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Toy Fair? No Fair!

Started by Matthew (OV), February 08, 2007, 08:13:16 AM

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Matthew (OV)

There are some posters on various Yahoo lists that seem to have got hold of some information from the future....

Rail-going De Loreans notwithstanding, it's always interesting how stuff seems to leak in the week or so before the announcement.

While the fellows in question were primarily concerned with what was (and wasn't) coming in On30, they did mention one of the large scale announcements inadvertently, when someone confused it with an On30 release ....  interestingly enough, the same information had popped up, apparently accidentally, on an obscure internet hobby source about a week ago ....

So ... when do we real people get to find out about this, and what ELSE was on the list?  I hate getting scooped....

Matthew (OV)

the Bach-man

Dear OV,
Happens every year. I'll see what I'm allowed to post...
Have fun!
the Bach-man


OK Bach-man,  Toy Fair started today... where's the list?!