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June 06, 2020, 01:24:00 AM
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 on: May 31, 2020, 05:27:28 PM 
Started by Bennieboy - Last post by rich1998
I have used the Power Cab and it is a good system. I have on;ly used the HO Spectrum locos with onboard sound and Soundtraxx that I put in. Never Sound Value. The issue was never a bother for me.
Below is a link to the CV list for Sound Value if you do not have it. I have seen the question and answer here before but do not remember the solution.


 on: May 31, 2020, 05:25:47 PM 
Started by the Bach-man - Last post by Trainman203
I tried to do Flickr awhile back and didnít succeed.  Maybe should try again. 

My layout is not as detailed as yours Sid.  Many folks probably would find it kind of boring.  Nothing spectacular.  Itís very rural flat country with mostly ground cover and lichen. The scenery is about 90% done. Iíd have to count but I think thereís only 8 or 10 buildings on it, all plastic kits repainted in dull brick and wood colors and minor detail improvements like taking excessive muntins out of windows. Iím not putting any more buildings on the layout  itís got the open look I like and Iím not a builder in any way.  I just took a building off last week to open things up more.  Scenery and structures to me are backdrops to operations on my layout, I run locals and switch small rural setouts, thatís it.

 on: May 31, 2020, 03:55:19 PM 
Started by the Bach-man - Last post by WoundedBear
Quentin, I have a 40í long layout with 20 switches that can handle 3 or 4 engines and about 30 cars at one time.  At 80 some odd steam engines, 20 some odd diesels, around 600 freight cars and 20 passenger cars ..... I finally turned off the faucet and said ďno more.Ē   

That said, Iím planning on getting the Frisco decapod 1624 later this year.  It really doesnít matter that I already have 1630 and 1632.  I yelled at the Bach Man so many times to bring the decapod back, I feel honor bound to buy one.

You need to post some pics of that layout. I'm sure everyone here would like to see it.


 on: May 31, 2020, 03:46:42 PM 
Started by Chaz - Last post by TrainFan97
I just heard that Michael Angelis, the UK narrator for Seasons 3-16, has passed away.

 on: May 31, 2020, 03:29:20 PM 
Started by Bennieboy - Last post by Bennieboy
Check the CV list. It is right in the DCC page in the Bachmann site. What DCC system do you use?


I use NCE PowerCab.

 on: May 31, 2020, 03:08:13 PM 
Started by Syl - Last post by rich1998
Very nice. If new to DCC, you are doing well.
I have the 70 ton. Runs very well but converted to LokSound about ten years ago. I also lubed with light coat LaBelle 102 gear oil.


 on: May 31, 2020, 03:00:15 PM 
Started by Bennieboy - Last post by rich1998
Check the CV list. It is right in the DCC page in the Bachmann site. What DCC system do you use?


 on: May 31, 2020, 02:52:39 PM 
Started by Bennieboy - Last post by Bennieboy
So I have a couple DCC Soundvalue locomotives and frankly, they're awesome. The only problem is that when I startup my DCC system, they both make the idling noises while my other DCC locomotives do not. Is there some way I can adjust the CVs so that they're silent upon DCC startup like my other locomotives?

 on: May 31, 2020, 02:52:15 PM 
Started by Ray Dunakin - Last post by jonathan
Truly astounding model work, Ray. Thanks for letting us peek.

Been a while. Glad to know you're still building.



 on: May 31, 2020, 12:57:45 PM 
Started by tweetsie12 - Last post by armorsmith
A fool and his money are soon parted.  People's desire to own something often over rides their common sense. I recently purchased at an estate sale, a large scale K27 for less than half what I paid Caboose Hobbies for my first one in 2008. I have looked for another for several years, but was not willing, and am still not willing, to pay inflated prices.

I have heard way too many horror stories about eBay sellers to trust eBay listings. I generally don't troll eBay, but trolled the On30 listings last evening. Almost every  listing I looked into said almost nothing in print about the item with the statement "photos are part of the item description". Some were stock photos taken from manufacturer's web sites. How do I know that the photos of the item are photos of the item I am bidding on? Do I trust seller ratings? HELL NO!! The rating system is a sham. I am of the mind set that if I cannot inspect the item before purchase, I don't need it. Years ago eBay was a good place to do business. eBay has become far to commercialized and protects the sellers (who pay the eBay fees) to the extent buyers are left relatively on their own. Yes there is a system, but I don't have weeks or months for my money to be tied up in eBay investigations.

I have always believed that the used market should not draw more than 50% of new STREET price, not MSRP. Pay attention that MSRP is Manufacturer's SUGGESTED Retail Price. That number has all kinds of movement for middle men, wholesalers, and retailers. When the product is new, the price at the retailer is the price that is likely what will make the retailer a reasonable profit margin based on how long he feels he will sit on the item before it sells. In recent years manufacturers have put large minimum orders on retailers making their prices rise to cover the excess inventory they are forced to bear if they wish to market a given product. Manufacturers are moving to these restrictions to assure they recover the manufacturing costs associated with a given product. This has resulted in the blow out sales we see when a retailer has gotten all the profit he believes he is going to make on that product, and now he is selling to recover his actual cost (or very near) and get the inventory out of his possession and off his financial books.

I have no problem with people making a profit on their products. I have a problem with profiteering and gouging, and that is where I see the used market heading.

My opinion for what ever that is worth.

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