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Question about sound controllers

Started by Alex Butner, October 06, 2009, 07:23:26 AM

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Alex Butner

I have a question about the Quantum sound controller, is it compatible with a Bachmann controller and Bachmann trains?



       Unless I am mistaken,  the Quantum controller was designed to work,  originally,  with Broadway Ltd engines,  equipped with QSI sound.   Now,  my logic tells me that any engine equipped with QSI sound,  such as Atlas should also work with the Quantum controller.
        Bachmann sound equipped engines come with Tsunami technology,  so I suspect they would not work with that particular controller.
        Hopefully Jim Banner or any of the other astute members of this forum will read this post and correct me if I am wrong.

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Alex Butner

Will a BLI Hudson be compatible with EZ Command? And do you need a power pack and transformer in order to use the Walk-around EZ Command controller? Also, it mentions that it is compatible with all DC and DCC systems- Does that mean that Broadway Limited Imports locomotives are compatible or would I have to use something else. Just to tell you, I want a Bachmann set but I also want to get a BLI Hudson. I do not want to use anything that is costly or unfriendly to other brands. Thanks in advance for any help.


Ok, many questions going on at once. I'll start by pointing out that the quantum controller is for sound control on DC. If you want to run the loco on dcc, then you will need to install a 8 pin decoder into the loco first, and then the sounds can be controlled off of the ezcommand with no need for the quantum controller. You also said something about walk around controls with the ezcommand, well there's 2 ways, 1. You can hook up a bachmann DC controller to the ezcommad and that will create a semi walk around controller, or 2. You can get the ezcompanion that is a completly seperate unit that  can plug into the ezcommad via a special cable that you can buy plug in walk around pannels for so you can move around further.


Plugging a Bachmann DC controller into the E-Z Command controller only allows you to control a DC loco with it and gives an extra DCC 'channel' on the Command.
The E-Z Companion plugs into the E-Z Command with the supplied connecting cable and needs no extra equipment. The Companion can select and control locos but can't change addresses.
The Connector Panel comes with a cable to plug into the E-Z Command. The Companion (and another Panel) can then be plugged into the Panel to give more distance between the two controllers.

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