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Who models the post-steam era?

Started by gmhtrains, March 31, 2011, 12:03:45 AM

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If you're willing to freelance a bit, why not have a transition era 30" narrow gauge set somewhere in the US (or anyplace else)?   What if history had been just a bit different...  Perhaps narrow gauge lines could have adopted diesel well before the standard gauge lines.  And perhaps that lowered their operational costs allowing them to better compete with the standard gauges and trucking.  And perhaps ....

Have fun and build what ya want.   :D



Gentlemen, At the Colorado Railroad museum there are 3 large narrow gauge diesel locomotives that all cane from the Rio Grande.  I believe that they are #110,15,130.  and we also have a GE switcher, a small plymouth and a Caterpillar switcher #50 that I believe SMR trains makes a brass model of.   I could be wrong about their numbers, I'm not a diesel fan, but have worked on some at the Museum.


One American narrow gauge diesel that has not yet been mentioned was the "Little Giant", an end cab GE 50 ton unit that looked a lot like the GE 70 tonners. It was used on Southern Pacific's 3' gauge "Slim Princess" line in the high desert. It wore at least two different paint schemes during it's service on the line. Rich Yoder Models is importing a brass model of this loco that will be available gauged for On30, as well as On3, O and Proto:48.

<> for prototype photos
<> for reservation info

Bill Nielsen
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA


I mentioned the SP diesel in the second post.


Since initiating this thread just over three weeks ago, we've had a comprehensive listing of prototype North American narrow gauge diesels and some discussion of available On30 internal combustion models. But no one has come out and admitted that they model a 1970's, '80's, '90's or current day freelance railroad that is 100% diesel-powered. The hobby of model railroading has long been compared to a time machine, and apparently narrow gauge attracts followers who prefer to live in the past. Either that, or this forum is not read by modelers outside of North America where modernized inter-city narrow gauge survives today.

Gil Hulin

Royce Wilson

Gil, People like to model the past because research is part of the fun. I model the turn of century in O scale and believe me the research keeps you busy! ;D



well it does say "/home-usa/board" on the web address for this board so I would be shocked if the vast majority here WEREN'T North American modelers
mike miller
San Juan Pacific Lines
On31.17 California 3' narrow gauge

Hamish K

Modern european narrow gauge is modelled, I have seen exhibition layouts of this. However I would not expect to find such modellers here. HO (either HOe on 9mm gauge track or HOm on 12mm gauge track) is more common than O scale ( Oe on 16.5mm gauge track and Om on 22.5mm gauge track).

The overseas modellers who are here either like US prototypes or are, like myself, from Australia and other countries where American style equipment ran on narrow gauge lines. Thus Bachmann On30 models can be used. Some lines in Australia, South America and elsewhere used a combination of US and British or European equipment, offering much scope for the modeller.

There could be some scope for modern modelling from some of these countries, e.g. that South African loco posted by Narrow Minded. I suspect if Bachmann had a suitable model, modern overseas modellers narrow gauge modellers would turn up on this board.



Hello, my name is Jorge, I live in Argentina and model argentine Belrgrano meter gauge railway. GE shovel noses and ALCos RSD 35 or DL 535 are plentifull here. These locomotives are very similar to WP&Y ones, save that they came early to my country, GEs in 1948 70 strong and ALCos in 1962, only 40 units.
These are the locomotives I want Bachmann produce in a not so distan future.
Enclose a link to show my poor kitbashing efforts, some Alco pictures are on, and also ALco and Baldwin Mountains and Santa Fe steam locomotives.
As this thread was dead for so long, I do not know if I could get any response, but I trying.
Wait for your comments
Regards from Buenos Aires


Kitbashed car and pix look great. However, it appears to be large scale, not On30.
Moderator, can you transfer this to the large scale forum?
Mesquite Short Line

Ken Clark


   Always interesting to hear from a South American modeller, regardless of scale or gauge.

  I model in On2' 6" various Railways from Argentina. Brazil, Chile with other rolling stock from
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Peru & Russia for good measure.
  Just rebuilt a model of the Norquinnco River bridge from the Esquel line, now need to rebuild
approach abutments.
  Long term modelling includes 2 Misubishi Rio Turbio 2-10-2s and Baldwin-Whitcomb road & switcher units built for Braden Copper in Chile. A Esquel Henschel 2-8-2 is progressing a bit at a time.

   Ken Clark
    GWN  aka Canada


I find it odd how many diesel conversion kits are out there, yet hardly any RTR diesels are made for On30.
I gotta give props to Bachmann for the Whitcomb, even though I haven't bought one as it simply doesn't work in my 1943 ET&WNC layout concept... I still drool over them when I see them at my local hobby shop. I've seen/heard one run with the sound installed.


I freelance my own quirky little diesels. Freelance line is set in 20th century.
Some sample photos, taken several years ago: our little county seat farm burg of 8,300 or so started a model RR club and being the only On30 modeler there, I got involved in the HO modular layout, so my own On30 progress has become very very slow.
There has been progress made since these photos but there aren't newer images.
The red ones are now green and lettered. Plywood cab one is now silver.
6-axle one sill needs much work.
There are several other large locos in-progress, too.

Also doing some electrics.

My color inspiration - it is far greener than it looks, must behave like "Green screen" for special effects.
My color is 1/2 and 1/2 NYC Jade and GN Glacier Green.
When all esle fials, go run trains
Screw the Rivets, I'm building for Atmosphere!
later, Forrest

Royce Wilson

Has anyone seen the photo of the gasoline locomotive built by ,Fate-Root-Heath that is in the May/June 2016 Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette?.



I don't get the magazine, so don't know the picture: given that Fate-Root_Heath was sold and became Plymouth in the 1950s-60 it is possible that type of loco is pictured in Jay Reed's book Critters Dinkys and Centercabs, or here on the Plymouth industrial locos page

Some of those locos such as the TLC/6 look more like a cartoon of themselves than an actual cartoon would.
There was a model TLF which used a Ford power train.
Brookville had one which used IH tractor power train.
When all esle fials, go run trains
Screw the Rivets, I'm building for Atmosphere!
later, Forrest