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Source for EBT and ET&WNC Passenger Coaches!

Started by ksivils, October 23, 2010, 02:39:09 PM

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I just obtained two kits from Deerfield River Laser. One is for EBT Coach #8-11. The other is for an ET&WNC coach.

Neither is an exact replica kit, though Deerfield does make kits that produce replicas.

These are laser cut wood kits designed to retrofit the Bachmann passenger coaches. 

I have not assembled either yet but have read the directions. Less painting, decaling and weathering it is my estimation that assembly will be 1.5 hours for the first and much less for the second kit. Through glue drying time as well.

The links below should take you right to the page for each kit.

Deerfield also makes Maine 2 ft. coaches.

Deerfield makes closed vestibule ET&WNC coaches as well, but alas, no short Bachmann version just yet.

Also, no Rio Grande style RPO but there is hope.


The problem with ET&WNC coaches, they used second-hand stuff from a New England 3-footer after they got rid of all their other stuff in the 30s. Nobody makes good replicas of those coaches.
So even with the Deerfield kits, you're modeling a pre-war consist.
I have painted/decalled/weathered a AMS coach for ET&WNC but I'd like a far more accurate representation someday of the wartime coaches.

Sure looks nice coupled to a wartime black ten-wheeler, I have 4 of the locos, representing all three of the 'basic black' locos the ET&WNC had in WW2, and also # 14 in green as I just liked that paint scheme so much...

BTW, I numbered this 23 as I saw that coach in person when I was a kid, it was off it's trucks and abandoned as the "Tweetsie Diner" in Newland, NC.