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4-6-0 driver size

Started by charlii, November 29, 2010, 02:43:47 PM

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Attn: Mr. Bach-man
Wondering size of driver wheels (50" or 56") on the scheduled 4-6-0 to be released soon?


Still wondering about the driver size of the N scale 4-6-0?

the Bach-man

Dear Charlii,
I'll measure one when they arrive and I get another sample. My paint sample was "borrowed" at the Syracuse show.
Happy Holidays!
the Bach-man


The options for the drivers relative to the HO versions are 52 and 63". I believe these are supposed to be the modernized 63" versions.
Tony Hines

Modeling the B&O in Loveland, OH 1947-1950


Measured driver on 4-6-0 today (and if I read correctly) dimension was .368 which figures to be around 59" in N scale. Seems rather odd size.