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Started by u3o8geo, June 11, 2016, 12:07:32 PM

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brad g

Thanks.  May I ask, do you have an example of a 5 amp power pack you can name? 
I don't know of any in DC.


To answer but yet not answer your exact question, there is a 10 amp one from MRC, the AG990 POWER G
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Loco Bill Canelos

The MRC 10 amp is a great pack. there is one on Ebay right now.  Expensive but worth it.  Other brands would be Lionel DC packs, Bridgewerks,  some LGB, packs, older used Bachmann packs(no longer made), used Aristocraft(also no longer made).  If you can get a copy of Garden Railways Magazine, you can check out the ads as well.

If you are only going to use one locomotive and the layout is say 10 by 40 feet, 3 amps would probably be OK as well.

Happy hunting,

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brad g