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June 15, 2021, 12:53:34 PM
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 on: June 07, 2021, 07:07:05 PM 
Started by ripvanwnkl - Last post by ripvanwnkl
I just bought this new Bachmann #63754 Erie Lackawanna F7A with DCC no sound from an online hobby shop in Maryland.  It was dead on arrival.  Loco looks fine but won't respond to any commands from my EZ Command.  I have four other F7As from this same line (SNs #63751-55) which work fine with the same EZ Command and track.  Any suggestions before I send it in for repair/replacement? 


 on: June 07, 2021, 03:13:56 PM 
Started by TrainFan97 - Last post by TrainFan97
If Diesel 10 gets made with a CGI face (he undoubtedly will), and if you're bothered by it, you could just use a 3D-printed Shapeways face (if one was to exist) to swap it out.

BoCo would be better-received if he was done first, but Diesel 10 could be made because of the fact that he's a very marketable character, and he was actually in the CGI series. The claw should be manually operated. To make it centered when not in use, they can just make it to where it won't swing easily, and require something to turn it, like fingers. Another idea is clicking at certain rotation points. There are many ideas for how Bachmann could get the claw to work.

Diesel 10 being made would mean no more having to repaint the Class 42 Warship model and having to mount a claw to the top. Both BoCo and Diesel 10 are great choices for the next long bogie diesel in the HO Scale range after Daisy. Can't wait to see which one Bachmann actually does announce first. It's all thanks to Bachmann Daisy for bringing diesels like this into the picture.

 on: June 07, 2021, 02:06:23 PM 
Started by TrainFan97 - Last post by thomasj219
Well, I for one would love both. BoCo would have to be my first choice. Iconic. Diesel 10 I would buy in a heartbeat too, although I hope they would use his model series face and make the claw manually movable. Bandai style.

 on: June 07, 2021, 01:43:24 PM 
Started by Loco Bill Canelos - Last post by Greg Elmassian
From what I am told, the Bachmann display was on a table at the Star Hobby booth. A friend asked about the socket in the new Big Hauler, and they were not aware of it.

I guess that's what happens if you don't represent your product yourself.


 on: June 07, 2021, 12:46:44 PM 
Started by TrainFan97 - Last post by GordonPacific04
 Very interesting Question, as I would honestly be fine with both.

Boco is a classic character, the thing keeping him back is that he's only appeared in the model series, however many people will probably still argue that that doesn't mean he's not a possibility.

Diesel 10 is just plain cool looking. He's appeared in the CGI series and is very marketable. (although I won't be happy about the CGI face, but that's a topic for another thread).

 on: June 07, 2021, 09:27:05 AM 
Started by TrainFan97 - Last post by SNER
Hey all! New to the forums, I thought I'd join in the discussion!

The best choice for Bachmann to make after Daisy is... Bear! He shares the same chassis as CGI/RWS Daisy - being a BoBo!

Kidding aside, my pick for the next diesel is BoCo. My collection mostly sticks to Season 1-4, since I grew up with those and the RWS. If we get Stepney then BoCo, we have the full standard gauge roster! (Minus Class 40, but do you really want him? Dude doesn't even have a real name. ... I'd probably still buy him though.)

I also would really like a Diesel 10 too. I like the Warship basis and have even considered getting a red one shipped from the UK and just say Diesel 10 got a repaint and lost his claw.
Regarding his claw, did you know D10 appears in a book, "Diesel 10 Means Trouble", and early concept art without it? It was supposed to pop out of his roof. I don't know how practical it is, but it would be cool if Bachmann was able to make that work without ugly seam lines when running without the claw. Or maybe have like a small, weak, magnet glued inside the roof? Weak enough to not affect the motor, naturally.

