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Track layout software

Started by Flyer, October 26, 2009, 09:16:20 PM

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Anyone using computer software for track layout work?  What brand, etc.  Thanks for comments or experience.

Cody J

Try this:

It's a free layout planning software with buildings and track of all sorts.

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The Atlas software is limited as it only gives Atlas HO track.
A better choice is the following:-

Has libraries of most proprietary track systems on the market in all scales from Z to G, and the ability to mix them. The free version is limited to a maximum of 50 pieces but a large track plan can be done in pieces and saved as a series of files. You can also 'export' a file as a JPG so that it can be viewed by most without access to the software.
I have posted this on various forums and a number of folks have, like me, found it good enough to buy the full version.

Eric UK

CNE Runner

Flyer - I have used AnyRail for some time now - and am quite satisfied with the program. At first I used the free version; and later downloaded the $ version (which gives the owner more options). Like most of us, I don't have the time - nor the inclination - to learn a complicated [essentially] CAD program...AnyRail works just fine for my purposes. Eric has provided the AnyRail link for your convenience.


PS: Eric - I got a Peco Code 75 Insulfrog crossing that was incorrectly assembled (had an 'interesting' time replacing it last evening). This is the first defective piece of Peco track I have ever gotten...must have been a 'bad clam' day in England when it was made. When you get the chance, swing by the factory and tell them I am annoyed...but still love their products.
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Take a look at CADRail.  I have been using it for a number of years and it has done everything I needed.  Tom is also good at fixing problems when they are reported.


Many thanks Gents!  This Forum is MOST helpful to a beginner. I'm sure I can find something usefull now.


Does anyone know of a good track program that will run on a Mac?


All I know is that there are not very many that will run on an Apple computer, so your pickings will be slim. I checked and Atlas' Right Track will not run on Macintosh computers.
Railmodeler is a good one and runs on Macs.
I'm not sure about Empire Express...