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EZ Trak Magnetic uncoupler

Started by lwmlwm44, October 03, 2009, 04:58:58 PM

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Am hoping to find a magnetic uncoupler to use with my DCC and EZ trak with the road bed.    I see Bachmann has one that has a workman included.   Understand this is a magnetic unit that is placed under the EZ trak.   

Was wondering how well it works and how it works.   Anyone out there have one on their bench

Have seen quite a few of these automatic uncouplers, but from what I have read they arn't all that perfected...........most folks prefer uncoupling by hand with a wooden rod sharpened to a point and by other various methods.


Reinhard S

Hi Larry,

I have several of the Bachmann magnetic uncouplers which I use in conjunction with EZ track.  The magnet has a self adhesive which is placed inside the roadbed of the EZ track.  The rolling stock or locomotives to be uncoupled move to the area of track where the magnet is (the brakeman is placed at that area for reference), a reverse in direction is applied and the magnet moves the couplers to uncouple.  The rolling stock can then be pushed to a desired position without coupling.  That's how it works in theory.  Sometimes it works as advertised and sometimes it does not.  At times the cars uncouple, when not desired to do so, when the train is coasting over the magnet.  The best method is to use a thin wooden skewer coated with a small amount of graphite.  Place the skewer in between the couplers, give a clockwise twist, and you got it.  It takes a little practice but it works.

All the best!

Reinhard S.


Thanks Reinhard   The wooden skewer method is what I have heard most folks use.   The place where I would be putting the uncouplers would be in a yard.....I have some dead end tracks I want to use to be able to back the train up on and then uncouple the engine from them for the most part.   The magnetic ones may work ok for that purpose as I will not actually be running the train over the coupler while going forward as in a regular straight run.    I may try the magnectic and see how it goes but will probably use the skewer method for other cases.



Larry, go for it. I have about 5 Bachmann uncoupling magnets and 4 [Kadee in between the rails]. They really work well. Makes things more realistic this way rather than leaning over with a wooden skewer in your hand.
Get Off My Train !!!


I have E-Z u/cs let into the track bed and they(and others) work if the cars are set correctly over them.I prefer them to the kadee between rails type which are conspicuous,dearer and do not always give 'delayed' uncoupling due to their narrow width compared to that of the E-Zs which give a wider coupler offset.
They are ideal for deadend siding use. I have used a single u/c on a lead to several sidings making use of the delayed u/c action but you must have good running to do this as any hesitation by the loco will probably result in recoupling.

Eric UK


Thanks for all the comments and suggestions guys.........have my Bachmann uncouplers ordered and will let you know how it turns out when I get them installed.   All uncouplers will be installed on dead end siding tracks in my yard.