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Shipping and damage

Started by kennywsp4, February 10, 2007, 06:54:42 PM

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  Has any one ever had a  G scale bachmann train set utterly destroyed when shipped in its original packaging even the original outer shipping  box? I received a circus set today and it was DESTROYED!!!! but no damage to the packaging at all! trucks of tender was sheared off weight had smashed through the rear of the engine taking parts of circuit board with it and the deatils there plus boiler side has heat warpage it looks like. front truck on engine one wheel is sheared off and axle broken  the metal wheels on the combine car  the outer rims are loose and hanging on the plastic axles. The domes on engine were loose in the box. And that is just the real obvious damage >:( .
  Thanks for letting me vent just real upset as i was really looking forward to this set as an aside it was shipped fedex ground.


I would certainly file a claim with Mr. Fedex!.  Hope you saved all the wrappings, packaging, etc.


 Doubt if they would pay seeing as there was no damage to the packaging what so ever >:(


It sounds like the boiler weight in the engine broke free during shipping and acted like "a bull in a china shop".

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Yes it does it was ripped right out of the body the screws and mounting points are still attaqched just torn loose. but does not explain how the tender and other parts went ka blooey lol

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          unfortunately very common complaint.  In most of the cases that I have seen the outer packaging is intact.  The problem is that the shipper will torpedo the package into the ground when placing it down.  The effect is that a heavy object inside,  a boiler weight, will continue, due inertia and wreak havoc.  I have received two expensive brass railbuses basically totalled due shipping mishandling and yet the outer packaging was unmarked.


I've been worried all week wondering if my Shay made it back to Bachmann safe.  I didn't have the big heavy box for it.

Loco Bill Canelos

Sorry to hear about your misfortune.  Even though there was no damage to the packaging I would photograph all the damage and file the claim anyway.   Look the box over very carefully to see if there isn't an accordian look to one of the corners, or evidence of crushing, even minor crushing of the foam insert, as this would be evidence of the item being dropped.  if you find any evidence photograph it as well and push hard on Fedex to make things right.  You should also contact your seller and ask him or her not to use Fedex but USPS or UPS instead, and be sure to let FEDEX you are doing it especially if they refuse your claim!! 

If all else fails you could possibly make up a lot of your investment but selling the parts of the sets seperately on Ebay.   I just saw a broken engine sell for over $60 bucks!!!! :o :o ::) ::).  If you sell the cars and track and transformer you may not only break even , but actually male a buck or two!  It happens every day on Ebay. 
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Well he said to ship it back and he would refund the purchase plus return shipping so keeping fingers crossed he will follow through when he gets it.I will ship it back with signature required though.