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Garden Railways Advertisement....Oooops?

Started by bob kaplan, May 03, 2007, 02:11:53 PM

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bob kaplan

On page 11 of the June 2007 GARDEN RAILWAYS magazine, the ad for Bachmann's new 38 ton, three truck shay can be this correctly phrased?  Should it be 55 ton?

Bachmann Industries, Inc.

Oops, indeed. There was a mix-up in our marketing department that somehow eluded us . . . a revised version of the ad with corrected tonnage (55) has already been submitted to Garden Railways for their next run.

The erroneous ad will appear in other magazines for one run only, to be replaced with material promoting another Bachmann product. We apologize for the confusion and appreciate your understanding and support!

Best regards,
Bachmann Industries, Inc.