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3-truck Shay all that I can say is WOW!!!

Started by Art, February 06, 2007, 03:51:19 PM

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I just recieved my new 3-truck Shay and cannot express what a great loco this is. I have a Shay, Heisler, and a Climax that I really like but this unit is the best thing going...... Great Work Bachmann



The 3-truck shay is one sweet engine.  I can't run mine enough!
Jerry Kay
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the Bach-man

Dear Art and VC,
I'll pass that along.
the Bach-man


I haven't been able to afford the new Shay yet, but I saw a friends and it's the finest looking engine I've ever seen.
I did buy a new 36 ton Shay last month and it wasn't ruuning right, I had to send it back. I just notice the warranty card is still in my sun visor of my truck....


Steve Stockham

  Where did you find a "new" 36-ton Shay? ???

Loco Bill Canelos


Quite a few on Ebay recently,, if you believe the sellers!!  A friend told me Mizzel Trains in denver had one or two, but if they still do you won't like the price, I didn't ::)
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Steve, I have a friend that has several Shays still new.  He has so many trains, he doesn't have time to run them all.  He's been retired a couple years and he's trying.