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Brass Track Competetion

Started by Loco Bill Canelos, August 01, 2007, 10:00:23 AM

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Loco Bill Canelos

Maybe it is time for Bachmann to enter the market for G scale Track starting with brass.   Bachamnn has a proven track record for producing high quality Loco's & rolling stock at very reasonable prices, why not do it with brass track for starters.  Surely Bachmann can beat the prices of USA & Aristo.   Bachmann has always needed some alternative to the steel indoor track, so why not go for it.
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I would be very interested in buying Bachmann Brass.  Their engines are some of the finest made and at a reasonable price.  I'm sure they could make better clamps and switches
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Dale Loyet

Good  idea, Bachmann already has good ties. They  just need the brass rails, and an better than brand X rail connector to be a success. Now is a good time to enter the market with this product, since one major source of track is lost in court somewhere at the present time.

Jim Banner

I wonder if Bachmann's assembly line for their present hollow rail track could be used with stainless steel instead of tin plate.  The advantages of stainless steel outdoors are well established and this might be a way of introducing an affordable line of stainless steel track.
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It was my understanding the a German Company(L*B) was purchased by a very old German train maker(Markl*n) last Friday.


I would definitely go for the stainless steel track!


I haven't ran trains for 3 or more years.  I'm rebuilding my layout and should have it running soon. I dread cleaning all that brass.


Quote from: tlnibert on August 03, 2007, 04:46:48 PM
I haven't ran trains for 3 or more years.  I'm rebuilding my layout and should have it running soon. I dread cleaning all that brass.

Batteries gentleman...Batteries!! the G scalers in our club have'nt cleaned their outdoor track (aluminum rail) in 2 years other than to sweep off the leave's and debris !
and chase off the occational rattlesnake ;D
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Advantages of stainless outdoors.
Those who complained that aluminum was too silvery, suddenly accept the chrome glare of stainless.

Tractive effort alone would cause me to NOT use stainless.

If I can haul 28-34 loads consistently up 150' of 4% with ONE Bachmann Shay, I sure would like to hear what folks with Stainless are able to do.

I guarantee I will out-pull you.

Power districts.

Oh, well, now Piko has Brass, and KGB is bringng back the ex-LGB track line, so brass won't be a supply issue....just bring lots of cash.


I use Stainless and with battery and capasitor backup so track connectivity is not an issue for my railroad.

Why do I use Stainless?

Perhaps the difference between my layout and TOCs layout is how it is constructed.

Dave has a very nice layout that is raised.  My layout is on the ground.  My operators walk on the layout and I do run wheelbarrows over the track.

I do have brass and alluminum code 250 for guard rails but this track is way to fragle for my uses.  I can bend the aluminum and small brass rail by hand. Stainless on the other hand retains it shape unless bent with a very strong rail bender.

For my uses I will stay with Stainless.

Since I use a DCC Hybrid approach it does not matter to me between Aluminum, Brass, or Stainless.  All work equally well.

However, if you want to use DC, DCC, or Direct Radio using track power with no auxilary on board power. then Stainless is a much better choise for a track material as you simply wipe it down to get the dirt off the rails.  The other materials do need cleaning for pure track power applications.

Hope that helps.

Stan Ames


Hi Stan, I have been reading your posts on the Hybrid system, and or me it seems to offer everything I want, so I am giving it a trial, parts ordered!

I do not thing thee is much difference between you and Dave, you both do not like relying on track for power distribution.

I am somewhat concerned about track pricing, you can still get AMS at just over $2ft for Code 250, Aristocraft will be twice that much and who knows when it will be in, SS 330 is even more. 250 also looks better but that is subjective.

We do have Deer around, but I think that may be a problem for both codes.

Interesting about the colour issue, real track does not look like SS or Brass for that matter, but all those years of seeing model track in NS make SS look more normal.