Also, regarding Stepney being next, I do have a question. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Hornby and Dapol (or was it another UK company?) make Terriers last year and noticeable NOT a Stepney? I expect Stepney to be an easy cash grab in a Terrier range, being one of the first standard gauge UK steam engines preserved and the T&F popularity, despite being faceless.
So, I'm wondering if there's some sort of licensing needed from the Bluebell, and maybe they got protective after Alcroft tried suing them for running Stepney in the 90s for looking like a T&F character (despite real Stepney being first), or maybe they aren't letting merchandise being made, as real-Stepney currently isn't running due to needing an extensive overhaul.

 on: June 07, 2021, 08:44:32 AM 
Started by Loco Bill Canelos - Last post by Loco Bill Canelos
HI All,

Looking at the latest photos of the new PNP 4-6-0, it seems Bachmann has dumped a dilemma on me as far as chassis identification goes.  Looking at the photos I am thinking of calling it the "PNP Annie" but what I am desperate for are specific VISIBLE differences on the loco itself.  For example the catalog says it has a "finescale backhead" but what I need to know is this; Is there any actual difference in backheads  on this new PNP Annie and the original Annie we know and love?? Are  there other things that are different just looking at the loco that define it as a PNP Annie?  

As many of you know what I strive for in chassis Identification is how can the reader tell the difference if all they had was the locomotive itself without the tender.

I will be making a major move to a new state and my layout has been torn down and all my rolling stock has gone into storage, so it is going to be up to forum members to help me out with the new chassis definition.  My usual procedure is to place both locomotives side by side, using using painted unlettered locomotives and trying to see what is different about them.  I will not be able to do this in the foreseeable future so any help you can give will be much appreciated.

Loco Bill

 on: June 06, 2021, 05:57:25 PM 
Started by AussieOn30 - Last post by AussieOn30
I recently purchased a Bachmann Spectrum On30 Heisler.  Unfortunately the plug and play sound module is no longer being manufactured and I cannot find anyone with stocks. Does anyone know if I can substitute Buchmannís #44959 sound module for 0-6-0 into my Heisler.

 on: June 06, 2021, 05:30:58 PM 
Started by Chaz - Last post by plas man
why , O' why do all engines close their eyes and sqirm when blowing their whistles - it makes you think they are constipated

 on: June 06, 2021, 03:46:45 PM 
Started by Chaz - Last post by TrainFan97
It's hard to say what would come after the upcoming infamous reboot. I don't see All Engines Go getting more than two seasons, so if it does flop (it most likely will), they'll either get the show back to the way it was, or just kill the franchise completely. Hopefully not the latter.

When Mattel took over, toy quality started to plummet, and they got obsessed with internationalism. The reason the show really started going downhill since The Great Race was because Mattel had been making garbage-quality toys, and it's continuing to get worse. They thought the Big World Big Adventures rebrand would keep the show going, but it only did the opposite. Big World Big Adventures only lasted three seasons, and it was such a flop, it killed the original show.

The idea of Thomas traveling the world came from Thomas saying he wanted to "see the world" in one of the first books of The Railway Series, and Mattel thought he meant that literally, and they took it waaaaay too seriously. So, they literally made Thomas circumnavigate the globe. They shortened the episode segments to seven minutes like from Seasons 8-12. They controversially removed Edward and Henry from the main cast, and replaced them with extremely forced female characters. The stories were also getting increasingly dumber, and having pointless fantasy sequences. Many of the international episodes were also too Thomas-centric, and Thomas acted like an idiot in them as well.

With the original show now dead and buried, no thanks to Mattel and their Big World Big Aventures rebrand, we're getting All Engines Go, which isn't even CGI, but a low-budget cartoon, with character designs they call "amazing" but we call atrocious, absolutely no realism whatsoever, no more drivers or firemen, no more narrator, engines jumping off the tracks, and Thomas being the main character in every episode, thus taking Thomas-centrism to the next level, and taking away a lot of story potential. It's bad enough Thomas appears or speaks in every episode in some seasons, but literally making Thomas the main character in every episode takes it to the next level. Thomas-centrism has gotten out of control. Mattel is out of control.

If Mattel didn't think of this Big World Big Adventures rebrand, we could've still been getting good episodes from the CGI series, like Season 20. The only thing that could save the franchise would be if Thomas goes to another, more competent company, and Thomas needs another company, desperately.

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