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GE 44 Chassis

Started by SFREAK, September 29, 2009, 09:10:49 AM

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Best chassis since Bachmann has N - Scale
and chance for more:
a Ingersoll - Rand - BOXCAB and
a Climax - BOXCAB !!!
Don´t forget the undec. Version´s.


 I think ATLAS and KATO have the best chassis. I have placed a few older 1970's ATLAS and re introduction MP -modelpower- GP40's,ALCO C420's,RSD15's on a ATLAS chassis.

This is just my opinion
I like U.S. HISTORY, railroad history.etc...



the Kato  &  Atlas Chassis are, in moment, the standard in N - Scale -
but to long to build "old Time" Locos.
Big Locos are not rare  in N -
there so much little locos in American Railway History -
they build this land - not  the big ones !!!
And the GE 44 ton - Chassis is a big chance for custom Shells.
The Shay from Atlas are great,  what OT - Fans need is a real
looking 0-4-0, a better 4-4-0, a 4-6-0, a 2-2-4 Forney, a 0-4-0T and ... ?!
I hope theres a comeback for the "old time" cars with a real old Time Look,
the underframe of the logging flat cars are a big step for Bachmann !!!


Mr Bachmann
when comes next GE 44 Run -
a AT&SF  #466 or #462  we need ...
and a new 0-4-0 in all Version DC with better Drive is missing ...

plas man

must admit that over the past couple of years Bachmann has ''pulled' their sock's up , and improved their train's otherwise they would have been out of business .