Bachmann On30 minimum radius? Maximum grade capability?

Started by vic, October 01, 2009, 12:52:18 PM

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Bachmann On30 minimum radius? Maximum grade capability?

Question re: Bachmann On30 lineup, what are the real world minimum turning radius of thier lineup particular

4-6-0 Ten Wheeler

2-8-0 Connie

2-4-4 Forney

I have a plan in mind but while most of it is 18" radius, in one section it calls for a minimum radius of 15"

I already found the posts here re the Porter, 2-6-0 and rolling stock items min radius, so I'm primariliy concerned about the newest offerings. So I need to find which will work, also I will have a working grade of 4% so I need to know also if they are capable of working the grade as well.

I'm particularly interested in the 2-6-0 on a 4% grade, 18" R, typical consist would be either engine, tender, and 2 0r 3 passenger cars, or engine, tender, 3-4 freight cars and caboose. not long trains but then my passing sidings arent long either. the whole layout will be pretty small but I plan to take it as vertical as I can.



I have seen this subject come up a lot, and recently, there are generally a lot of variables people ask about or mention, but the one thing that all the replies seem to agree on, is you should set up a section of test track with the min radius and grade to test operation of your equipment, and run them at the max speed you would run them, to make sure they run smoothly. it might seem like a hassle but stripping track off of a blank piece of plywood is easier the redoing your bench work.



On one of the other forums, it was posted that the Forney requires at least a 21" minimum.   Can't help on the others.
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Good Afternoon,

        The 4-6-0,  the 2-8-0,  and the 2-6-0 will all take 18 in radius.  The 2-6-0 may take 15 in radius,  but if so,  that will be the only one.
        The forneys and the climaxs will need 21-22 in radius as I have a passing siding with 18r in one of my mine areas and the climax will not go without derailing.
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OK so I could only take the Mogul and the Porters on the upper 15"R loop, the rest would be OK on the lower 18"R loop but would choke on the upper.

I ask these Qs as I'm considering scrapping my current layout and switching to On30, but the caviet is that I have to keep my current benchwork base which is only 4'6" x 6'6". I have no other room to expand it.

I have what I consider a workable plan but I havent bought anything yet so hence my questions, I need to know with some certainty this will work. if I cannot make this idea work on this base, I wont do it.

So how do these work on grades? ???


So how do the 2-6-0s work on grades?  ???

Anyone anyone?

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Check out 

He runs an On30 2-8-0 on 15" radius w/no problems.
For those real tight curves there is always the turntable!
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I have 4% grades, I have ran the 2-6-0 Mogul with 3 Bachmann  passengers cars and it did  just fine.  The Connie pulls the grade like a champ with a long drag behind her.  Also Keeping in mind my 4% grade as it makes a loop with a 22" radius  on my RR it also  increases the gradient. They all pull  the grade just fine.   The Shay, No sweat.  The Porter , as long as the drag is light and you weight the Porter's chassis  a little for traction she'll pull my 4% OK  .
Hope this helps.  :)



Some folks are running Climax locos on 18"r. The Forney will run but have trouble pulling stock due to excessive rear coupler swing.
If you are prepared to do some 'bashing' there are other possibilities which will run on 15" radius or less.
You could use an HO 4-axle diesel chassis with a BVM conversion kit or a scratch built boxcab body;or use a  Bachmann (soon to be reintroduced) HO 0-6-0 ST switcher with a BWM kit.

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Thanks guys thats what I was hoping to hear, now I can keep planning  ;D