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My new micro/small layout

Started by CNE Runner, September 15, 2009, 04:50:42 PM

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Why are you using such light material?  Wouldn't 1/2" plywood work better for an application that will see lots of use?

CNE Runner

Half-inch plywood would have been great...if it fit. When one adds up the height of the 2 brass strips (lower on the pit floor and upper on the underside of the table) as well as the brass rectangular tubing and (to a much less extent) the brass channel on the table itself; the result is a surface that was above the layout's surface. This put the top of the table track rails a considerable distance above the entry rails. [If you go back to page 1, you will see the entry track is much too short to somehow 'elevate' it to match a higher table.]

The second table material I examined was 5 mm furniture-grade birch plywood. Why didn't I go with that? Because I was worried about warpage in use...go figure.

I think the foamcore - laminated with sheet styrene - will fit the bill. Foamcore, by itself, is stout and does not warp. I have already cut new foamcore tables and now have to head to Huntsville for some sheet styrene. Actually the only rolling stock to be on each transfer table will be a 40' box car, reefer, or beer car - and the little Plymouth WDT switching locomotive. You do have a point: If one were putting a large steamer (or diesel) locomotive on these tables, I would definitely consider something a little more durable.

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