held the shift lever pin in) broke. I had to keep the shift lever in the seat next to me and stick it in the column when I wanted to shift. The upside was that, since it was NY, I could take the shift lever with me when I got out and didn't have to worry about someone stealing it.

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