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San Jaun Coaches

Started by mudhen, May 14, 2013, 09:29:54 PM

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On the hunt;
I have been collecting my Johnson & Sharp coaches for my San Jaun express, over the last year or so.
The only coach I need is and does anyone know where I can purchase it is, the ( AL84-202 ) D&RGW San Jaun passenger coach. It was made by Accucraft. In green preferred, but will paint and letter it if needed.
It is much needed to match my parlor-buffet car ( Chama ) made by Accucraft. It would have to have the closed in platforms with the accordion style diaphrams.
I would by one from Bachmann, if they only made it.
It would be great if some out there can direct me to a purchase of one.
Don't know where else to turn to but to you narrow gauge railroaders of Bachmann web page.
To the Bach-man and Yardmaster, I am hoping you will get your company making these coaches in 1:20 .3 soon, because I for one need more and if your coaches would be any thing like you K-27's and caboose detailing, they will be out of this world . 
Price, $225.00 to $300.00 would be great in my books.
Thanks in advance to all;


I too am waiting on Spectrum 1:20.3 scale passenger cars, and San Juans would be nice.

For me the issue really isn't price, it's the weight, and that's why I haven't gone for th ASM ones, my 4-4-0s and 2-6-0s which would pull 4 or 5 passenger cars, wouldn't have enough power to pull one ASM brass car, but would for Spectrum Passenger cars.