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Product Suggestion: Disneyland / Disney World Railroad

Started by airferber, February 10, 2007, 04:47:11 PM

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I would like to see some large scale models of the trains used at Disneyland, CA and Disney World, FL.  Such models should include:
>Spectrum 1:20.3 4-4-0 in Disneyland and Disney World colors
>Jackson and sharp Observation/parlor car (red) in Disney colors.
>Open Passenger cars with awnings

Tim Brien

The problem is licencing rights.  At present,  LGB has the rights to market the Disneyland brandname in largescale.


Hi "airferber":

Like Tim said, LGB has a bunch of the Disney & other "fantasy" road names like Coke, Campbells, etc, and other junk.  ::)

No disrespect here, but if your intrerested in that stuff, please buy the LGB, and leave B-mann to produce the fine scale prototypical roads in F scale that we have waited so long to become available.  ;D

Have Fun: Jeff  8)

Tim Brien

       good to see you still around.  I have not seen a posting from you in sometime.  welcome back.

Kevin Strong

Don't forget that Hartland and Accucraft have also done some of the Disney locos as well.

There's also a big difference between a company producing a model of an actual Disney loco vs. painting their most ubiquitous locomotive in a Disney-esque paint scheme. (Not unlike the difference between a proper Bumblebee C-16 and a 4-6-0 painted in the same colors--no offense, Bachmann.)




Right on Kevin!  ;)

Hi Tim, nice to chat with you too. I am dealing with more medical problems, but still smiling. Hope to get something in LS again soon. Miss the trains and my online train friends.  :)

Have Fun: Jeff 8)