Unknown Parts in "Your First Railroad Track Pack"

Started by brianb, May 13, 2011, 02:33:54 PM

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I recently got the train kit set "Your First Railroad Track Pack"

Inside the instruction book was very vague. However there a number of small switches that I do not understand their function, or how to wire them up.

These switches have 2 prongs at each end and 3 prongs to one side, with a slide switch on top.

If someone could tell me what these do and if possible tell me how to wire them up, that would be fanstastic.



they are turnout control switches,
the three pin plug on each switch connects to the green wire plug coming from each turnout.
the two pin plugs serve two purposes, one, you can daisy chain the switches together by plugging them together side by side to form a strip of switches, and secondly, the red two pin plug/wire is plugged into the first switch, connecting the switches to the power supply.


Thanks Robert. At least it gets me in some direction. I wish they would have included wires for them, but thats cheap to get.

You dont happen to know a good website with more information on how to work with these?


Jerrys HO

There is plenty of good advice in this forum. If you click on the search tab and put in what you are looking for you will probably find it, but there was this one time one of the top advisors in this forum told me I should start with the Atlas beginners guide books. They also have a wiring book that is excellent. I suggest as a beginner (like me) to start there. Another thing I learned when posting is to give explicit details on what you are trying to accomplish. Are you completely DCC or DC. Is there a reverse loop involved in your layout. etc.,etc.,etc. Hope this helps.



Your turnouts should have come with two, red, two-conductor wires, one with a black connector on each end and one with just one black connector. The double one connects between a power source with a compatible recepticle and your line of electrical switches. The one with only one terminal is for power sources without a recepticle.
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I will double check to make sure. I am working on an area in my house where I can work on this more, where the family cat will not jump up on the tracks. (Which is a whole different subject).

Worst case if no wires, I am sure I can run down to Radio Shack to get some.

Wish the instruction book sent with the kit had been a lot more detailed.

Joe Satnik

Dear Brian,

The parts list should tell how many cables of what type come with the set.

If any cables are missing, customer service should replace them.

There should be a green 3 conductor cable between each turnout and (slide switch) turnout controller.

There should be a red 2 conductor power cable between the AC accessories power source and the first (slide switch) turnout controller. 

The power for the rest of the turnout controllers should daisy-chain off the first.

Hope this helps. 


Joe Satnik

P.S.  Could you tell us the number and types of track pieces that came in your "Track Pack"?  What Scale? 

If your loco is too heavy to lift, you'd better be able to ride in, on or behind it.

James in FL

Hi brianb,

Hope this works;

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Good luck


It is HO Scale

I checked the box and yes the wiring is all there. I just did not know what I was looking for.  :)

Thank you everyone for all the information.  I can't wait to get this all tested out !!



Brian ....

I hope you can find a model railroad club in your area. Like the folks on this forum, it will be full of guys who have lots of experience and knowledge, plus a genuine desire (and ability) to help.

The only difference is they are right there, hands-on, to show you what's happening and guide your fingers. You just can't do that on line. Well, maybe in a video-conferencing situation, but we aren't quite there yet, and Johann Sebastian may be a while geting that in place  ;)

If you don't know where to find a club, try this: look in the telephone book under "Hobby Shops" or the like, and find a store that deals in model train stuff. If not in your immediate community, then in nearby, possibly larger, towns. Call or visit, and ask. They will know, and will be happy to put you in touch. If one is meeting right in your town, join. You won't regret it.

Happy rails to you ...........................................................