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4-4-0 Eureka

Started by traindude109, February 07, 2007, 09:58:42 PM

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Still shopping around. Can anyone give me some info on this loco? Trainworld is having a closeout on them and I would like to take advantage of it.

Boulder Creek and Western Railroad (G scale 1:20.3)

Loco Bill Canelos

Hey dude,

To me the E&P 4-4-0 is just about the prettiest Bachmann Loco ever made,  Others think so too.  The E&P 4-4-0 sells for about $375 & up on Ebay.  If you really want one I'd grab it at the trainworld price.

Did you actually check t see if they still had an E&P unit?  I have heard they sold out of that roadname. 

Good luck
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A picture of that engine is on this web site.



MicroMark has the eurieka at  $359 you have to phone the order in.

Souderton, Pa

Danny Sheehan in Oz

Loco Bill, I sincerely hope your information is wrong, as I have just ordered a Eureka 4-4-0 from Trainworld.  They are certainly a beautiful locomotive.
Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz. ::)

Danny Sheehan in Oz

A am pleased to advise that Trainworld shipped my E & P American yesterday.
Next week I will be able to say "Eureka, I have it"!!!!
Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz. :)

Danny Sheehan in Oz

"EUREKA, I HAVE IT".  The Eureka American arrived today, it would have to be the most beautiful Bachmann locomotive ever produced.
I am most impressed with my purchase, thanks Trainworld and Bachmann!
Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz. ;D