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C-19 Video comment

Started by Loco Bill Canelos, August 23, 2012, 02:26:17 PM

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Loco Bill Canelos


Thanks for the link to the C-19 video!!  Lee Riley and Stan outdid themselves on this one.  I especially liked the see thru under the boiler.  Wow What a great model!!!!

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Skarloey Railway

I was disappointed. Perhaps not so much by the loco itself as until one sees it in the flesh it's hard to judget, but certainly by the ad itself. I did wonder where the inside valve gear was as it has been there on other 1:20.3 locos like the 4-4-0 and the climax. I did spot the valve rods moving but didn't see what was making them move. Also while you can see under the boiler it looked like there was a blanking plate on top of the frames where I'd expect to be able to see down through the frames. Is there a gear train linking all the drivers? Only I thought that's what the coupling rods are for. I should add that I do not follow the 10' rule. If I wanted to view largescale models from 10' I'd work in N gauge and view from 18", thereby having more model at a lower cost.

The joy of largescale is it is literally closer to the real thing in heft and appearance, or it should be, but here the overall impression I got was that it is a smart looking 'toy' and less like the real thing than work I have seen in On30. Perhaps it was that far too clean, 'out-of-the-box' look, or the lack of a scale setting or even the salesman's voiceover, but this ad made me like the loco less!


You may want to wait until you actually see one "in the flesh" before making rash judgments....
Most folks have had positive reactions to the video - guess you can't please all the people all the time. ::)

Kevin Strong

With the C-19, you're not going to see the inside valve gear the way you do on the 4-4-0 and 2-6-0. The wheels are much closer together. I'm scratchbuilding one, and spent the day yesterday pouring over Accucraft's C-19 for more inspiration. It's very difficult, almost impossible to see between the frames on the locos even right next to them. I was trying to study the inside valve gear and couldn't see it at all. (It's equally hidden on the prototype, which I've also spent a great deal of time pouring over.) With the majority of the shots on this video, you're too far away to see any kind of detail on the frame--and even when you are close enough, the resolution of the YouTube video is limited.




I disagree with Skarloey.
Great video.
Great layout.
Great locomotive!
Mesquite Short Line

David Fletcher

Well I think the model looks spectacular.  I love it.  I can easily see parts of the valve motion between the frames working...which one to buy..thats the hard bit.

One correction in the video - the Baldwin locomotive works did not build these in the early 1900s.  These model represent the 1920s modernised locomotives, originally built by the Baldwin works in late 1880-1881.  Only 20 years out!
Never mind.  I think most who know this prototype, know its heritage.

Skarloey Railway

OK  :) I partially retract. Looked at the video again and this time I did spot the valve gear moving. Still think it needs some weathering though. I'm more inclined toward indoor and scale modelling, so it may have been the setting that disagreed with me.

Indoor large scale can be done and done well:


Quote from: Skarloey Railway on August 23, 2012, 05:58:14 PM
I did wonder where the inside valve gear was as it has been there on other 1:20.3 locos like the 4-4-0 and the climax.

Is there a gear train linking all the drivers? Only I thought that's what the coupling rods are for.

Perhaps a photo from the underside of the locomotive will help show what you are looking for.  As Kevin has pointed out, the inside gear is hidden in part by the #2 driver.

The gear box is on the #2 driver and the power is transmitted to the other drivers through the metal drive rods.


Skarloey Railway

Excellent. Thanks Stan That's what I couldn't see in the video but expected to be there. My preferred viewing distance for largescale is 10" (OK, I exagerate a bit :D) rather than 10', since I want to trick my eye into thinking I am standing next to the real thing.


I thought I recognized the layout!   ::)
The  layout and the new C-19 both look great!
Thanks to all for giving us a nice product!


Looks great.  Thanks Bachmann for another winner.  Can't wait for these to be shipped.

Paul Torrey


Well. I went back and watched the video again. Darn. Looks like I will be getting one of these. I just have to figure out which one I want.

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bob kaplan

It has probably been said somewhere, but i missed it.  When will these models (C-19) hit the market?



Good video--buit one "derailment" in the commentary--the C-19's were biilt in 1881. Robert Grandt's "Narrow Gauge Pictgorial, Vol. XI" has the constructikon info for all the narrow gauge locos.  Also, you could have mentioned that the three survivors of the class can be seen (often under steam) at the Colorado Railroad Museum at Golden (346) and Knotts' Berry Farm in Southern California (340 and RGS 41).  gj