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Shelf Layout fromn charon aka Chuck

Started by Loco Bill Canelos, February 09, 2013, 05:12:14 PM

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Loco Bill Canelos

I am starting this thread on behalf of charon "Chuck"

Chuck says:

I am enclosing a couple of pix of my newly started inside layout that is only 3 feet wide which has caused me to use 15" radius curves on the ends!!  I got the small diameter track that is used to go around the wood barrel planters. As you can see in the photo I am using the big Bachmann Spectrum boxcars, I did have to modify them by using trucks and truck mounted couplers from the Bachmann regular boxcar kits.  The loco is a MTH 8 wheel switcher with a 1/20 scale scratchbuilt cab.
I tried to post these pix on the message board, but couldn't get them to post.


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