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Who models the post-steam era?

Started by gmhtrains, March 31, 2011, 12:03:45 AM

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Royce Wilson

The Little locomotive pictured in the Gazette looks to have what looks like a tender from a Bachmann Porter 0-4-2T and a steam cab. It has a small steam looking sand dome and a wood cab.The radiator looks as if the stack omits from the middle of it though the photo is not that clear and all this sits on a 3 wheel frame.

I am a steam fan an know next to nothing about critters but this needs attention,also you should consider the Gazette.


The train kid

I read some stuff in model railroader and one man had made a critter out of a Bachmann DCC equipped diesel  (probably spelt that wrong) chassis. But other than that I have no idea who would sell ready to run critters