Started by twojags, June 04, 2010, 01:35:29 AM

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This is a great looking locomotive but as a novice when it comes to DCC Systems I would appreciate some advice. Is it supplied with full DCC or just the Sound element?  Will it run on Massoth 12A 24v DCC supply and will any CV's need changing to avoid any problems with lights and/or smoke. Lastly will it run on conventional DC layouts like some of the HO scale locos?

Any help would be much appreciated.


This is truly just any advice,  I have one that whistles and runs fine in both directions using a small LGB pack. My second one lights up and sounds fine but will not run.  I have had to return 5 out of 8 engines I own. I know that it will at least (oh sorry) Is supposed to give you basic chuff sound and the correct two forward toots and three reverse toots at starts.  I believe  you can add reed switches or bachmanns  locomotive control system for more sounds.  Check out the other  3 truck entries.  There seems to be allot of misfit toys out of the box. You ship it back to them at your expense.  Add that possible cost into your purchase price.  I hope other more experienced voices can help us both.